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The Babys - 1978 - Head First

Head First is The Babys third album. The album spawned the mega hit Everytime I Think of You, which reached #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1978.


* John Waite: Bass & Lead Vocals
* Walter Stocker: Lead Guitar
* Tony Brock: Drums

Additional personnel
* Michael Corby: Rhythm Guitars & Keyboards
* Jack Conrad: Bass
* Kevin Kelly: Piano
* Jimmy Haskell: Strings & Horns
* Marti McCall/Myrna Mathews/Dianna Lee: Additional vocals
* John Sinclair: synthetizer

The Babys were a British rock/pop group best known for their songs "Isn't It Time" and "Everytime I Think of You". Both songs reached #13 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart in the late 1970s.
The 1976-1978 Babys line-up consisted of vocalist/bassist John Waite, drummer Tony Brock, Keyboard player/guitarist Michael Corby, and guitarist Wally Stocker.
After Corby was sacked by Chrysalis in August 1978 a replacement was sought. The company brought in two musicians to replace the co-founder: Jonathan Cain on keyboards and Ricky Phillips to play bass. From 1979 until the final breakup in 1981 the Babys line-up consisted of vocalist Waite, drummer Brock, bassist Phillips, guitarist Stocker and keyboardist Cain.
Corby had been dismissed and the control of the name of the band was never relinquished by him, in effect making the 1979 band a breakaway group from the original contract and not entitled to use the name.
The Babys Archives states a very strong case against the name being used after Corby and Millar were sacked, the original contract clearly has Corby as a member and never lists Cain and Phillips. Corby commissioned The Babys Archives a number of years ago to correct a number of misconceptions about the origins of the group.
John Waite went on to produce a major solo hit, "Missing You", in 1984. Stocker and Brock worked with Rod Stewart and other mainstream artists including Elton John and Air Supply. Cain enjoyed major success with Journey and Phillips with Bad English.

John Sinclair is a keyboardist who has played for bands such as The Babys, Heavy Metal Kids, Savoy Brown, The Cult, but is probably best known for his time in Uriah Heep and playing for Ozzy Osbourne's band. He also is credited with styling keyboard parts for This Is Spinal Tap.

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