Friday, May 20, 2011

Uriah Heep - 1975 - De Montfort Hall - Leicester UK (Bootleg)


01 - Devil's Daughter
02 - Stealin'
03 - Suicidial Man
04 - Shady Lady
05 - Prima Donna
06 - Rainbow Demon
07 - July Morning
08 - Return To Fantasy
09 - Easy Livin'
10 - Gipsy
11 - Mick Box Guitar Solo
12 - Sweet Lorraine (incl. John Wetton Bass Solo)

Good audience record from the Byron-Box-Hensley-Kerslake-Wetton line-up. Sound quality not very good but listenable.


  1. The best site about Uriah Heep and relatives

  2. Hi Abominogjnr,
    what do you think about my idea to put together all Uriah Heep songs covered? This is a reference link:
    I have some of this cover. Let me know :)

  3. yes i think its a great idea. let us know how it goes


  4. Hi Abominogjnr,
    I sent you a private mail with all Uriah Heep songs covered in my possess. Let me know!

  5. I sent you an email with the link to the file rar with Uriah Heep cover, you've received it?

  6. Hi Mr Anonymous

    Firstly please accept my apologies for not replying to you sooner as i have had the gremlins in my PC.Yes i did get your E-mail although i managed to lose that, but not before i saved the link to your compilation which i have managed to download (thank you very much for this).

    I will post this on the blog as soon as i can, and if you get back in touch with me i will be able to give credit where credit is due.


  7. Hi Abominogjnr,
    Here is Mr. Anonymous :)
    I'm Corrado and I add you as friend on Facebook. My cd about Uriah Heep songs covered is a "work in progress". You can post it and you and all the other visitors of the blog can add other songs.


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