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By Invitation Only - Vinyl Rip - 1976 Various Artists

By Invitation Only displays the genuine regard in which Alan Freeman was held by all those included on the album. Having contributions by Led
Zepplin Yes, The Rolling Stones and Emerson, Lake And Palmer on one double album was an unbelievable coup and that their agreement was secured following a personal invitation from Freeman is attested to by copies of a number of hand-written replies on the inside cover. Nowadays, compilations are viewed as such a lucrative money spinner that even the biggest bands allow their material to be used but, in 1976, this was a veritable triumph.

Apart from its unique nature, the main reason I was looking forward to Pick Of The Pops becoming a regular series was the opportunities it offered to widen my musical boundaries. Not until over twenty years later, and the beginning of Uncut magazine's Unconditionally Guaranteed collection, would a compilation demand the same attention. So, here, contributions by The Pretty Things, PFM, Wally and Heavy Metal Kids are as important as anything by the big guns.

It may be a well worn phrase. but never more apt than here: they don't make them like this anymore.

1. Whole Lotta Love performed by Led Zeppelin - 5:31

2. It's Only Rock & Roll (But I Like It) performed by Rolling Stones - 5:08

3. Love the One You're With performed by Stephen Stills - 3:04

4. Pick Up the Pieces performed by Average White Band - 3:59

5. Expecting to Fly performed by Buffalo Springfield - 3:40

6. World Became the World performed by Marconi, Premiata Forneria - 4:43

7. Rock & Roll Man performed by Heavy Metal Kids - 4:52

8. Yours Is No Disgrace performed by Yes - 9:45

9. Nez Perce performed by Wally - 4:59

10. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face performed by Roberta Flack - 4:20

11. Karn Evil 9:1st Impression, Pt. 1 & 2 [Complete] (Emerson/Lake/Palmer) - 13:22

12. Sound Chaser performed by Yes - 9:45

13. The Immigrant Song performed by Led Zeppelin - 2:22

14. Angie performed by Rolling Stones - 4:32

15. Only You Know and I Know performed by Delaney & Bonnie - 4:23

16. Somewhere performed by Aretha Franklin - 6:16

17. Is It Only Love performed by Pretty Things, The - 5:06

Link Part 1

part 2

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