Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gunhill - Nightheat

   1. Don't Stop Believing (Lawton)
   2. Ready For Love (Ralphs)
   3. Wall Of Silence (Bonner/Rogers)
   4. Nobody Loves You The Way I Do (Etheridge)
   5. Far From Home (Douglas/Kavanagh)
   6. Eleanor Rigby (Lennon/McCartney)
   7. Don't Look Back (Lawton/Hesslein/Hecht)
   8. Waiting For The Heartache (Barnes/Child)
   9. When A Man Loves A Woman (Lewis/Wright)
  10. Any Day Now (Lawton/Hesslein/Eggert)
  11. Clearwater Highway (Hort/Colwell/Kirke)

John Lawton - Lead vocals, Percussion
Brian Bennet - Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Neil Kavanagh - Bass, Vocals, 5, Keyboard, 3 & 6, Acoustic Guitar, 9, Flute, 7
Chris Jones - Drums, Backing Vocals, 10.

Backing Vocals by: J. Lawton, N. Kavanagh, B. Bennett.
Thanks to John Lane for Backing Vocals on: 'Don't Stop Believing'.

Recorded, engineered and mixed by Neil Kavanagh at; THE OLD BARN STUDIO Hildenborough, Kent. Produced by: John Lawton and Neil Kavanagh.

Special Thanks to: 'The Rockchicks': Jan, Iris and Lynne, for their endless support!!! Peter Bethge and Eduardo Capurro, for all their hard work and devotion!!! Chris's partners in 'crime'- Judy and Cazz!! Dave Owen and Alan Hartley of UHAS. Stacy of 'Fraggle Rock'. Rick Bonner and Pat Douglas for their inspiration. Alex Krispin and Stefan Eickhoff for their excellent Cover Design! And finally 'Special Thanks' to all our fans around the world who helped to make this possible!! GUN HILL


  1. brother, you´re just the best, big heart.
    HOW THANKS??????

  2. Wow, thank you dear Colin for this one.
    One other Lawton's work that i haven't. I expect the link with so much curiosity. And the cover is very beatiful.
    One other little propose for the blog:
    Kahvas Jute - 1971 - Wide Open (first group of Bob Daisley)- from your post of Widowmaker, i've maked some research on the work of mister Daisley. I found this with emule (And the works of mother's army, Chicken Shack 1972- Unlucky Boy, Silver- 2003- Intruder, Jon Lord & The Hoochie Coochie Men- all with Bob Daisley).
    If you are intrested in some, let me know.
    Thank you again and long life to abominogjr blog!!
    PS: ok for me too for the UH bootlegs and bronze past catalogue, with uh connections here and there... All but not end this blog, please...

  3. Hi Roby
    I have most of the albums you mention here though i havent got any of the hoochie coochie men stuff I will look forward to that Also is your copy of the martha velez album any good? my one is an old vinyl copy, even jumps in places Thanks in advance

  4. You are a sweetheart for sharing with us this great music! I just wanna let you know that track 7 seems to be corrupted. Do you think you could upload it again? Thanks again. You're awesome!

  5. off to work now will check it when i get back

  6. Yup Thanks for that blackfoot there did seem to be a problem, the album now has a new link but if you just want track 7 here is the link for that

  7. Hi, Thankxxxxxxxxxxxx again man, wonderfull songs.A Merry Xmas and a hug from Brazil.Art


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