Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Uriah Heep - Connections Vol II

After the success of my last compilation I decided to see if I had enough tracks lying around for another and this is the result (in fact i'm working on volume three)


1. That's The Way It Is - The Bliss Band(from the 1979 album "Neon Smiles")
2. Lady In Black - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra(from the 1994 album "Rock Dreams")
3. The Wizard - Blind Guardian(from the 1996 album "The Forgotten Tales")
4. Easy Livin' - Blackfoot(from the 1983 album "King Biscuit Flower Hour Live")
5. Love Stealer - Cliff Richard(from the 1983 album "Silver")
6. Gypsy - Wicked Minds(from the 2004 album"From The Purple Skies")
7. July Morning - Axel Rudi Pell(from the 2000 album "The Masquerade Ball")
8. Look At Yourself - Gamma Ray(from the 1990 album "Heading For Tomorrow")
9. I've Been Hurt The Lawton-Dunning Project(from the 2002 "One More Night")
10. Stealin' - Knight Crawler(from the1996 album "World of make believe")
11. Come Away Melinda - Harry Belafonte(from the 1963 album "Streets I Have Walked ")
12. Stay On Top - Virgin Steele(from the 1988 album "Age of Consent")
13. Return To Fantasy - Gamma Ray(from the 1997 album "Somewhere Out In Space")
14. Love Stealer - Hello(from the 2002 album "Best Of & Rarities ")
15. Gypsy - Phil Lanzon(from the 2000 album "Heepsteria! - A Tribute to Uriah Heep")

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