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John Lawton - 1971/1976 - The Europa Years

 CD 1 - John Lawton Lead Vocals


- From "The Air Mail - 1971 - Butterfly" -
 01. Funny Funny (1971)
 02. All Night Long (1971) 
 03. Come Along Little Children (1971)
04. Union All The South (1971)
05. I’ll Sing You A Song (1971)
06. Brown Sugar (1971)
07. All My Friends (1971)
08. Blow The Wind (1971)
09. Ain’t GonnaTreat MeThis Way (1971)
10. Hang Your Head (1971)
11. I Love My Love (1971)
- From "The Air Mail - 1972 - Top Hits International 1" -
12. Beautiful Dreamer (1972)
13. Little Susy (1972)
- From From "The Air Mail - 1972 - Top Hits International 2" -
14. She’s My Queen (1972)
15. Fine girl (1972)
- From "The Air Mail - 1972 - Rock'n'roll" -
16. Rock Around The Clock (1972)
17. Go Go With Me (1972)
- From "The Hiltonaires/The Air Mail - 1974 - London Pop 3" -
18. Only You (1974)
19. Lady Ann (1974)
- From "Jon Petersen - 1976 - Skyliner" -
20. You’re The One For Me (1976)
- From "Jon Petersen & Skyliner - 1976 - Rainbow" -
21. Help! (1976)
22. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (1976)
 23. You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ (1976)
24. Let Me Know If You Go (1976)
 25. Rainbow (1976)
 26. Here i am (1976)

CD 2 (Bonus) - John Lawton Backing Vocals


"The Air Mail - 1971 - Get It On"
01. Get It On (1971)
02. Go And Tell It Judy (1971)
03. Carry Me Back (1971)
04. You Are Too Late (1971)
05. Who Will (1971)
06. Somehow, Somewhere (1971)
07. I Did What I Did For Maria (1971)
08. Keep Your Hands Off (1971)
09. Sweet Hitch Hiker (1971)
10. Three Gypsies (1971)
11. I Went Out (1971)
12. Please Come Back (1971)
- From "The Air Mail - 1972 - Rock'n'roll" -
13. Bye Bye Love (1972)
14. Peggy Sue (1972)
15. Tutti Frutti (1972)
- From "Jon Petersen & Skyliner - 1976 - Rainbow" -
16. In The Summertime (1976)

After over one year from my last post on this blog, i return with a collection of rare songs from John Lawton that, in early 70's, worked with the German low budget label "Europe". As in the case of David Byron and his famous "Avenue sessions", John worked in these albums only for budget reasons, but his unmistakable voice, even in this context, can only arouse emotions in every true Heep fan. To a first cd of songs that see John as lead vocalist, i wanted to add, for completeness, a second CD in wich Mr. Lawton figure as back vocalist. This collection, though rich, is not complete: there are still songs for Europa label not included here because it does not in my possession: i'm still searching for them for a future second Volume of this serie.

Now I just have to wish happy listening to everyone and making a big thanks to my friend Stefan, who made this compilation possible, since he passed me most of the albums from which it derives the various songs. Thanks friend for the excitement and joy of being able to listen to these songs, really hard to found 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

David Byron- The Lost Songs Vol. 2 - Repost

Reposted on Request

If you like these rare early Byron recordings why not get the official releases from artistry records. fully remastered. Listen to byron sing some classic pop songs in his own unique way. So far there has been two releases with hopefully more to come

Follow the links

David Byron - The Early Sessions

David Byron -  The Early Sessions Vol 2

As i promised, here is the second volume of Byron's Lost Songs. It contains the famigerate
Avenue Records part 2 plus others rarities of this great rock'n'roll singer.
This time, for me, the gem is song number 10
(Race with the devil- cover of Band "Gun"): the cover is better than the original without doubt.
- From Avenue records sessions (1968-71):
01- American Woman
02- Natural Born Boogie
03- Let It Be
04- Bring It On Home To Me
05- Lady D'Albanville
06- Behind A Painted Smile
07- Too Busy Thinking About My Baby
08- I'm Gonna Make You Mine
09- Need Your Love So Bad
10- Race With The Devil
11- Cold Turkey
12- Keep On
From the "Chrysalis Compendium" Demo Tracks":
13- Babe That Ain't Enough For Me (Duet with Peter Green)
14- Sing A Little Sunshine Song (Duet with Peter Green)
15- Without You (Duet with Peter Stirling- incomplete)
Bonus tracks
16- Little Piece Of Leather (Heep live 1974)
17- If I Had The Time (Heep live 1973)
18- Rock'n'Roll (Rough Diamond live 1977)
19- David Byron Interview (Chris Tetley tapes 1979)

So people, download this collection of rarities and, if you like it, but if you don't like it too, please post some comments....

Cheers to all

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Ultimate Heep Covers Collection - Various artists Volume 10

This is unfortunately the last in this series for the  foreseeable future as I have pretty much exhausted my collection of Heep covers, although the search continues so if anyone out there has tracks not already used and is willing to share them please get in touch. On that note I would once again like to thank Evert for supplying the vast majority of these(Check out his Website here) and also to Corrado and Higher Livin' for their contribution. And lets not forget all the other bands and artists out there who on a daily basis do there own bit to promote the music of Uriah Heep
Keep on Rockin'


01-Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Lady In Black
02-The Hensley-Lawton Band - July morning
03-Electric Blues Band - Easy Livin' 2
04-If I Had The Time - Jon Binder
05-Popeda - Kipsi (Gypsy)
06-Circle of hands - The park
07-Steerforth -July morning
08- W.A.S.P. - Easy livin'
09-John Lawton and Gunhill - Sympathy
10-The Hensley-Lawton Band - Gypsy
11-Easy Livin' - Sweet lorraine
12-Vintersorg - Rainbow demon


01 - Electric Blues Band - Easy Livin'
02-Sweet Lorraine - Circle Of Hands
03-Awaken - The dance
04-Easy Livin' - Stealin'
05-Ken Hensley & John Wetton - Confession
06-Smashing Pumpkins - Easy livin'
07-The Lawton Dunning Project - I've been hurt
08-Electric Blues Band-Circle Of Hands
09-Steve Krase & the In Crowd - Easy livin'
10-Horrible Hannah - Stealin'
11-Sweet Lorraine - Sweet Lorraine
12-The Past - Easy Living'
13-Yves Couture - Circle of hands
14-Wicked Minds - Gypsy
15-Period - Easy livin'

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Ultimate Heep Covers Collection - Various artists Volume 9

After a bit of a delay I present to you the ninth volume of the Ultimate Heep covers collection


Disc 1

01 John Lawton - Last Christmas - Free me
02 De Dommelaers - Easy livin'
03 Easy Livin' Band - Return to fantasy
04 John Lawton & Steve Dunning - I'm alive
05 The Blackflowers - Stealin
06 Phil Lanzon - Gypsy -alternate version
07 Ken Hensley & John Wetton - One way or another
08 Osvajaci - Tri-Boje-Duge (Free me)
09 Raging Speedhorn - Gypsy
10 John Lawton and Gunhill - Come back to me
11 Ritzerfeld - Easy livin'
12 Stella and Trevor Hensley - The easy road
13 The Blackflowers - Seven Stars
14 The Byron Band - Sweet lorraine
15 Vilperin Perikunta - Joulopukki (Easy livin')
16 Lucifer's Friend II - Free me

Disc 2

01 Grimskunk - Look at Yourself
02 Gamma Ray - Return to fantasy
03 Circle of hands - I'll keep on trying
04 John Lawton & Dave White - Sympathy
05 Josh Appletree -Rainbow Demon
06 Nightingale - Stealin'
07 Oulu All Star Big Band & J. Aloha - Easy livin'
08 Sweet Lorraine - Sunrise
09 Uriah Heep Tribute - Gypsy
10 Van Beukenstein - Easy livin
11 Wild Angel - Rainbow Demon
12 Circle of hands - The Wizard
13 Gerdesits Ferenc - Look at Yourself
14 Ken Hensley & John Wetton - Return to fantasy


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spotlight On The Moog - Kaleidoscopic Vibrations by Perry & Kingsley repost


The search for musical expression utilizing electricity has gone on almost since the invention of electricity. Most of us remember hearing electronic music for the first time in the film of The Lost Weekend when the Theremin-an early electronic instrument whose pitch was affected by hand positioning in relation to a linear control apparatus-was used so vividly to express the alcoholic delusions of Charles Jacksons unfortunate hero

The present Perrey/Kingsley album-KALEIDOSCOPIC VIBRATIONS-and the first-THE SOUND FROM WAY OUT-are premier recordings utilizing electronic music in the popular field. the main electronic instrument used is the MOOG SYNTHESIZER whose facilities are capable of producing almost any combination of sounds within the range-and indeed,the credibility-of the human ear. The other instrument employed is the JENNY ONDIOLINE

KALEIDOSCOPIC VARIATIONS is a collection of some of the best known contemporary melodies as well as a generous selection of Perrey/Kingsley originals lending themselves uniquely to electronic composition and arrangement. A birds chorus celebrates the end of the rainfall in Umbrellas;such birds have never been heard before the invention of the ondioline. Those Strangers in the Night cough and wheeze asthmatically as they exchange their secret glances. Fallout, a P/K original, suggests an interplanetary proliferation in sound such as would be impossible to achieve with conventional instrumentation

And so it goes. Here are more than a bakers dozen of sonic experiences designed to amuse,surprise and delicate an adventurous musical palate

The duo's second album, as the title indicates, had them adding a Moog synthesizer to their Ondioline and electric keyboards. It was still largely devoted to kitschy electro treatments of standards on the order of "Strangers in the Night," "Lover's Concerto," "Third Man Theme," "Winchester Cathedral," and "Moon River." There was more of a sense of pop orchestration on selections like "Umbrellas of Cherbourg" and the eerie "Carousel of the Planets," with their theremin-like tones; there were also rock beats on "Lover's Concerto" and "Pioneers of the Stars," the last of which didn't sound too far removed from the futuristic instrumentals of Joe Meek proteges the Tornados. The entire album was included on the Vanguard Perrey-Kingsley box set The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings.

Review by Richie Unterberger

1 The Savers 1:43
2 Umbrellas of Cherbourg 2:42
3 Strangers in the Night 2:56
4 One Note Samba-Spanish Flea 2:03
5 Lover's Concerto 2:11
6 Third Man Theme 2:09
7 Fallout 1:54
8 Baroque Hoedown 2:24
9 Winchester Cathedral 2:14
10 Carousel of the Planets 2:39
11 Toy Balloons 2:04
12 Moon River 2:38
13 Mas Que Nada 2:19
14 Pioneers of the Stars 2:46

And the best for last I found this review on the net somewhere. It just sums this album up perfectly credit to the reviewer

This may or may not have been a highly serious and seminal work of it's day - it's hard to tell - but now it's hilarious.

Perrey and Kingsley have a ball, squeezing the most fantastical belches, farts, squiggles and squirts out of the newly invented Moog synthesiser and splatting them merrily all over Moog instrumental covers of standard songs of the day.



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Uriah Heep - Isle of Man 1982 Repost

Originally posted on Dec 26th 2010

This is a more complete version of this show and is much better quality than the original post
The downside is that July morning cuts out half way through

Received this Christmas present yesterday and a 

Huge Thank You 

has to go to the Anonymous sender, whoever you are, you have made this heepster very very happy

for those of you who don't know or simply don't care, the reason I was after this particular bootleg is because this show was the first time I got to hear my boyhood hero's for the first time. It was broadcast on Mad Sunday by radio Luxembourg during the Isle of Man TT festival (ironically where I now live)on the 6th of June 1982 and was 2 days before I actually went to my first Heep gig  in Edinburgh on the 8th I still have the T shirt and baseball shirt from the tour 

The Band

Mick Box
Lee Kerslake
Bob Daisley
John Sinclair
Pete Goalby

01 Intro
02 Sell Your Soul
03 Running All Night
04 Stealin
05 Too Scared To Run
06 The Wizard (Dedicated to Randy Rhodes)
07 July Morning (Cuts out)
08 The Way That It Is
09 Son Of A bitch
10 Mick Box solo
11 Gypsy
12 Easy Livin

Part 1

Part 2

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Higher Livin' - A Tribute To The Music Of Uriah Heep

Have I got a treat for you today!!

I was passed these MP3's for inclusion on the "ultimate covers collection" CD'S, for which I was most grateful.But when I sat down to listen to them something became immediately apparent. To me these were far too good to be buried in a compilation album. The band "Higher Livin'" hail from Italy and from the opening note on "Bird of Prey" all the way through to the conclusion of "July Morning" it is obvious that this extremely talented group of musicians are doing something they love. They have to my unqualified ears managed to do something that so many others have tried to do but ultimately failed, they have successfully captured

So Thank you to Corrado for introducing me to the band and thank you to
Higher Livin' For the music

I only wish I lived closer so I could catch this band live

If you are reading these notes you already deserve a couple of thanks, first and foremost from Higher Livin', secondly from one of the greatest bands that Rock History has ever known, Uriah Heep!.

The collection that you hold in your hands was born from the immense admiration of Bassist and future Leader of Higher Livin', Daniele Rossi towards this Band. A band that sadly has not gotten his due as far as praise and its place in Rock Olympus is concerned.Daniele, had the idea of involving the House Band of famed Club "Vivere Su", i.e himself, Fabio Baruzzo on Guitar, Pierga Dettori on Drums and charming Vocalist Claudia Dani in his project, but in order to recreate the original sound of Heep consisting of a solid Rhythm base sustained by a deep Hammond organ and a nimble guitar switching swiftly from lead to back to support the Vocal harmonics of the Group, he needed his Ken Hensley. After countless efforts , Daniele finally found his man in Stefano Toni that in his old Band Butterfly's Tail proposed several pieces of Uriah Heep, mainly due to the love of said band's Vocalist Thor Bertolucci for David Byron. Obviously Daniele did not miss the opportunity to bring on board Thor adding further spices to the powerful vocal mix.All of them finally together , they proceded to organize the first "Heep Night"( and that's where due to mere chance I got involved), that was held at "Vivere Su" on January 27 2011. Being among the public to celebrate my 49th birthday, I had the honour to be called on stage to aid in the presentation of this band that right from the word Go, showed to everybody that they had all it takes to be a real powerhouse. Several other concerts followed until they realized that they needed to leave to posterity something from this wonderful experience.From this primal need stems the cd that you are now holding in your hands, a cd that on top of the pieces performed by the "Core Group", can call on the superb interpretation of Vocalist Extraordinaire Jon Binder on Corridors of Madness, the only song that cannot count on the help that comes from being on the classic and better known albums from the Byron and Lawton periods.Please try to appreciate the effort from the band to record everything Live without overdubs, in order to try to recreate the magic of those concerts.


Steve The Rock , 04/25/12 (I don't know why April 11th was put on Original Italian issue)

P.S. Higher Livin' look forward to welcoming you back on their next work which will consist mainly of self penned compositions, clearly still inspired by that Classic Rock that we all love and cherish. Please follow in order to get latest updates on Higher Livin' most recent projects and their releases.

The band

Claudia Dani (Lead Vocals)
Tor Bertolucci (Lead Vocals)
Fabio Baruzzo (Guitars)
Stefano Toni (Keyboards)
Daniele Rossi (Bass & Vocals)
Pierga Dettori (Drums & Vocals)

The Tracks

1 Bird of Prey
2 Sweet Lorraine
3 Corridors of Madness
4 Sunrise
5 Wise Man
6 Free 'n Easy
7 Gypsy
8 Rain
9 July Morning

for more information on the band visit their Facebook page