Thursday, March 31, 2011

New covers

John Sloman- 1988-2007 Compilation (Original post here)

Bernie Shaw- The picking locks compilation (Original post here)

No new album in this post. I just wanted to tell you that i made two new collage covers (as in the recent Lawton compilation) for the two compilations, already posted, devoted to two other singers from the Heep, John Sloman (above with relevant link) and Bernie Shaw (below, always with link). If you were to lose them, are both a good listening suggestion for you...

Thank you and good listen

The ill-fated boy for whom David Garrick became David Byron

- David Garrick - 1967 - A boy called David -

This post has apparently nothing to do with Uriah Heep, but the name David Garrick do not remember someone? That's right, the real surname of the great David Byron was right Garrick, then this singer of late 60's was his namesake. But the connection between the two David does not end here. Recently, reading some facts on the beautiful Italian site dedicated to UH (here), i found this curious news:

"The final decision about the name change was made by David because of the success that the Spice were getting in the various clubs and colleges in England, and this decision was a suggestion of Paul Newton's mother (Paul's family was in contact with the band, as the father of Paul was their manager at the time). The problem about the name Garrick was that there was another singer with same name and surname who, at that period, was getting some success with a Rolling Stones cover, Lady Jane. This singer soon disappeared by the scenes, but now the legal procedures for changing the name of our David had ended"

From now, there are not two David Garrick, but was born the only David Byron, when the 70's were still to come with the worldwide success and the excess that all we know...

So David Garrick, now very unknown pop singer of late 60's, was the cause of David Garrick became David Byron (and i'm sure that this name change brought him much luck)

I think that this ill-fated singer, whose parents even more reminescent of the songs, at least deserves a listen, what do you think?


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lucifer's Friend II- 1996- Sumogrip

Last album by Lucifer's Friend, it contains new songs and old classic of LF but also a good version of UH's "Free me" (one another).

In America, as you can see in the second cover, this album issued without bonus tracks or old songs and was credited to "John Lawton featuring Lucifer's Friend".

In my personal opinion this is a good album, the voice of Mr. Lawton is good as ever and the music too (even if in some songs personally i don't like those electronic keyboards... but this is a personal opinion). Good hard rock songs but also some pop songs and some good ballads,

for an album very "full" of songs (17!)

Line up:

  • John Lawton- Vocals

  • Peter Hesslein- Guitar, backing vocals

  • Andreas Dicke- Bass

  • Jogi Wichmann- Keyboards

  • Curt Cress and Ugo Dahmer- Drums

Friday, March 18, 2011

Uriah Heep- 1973- FM ABC-TV In Concert New York USA

URIAH HEEP- 1973- Live Broadcast for Fm and Abc TV
Registered 22-08-1973 at Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York
(5 days after my fourth birthday!!)
01- Sweet Lorraine
02- July Morning
03- Stealin
I downloaded this some times ago as part of a torrent in flac format, then i encode as mp3 320 kbs and i tagged songs. The quality is very good and the pleasure in listening is very high!!
The songs come from a promotional tour for Sweet Freedom, 6° glourious album of Heep.
For a week i will be away, so for next posts we'll see at the end of next week

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lucifer's Friend- 1972- Where the groupies killed the blues


01- Hobo
02- Rose on the vine
03- Mother
04- Where the groupies killed the blues
05- Prince of darkness
06- Summerdream
07- Burning ships

Line up:
Peter Hesslein- Guitar, vocals, percussion
Peter Hecht- Piano, Keyboards
John Lawton- Lead vocals
Dieter Horns- Bass
Joachim Rietenbach- Drums
Second effort by original Lucifer's Friend. Even if, from first track, you think to listen to the same good old LF's hard rock (Hobo- Prince of darkness). In reality, on this album, Lucifer's Friend pushes their sound more in progressive rock direction than in their first "Lucifer's friend" (Rose on the vine, Mother and the fantastic Summerdream, with many change of times and contrasts). So guitar riffs and organ are present, but also one piano, that in some songs is prominent on other struments.
I love this classic album, for me one of the better in the LF career
P.S.. i know that the LF's discography is present in many blogs, but i think that, for the presence of mister John Lawton, their albums must be here too.

Monday, March 14, 2011

John Wetton- 1980- Caught in the Crossfire

This Cover is a collage made by me with five covers of different editions of this very good album, personally my favourite in the Wetton's solo discography (but in the file you'll find all five versions of the cover, so you can choose what cover you want).
Very good album, in some case quite hard rock if compared to Asia's sound of only two years later (i think that, for exemple, Paper Talk could be , for me, a perfect song for Uriah Heep during their Goalby era, and the same is for the song after, Get Away). But all vocal harmonies in this album remind to me the Good Old UH (probably is a mental problem of mine).
For this album, really a cast of superstars of rock, see you the band's line up down in this post...
01- Turn On The Radio 3:47
02- Baby Come Back 3:24
03- Whenn Will You Realise 4:34
04- Cold Is The Night 5:22
05- Paper Talk 4:00
06- Get Away 4:30
07- Caught In The Crossfire 5:03
08- Get What You Want 3:18
09- I'll Be There 3:33
10- Woman 4:33


John Wetton- Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
Simon Kirke- Drums
Martrin Barre- Guitars
Malcolm Duncan- Saxophone
Phil Manzanera- Guitar

Enjoy and to next post

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Brother T and Family- 1970- Drillin' of The Rock

Another album relatd to Lucifer's Friend (In how much albums did play LF members in early seventies- Asterix, Pink Mice, Electric Food, Brother T & Family, LF of course. But singular members are invoved in some other project, all from 70 to 72). Brother T & Family includes all original members of Lucifer's Friend, except John Lawton. Their music seems to be an hard blues rock with a melodic touch.
Peter Hesslein- Guitar, Vocals
Dieter Horns- Bass, Vocals
Peter Hecht- Keyboards
Joachin Reitenbach- Drums


01- Drillin' Of The Rock 3:05
02- Lookin' For Barbara 2:40
03- Third Degree 2:59
04- Stranger 3:18
05- Stewball 2:50
06- Jim Crack Corn 3:55
07- Walking Down Paradise Street 2:50
08- Saga Of The Fly 4:10
09- Oh Love 2:25
10- Brother T 3:05


Monday, March 7, 2011

About Italian prog masterworks

Dear friends, this is a message by me to all lovers of Italian progressive rock: i have opened a new blog where, in my intentions, i will post some or all the italian prog rock albums that i did collect in the last 20 years, with a logic increase in the internet era... So my posts here will be only albums or bootlegs of UH and related (even if their number is not more very large, after all posts in this blog). For this reason the Italian prog masterworks serie ends on Abominogjnr blog with number 7. In my new blog, finally i will write in italian, my language, because for me some times is very fatiguant find the words in english to write what i want to say, and i think that 90% of people interested in this genre of music are Italian people. The link of my new blog (Verso la stratosfera) is here, all visits are very wellcome.
PS: as first post on new blog, i repost an album posted here some times ago, "Milano Calibro 9" of Osanna with an additional link: two bonus tracks that i find after that post on abominogjnr blog)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Uriah Heep- 1972- Look back and live (Bootleg)

Uriah Heep Live in San Bernardino, California, 28 January 1972
This is the last post of this serie, that i rename "Japan Contribution", because i download those four bootlegs (Others are here, here and here) in flac files from a Japanise forum and i convert them (and renamed from Japanise) to mp3 320 kbs for our blog.
Line up: Mick Box- David Byron- Ken Hensley- Mark Clarke- Lee Kerslake

1-Bird of Prey 2-I Wanna Be Free 3-July Morning 4-Tears In My Eyes
5-Mick Box Solo/Guitar Jam 6-Look At Yourself 7-Gipsy

Sound rough, audience record, but a chance to listen the early 72 UH in concert (note that, in the set list, no one song is from demons and wizards, even if this album was in music shops only 3 months after). One more reason to listen to this bootleg: this is the only known UH bootleg with Mark Clarke on bass...

PS: Thank you very much to Martin for correction of mistakes and additional informations