Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Uriah Heep- 1978- One more night in Philadelphia (Bootleg)

Uriah Heep- 03 October 1978-

Spectrum, Philadelphia


1 Intro
2 Fallin' in Love
3 Woman of the Night
4 Stealin'
5 Look at Yourself
6 July Morning
7 One More Night
8 Easy Livin'
9 Sweet Lorraine


Mick Box- Guitar
Trevor Bolder- Bass
Lee Kerslake- Drums
John Lawton- Lead Vocals
Ken Hensley- Keyboards, Guitar


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

GMT - 1985- War Games


01. Angel
02. One By One
03. War Games
04. Fall In Line
05. Secret Bites

Line Up

Chris Glen - Bass
Robin McCauley - Vocals
Phil Taylor - Drums
Marcus Schleicher - Guitar

Musically this German band plays a good hard rock, a little in the NWOBHM vein but not so much. But the reason for this post is one other: i don't know how, but in some way Mister Phil Lanzon was a member of this band, probably only as song writer (in the back cover of this mini cd, you can read: "Music and lyrics:
Robin McCauley, Phil Lanzon & Mike Dounoughue except FALL IN LINE: Robin McCauley, Phil Lanzon, Mike Dounoughue & Ralph Hood").
So, even if Phil doesn't play on this work, all songs are co-written by him. Maybe someone out there knows something about the role of Phil in this album: if so, please make a comment...
The year is another problem: for some, this album is issued in 1985 (Wikipedia), for some other this is a 1991 album... Come on people, let me know some thing about this album...
PS: For more informations about this record, see comments, in particular Lasse and Marwood contribuitions. A big thank you to them!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Zar- 1990- Live Your Life Forever (Repost)

Band Members
John Lawton - vocals
Tommy Clauss - guitars
Jerry Schafer - keyboards
Peter Kumpf drums
Bernard Grunen - bass
Rolf Kersting - bass ( on 3 tracks )
Richard Schwarz - drums ( on 1 track )

I know, this album, with John Lawton as lead singer,
was posted by Abominogjnr here, with the Rebel one.
I repost it here, from strappadometalblog.blogspot.com
(Thank you- go to original post), because this is a better version of
that posted before: from cd, bytrate 320 kbs and full cd artworks.

1. Heart of the Night 03:57
2. Line of Fire 03:46
3. Live Your Life Forever 03:56
4. Lost Son of the King 05:27
5. Cry of the Nile 04:01
6. Gone for Tomorrow 04:04
7. The Look of Your Eyes 03:49
8. She's a Liar 04:27
9. Fire and Ice 03:56


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Plastic Penny- 1969- Currency

This drawing of
Nigel Olsson

is by
Noreen Romano

Drummers Can Sing Too! http://longdancer.tripod.com/
Nigel Olsson Official Website http://www.nigelolsson.com/

A big thank you for this post goes to blogger psychedelichouse.blogspot.com (Original post is here). I repost it here because this album features, on drums, Mister Nigel "Ollie" Olsson, just before his presence as drummer on first UH album, Very eavy very umble.
In this album, Nigel is also lead vocalist on two songs: Hound dog and Celebrity ball*, respectively tracks 2 and 11.

Plastic Penny were an unremarkable late-'60s British group who made the U.K. Top Ten in early 1968 with "Everything I Am," a labored ballad augmented by strings, that wasn't even one of their best songs. Much of their material was psychedelic pop with hints of encroaching prog-rock, sometimes recalling the Who a bit, elsewhere going into more fey story-songs. Their guitarist, Mick Grabham, would play with Procol Harum for a few years in the 1970s.
Plastic Penny's second album offers various shades of British psychedelic pop that aren't near either the top or bottom of the class. It left the impression of a group who were good musicians, but not ones who had exceptional material or a markedly identifiable style. Beatlesque psychedelic pop that was lighter than the Beatles was the main ingredient, perhaps with elements of the Bee Gees and the poppiest facet of the Who as well, though there was more organ involved in Plastic Penny's arrangements than there was in those of any of these other groups. Sometimes the keyboard-driven sound had shades of Procol Harum and Traffic. It's respectable listening, but not a record to win commendations for originality; "Give Me Money" in particular is a shameless imitation of the Who and the Move in their circa 1967 power pop days, albeit a pretty good one. The inclusion of a couple instrumentals (the closing "Sour Suite," lasting eight minutes, and "Currency") with a heavier, more improvised-sounding organ-grounded approach, as well as mediocre covers of "Hound Dog" and "MacArthur Park," raises the suspicion that the group really didn't have enough material ready to make an album, even though those instrumentals aren't bad. Serious Elton John fans, however, will be interested in collecting this record for the presence of an early Elton John-Bernie Taupin composition, "Turn to Me," that Elton John never recorded. The way Plastic Penny do it, it sounds like an early Badfinger track. (AMG).

Tracklist :
1. You Way To Tell Me Go
2. Hound Dog
3. Currency
4. Caledonian Mission
5. MacArthur Park
6. Turn To Me
7. Baby You're Not To Blame
8. Give Me Money
9. Sour Suite
10. She Does
11. Celebrity Ball*

Band Members

Brian Keith
- Vocals
Paul Raymond
- Keyboards and guitars
Mick Graham
- Guitars
Nigel Olsson
- Drums
Tony Murray
- Bass

* Originally titled Celebrate and performed by Three Dog Night but there is another version of particular interest to Heep fans. This song was also recorded by Spice and can be found on the Lansdowne Tapes release

Friday, October 8, 2010

Wicked Minds & Related superpost

Wicked Minds - 1999 - Return to Uranus
(For Eduardo)

01 - Beyond The Universe
02 - Garden Of Burning Trees
03 - War
04 - Shadows On The Lonely Planet
05 - The River Flows
06 - Return To Uranus


Wicked Minds - 2006 - Live At Burg Herzberg Festival

01- From the purple skies
02- Witchflower
03- The Elephant Stone
04- Drifting
05- Before the Morning Light
06- Through my Love
07- Return to Uranus
08- Shadows Train


Orange Shading Starlight - 2007 - Orange Shading Starlight

ORANGE SHADING STARLIGHT is the first Wicked Minds' official side project. The album, released by W-Records (Italy) in a 500 copies limited edition with colour gatefold sleeves, is an instrumental jam where the band developes all its power and experiment some interesting possibilities! Of course we have on guitar and devices Lucio Calegari, Paolo "Apollo" Negri on synthesizers and electric pianos, Enrico Garilli on deep, deeeeeep bass and Andrea Concarotti on drums (this was his last recording before leaving the band"

01- the mountain shadow
02- dark sunshine
03- shades of evil
04- dawn
05- the orange masquerade
06- fallen starlight

Link part 1
Link part 2

Electric Swan - 2008 - Same

01. In the Hush of A Daze (05:01)
02. Electric Swan (05:24)
03. Your Love Been So Good to Me (03:53)
04. Eleventh Angel (03:40)
05. Beyond the Rising Sun (07:20)
06. Calibro 9 (03:52)
07. Crossing the Line (06:00)
08. Redwitch (05:50)
09. Teaser (04:17)
10. Apollo’s Dream (06:52)
11. Creeping Death (10:21)


After a long time before my last post, i'm back.

Now, finally, my internet connection is right, and now i'm daddy!!!
My little beautiful child Gabriel has today 18 days (He is born the 20th of September).
So, dedicated to Gabri, here is a superpost with the others two Wicked mind's
albums (now their discography is complete) with two related albums, all them are in a genuine seventies style, as other two WM's albums that you can find here

P.S. Thank you, Colin, for all good albums that you have posted in those weeks, now i can finally dowload and enjoy them... Robi

Uriah Heep - Outside the Wall - Berlin1984

The Band

Pete Goalby - vocals
Mick Box - guitar
Trevor Bolder - bass
Lee Kerslake - drums
John Sinclair - keyboards
 The Venue

Live Outside The Wall
Quartier Latin
Berlin, (West) Germany
November 19th, 1984

CD 1
1. Overture 01:30
2. Sell Your Soul 06:28
3. Stealin' 05:29
4. The Other Side Of Midnight 05:35
5. Too Scared To Run 04:54
6. Lonely Nights 07:23
7. The Wizard 04:33
8. July Morning 10:55

CD 2
1. Party Time 05:27
2. Stay On Top 03:38
3. Mick Box Guitar Solo 04:09
4. Gypsy 08:00
5. Easy Livin' 04:07
6. That's The Way That It Is 05:13
7. Lee Kerslake Drum Solo 03:00
8. Look At Yourself 09:06
9. Land Of Hope And Glory 00:22

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rainbow - Starstruck Live In Osaka 17-1-78

recording from 17-1-1978 recorded at Koseinenkin, Osaka, Japan.

The Band:

Ronnie James Dio - Vocals
Richie Blackmore - Guitar
Cozy Powell - Drums
Bob Daisley - Bass
David Stone - Keyboard

Disc 1

1. Intro
2. Over the Rainbow
3. Kill the King
4. Mistreated
5. Greensleeves
6. 16th Century Greensleeves
7. Catch the Rainbow
8. Long Live Rock n' Roll

Disc 2

1. Man on a Silver Mountain
2. Blues
3. Starstruck
4. Man on a Silver Mountain (reprise)
5. Still I'm Sad
6. Still I'm Sad (Reprise)
7. Do You Close Your Eyes
8. Over the Rainbow