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David Byron- The Lost Songs Vol. 2 - Repost

Reposted on Request

If you like these rare early Byron recordings why not get the official releases from artistry records. fully remastered. Listen to byron sing some classic pop songs in his own unique way. So far there has been two releases with hopefully more to come

Follow the links

David Byron - The Early Sessions

David Byron -  The Early Sessions Vol 2

As i promised, here is the second volume of Byron's Lost Songs. It contains the famigerate
Avenue Records part 2 plus others rarities of this great rock'n'roll singer.
This time, for me, the gem is song number 10
(Race with the devil- cover of Band "Gun"): the cover is better than the original without doubt.
- From Avenue records sessions (1968-71):
01- American Woman
02- Natural Born Boogie
03- Let It Be
04- Bring It On Home To Me
05- Lady D'Albanville
06- Behind A Painted Smile
07- Too Busy Thinking About My Baby
08- I'm Gonna Make You Mine
09- Need Your Love So Bad
10- Race With The Devil
11- Cold Turkey
12- Keep On
From the "Chrysalis Compendium" Demo Tracks":
13- Babe That Ain't Enough For Me (Duet with Peter Green)
14- Sing A Little Sunshine Song (Duet with Peter Green)
15- Without You (Duet with Peter Stirling- incomplete)
Bonus tracks
16- Little Piece Of Leather (Heep live 1974)
17- If I Had The Time (Heep live 1973)
18- Rock'n'Roll (Rough Diamond live 1977)
19- David Byron Interview (Chris Tetley tapes 1979)

So people, download this collection of rarities and, if you like it, but if you don't like it too, please post some comments....

Cheers to all

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Ultimate Heep Covers Collection - Various artists Volume 10

This is unfortunately the last in this series for the  foreseeable future as I have pretty much exhausted my collection of Heep covers, although the search continues so if anyone out there has tracks not already used and is willing to share them please get in touch. On that note I would once again like to thank Evert for supplying the vast majority of these(Check out his Website here) and also to Corrado and Higher Livin' for their contribution. And lets not forget all the other bands and artists out there who on a daily basis do there own bit to promote the music of Uriah Heep
Keep on Rockin'


01-Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Lady In Black
02-The Hensley-Lawton Band - July morning
03-Electric Blues Band - Easy Livin' 2
04-If I Had The Time - Jon Binder
05-Popeda - Kipsi (Gypsy)
06-Circle of hands - The park
07-Steerforth -July morning
08- W.A.S.P. - Easy livin'
09-John Lawton and Gunhill - Sympathy
10-The Hensley-Lawton Band - Gypsy
11-Easy Livin' - Sweet lorraine
12-Vintersorg - Rainbow demon


01 - Electric Blues Band - Easy Livin'
02-Sweet Lorraine - Circle Of Hands
03-Awaken - The dance
04-Easy Livin' - Stealin'
05-Ken Hensley & John Wetton - Confession
06-Smashing Pumpkins - Easy livin'
07-The Lawton Dunning Project - I've been hurt
08-Electric Blues Band-Circle Of Hands
09-Steve Krase & the In Crowd - Easy livin'
10-Horrible Hannah - Stealin'
11-Sweet Lorraine - Sweet Lorraine
12-The Past - Easy Living'
13-Yves Couture - Circle of hands
14-Wicked Minds - Gypsy
15-Period - Easy livin'

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Ultimate Heep Covers Collection - Various artists Volume 9

After a bit of a delay I present to you the ninth volume of the Ultimate Heep covers collection


Disc 1

01 John Lawton - Last Christmas - Free me
02 De Dommelaers - Easy livin'
03 Easy Livin' Band - Return to fantasy
04 John Lawton & Steve Dunning - I'm alive
05 The Blackflowers - Stealin
06 Phil Lanzon - Gypsy -alternate version
07 Ken Hensley & John Wetton - One way or another
08 Osvajaci - Tri-Boje-Duge (Free me)
09 Raging Speedhorn - Gypsy
10 John Lawton and Gunhill - Come back to me
11 Ritzerfeld - Easy livin'
12 Stella and Trevor Hensley - The easy road
13 The Blackflowers - Seven Stars
14 The Byron Band - Sweet lorraine
15 Vilperin Perikunta - Joulopukki (Easy livin')
16 Lucifer's Friend II - Free me

Disc 2

01 Grimskunk - Look at Yourself
02 Gamma Ray - Return to fantasy
03 Circle of hands - I'll keep on trying
04 John Lawton & Dave White - Sympathy
05 Josh Appletree -Rainbow Demon
06 Nightingale - Stealin'
07 Oulu All Star Big Band & J. Aloha - Easy livin'
08 Sweet Lorraine - Sunrise
09 Uriah Heep Tribute - Gypsy
10 Van Beukenstein - Easy livin
11 Wild Angel - Rainbow Demon
12 Circle of hands - The Wizard
13 Gerdesits Ferenc - Look at Yourself
14 Ken Hensley & John Wetton - Return to fantasy


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spotlight On The Moog - Kaleidoscopic Vibrations by Perry & Kingsley repost


The search for musical expression utilizing electricity has gone on almost since the invention of electricity. Most of us remember hearing electronic music for the first time in the film of The Lost Weekend when the Theremin-an early electronic instrument whose pitch was affected by hand positioning in relation to a linear control apparatus-was used so vividly to express the alcoholic delusions of Charles Jacksons unfortunate hero

The present Perrey/Kingsley album-KALEIDOSCOPIC VIBRATIONS-and the first-THE SOUND FROM WAY OUT-are premier recordings utilizing electronic music in the popular field. the main electronic instrument used is the MOOG SYNTHESIZER whose facilities are capable of producing almost any combination of sounds within the range-and indeed,the credibility-of the human ear. The other instrument employed is the JENNY ONDIOLINE

KALEIDOSCOPIC VARIATIONS is a collection of some of the best known contemporary melodies as well as a generous selection of Perrey/Kingsley originals lending themselves uniquely to electronic composition and arrangement. A birds chorus celebrates the end of the rainfall in Umbrellas;such birds have never been heard before the invention of the ondioline. Those Strangers in the Night cough and wheeze asthmatically as they exchange their secret glances. Fallout, a P/K original, suggests an interplanetary proliferation in sound such as would be impossible to achieve with conventional instrumentation

And so it goes. Here are more than a bakers dozen of sonic experiences designed to amuse,surprise and delicate an adventurous musical palate

The duo's second album, as the title indicates, had them adding a Moog synthesizer to their Ondioline and electric keyboards. It was still largely devoted to kitschy electro treatments of standards on the order of "Strangers in the Night," "Lover's Concerto," "Third Man Theme," "Winchester Cathedral," and "Moon River." There was more of a sense of pop orchestration on selections like "Umbrellas of Cherbourg" and the eerie "Carousel of the Planets," with their theremin-like tones; there were also rock beats on "Lover's Concerto" and "Pioneers of the Stars," the last of which didn't sound too far removed from the futuristic instrumentals of Joe Meek proteges the Tornados. The entire album was included on the Vanguard Perrey-Kingsley box set The Out Sound From Way In! The Complete Vanguard Recordings.

Review by Richie Unterberger

1 The Savers 1:43
2 Umbrellas of Cherbourg 2:42
3 Strangers in the Night 2:56
4 One Note Samba-Spanish Flea 2:03
5 Lover's Concerto 2:11
6 Third Man Theme 2:09
7 Fallout 1:54
8 Baroque Hoedown 2:24
9 Winchester Cathedral 2:14
10 Carousel of the Planets 2:39
11 Toy Balloons 2:04
12 Moon River 2:38
13 Mas Que Nada 2:19
14 Pioneers of the Stars 2:46

And the best for last I found this review on the net somewhere. It just sums this album up perfectly credit to the reviewer

This may or may not have been a highly serious and seminal work of it's day - it's hard to tell - but now it's hilarious.

Perrey and Kingsley have a ball, squeezing the most fantastical belches, farts, squiggles and squirts out of the newly invented Moog synthesiser and splatting them merrily all over Moog instrumental covers of standard songs of the day.



Thursday, May 24, 2012

Uriah Heep - Isle of Man 1982 Repost

Originally posted on Dec 26th 2010

This is a more complete version of this show and is much better quality than the original post
The downside is that July morning cuts out half way through

Received this Christmas present yesterday and a 

Huge Thank You 

has to go to the Anonymous sender, whoever you are, you have made this heepster very very happy

for those of you who don't know or simply don't care, the reason I was after this particular bootleg is because this show was the first time I got to hear my boyhood hero's for the first time. It was broadcast on Mad Sunday by radio Luxembourg during the Isle of Man TT festival (ironically where I now live)on the 6th of June 1982 and was 2 days before I actually went to my first Heep gig  in Edinburgh on the 8th I still have the T shirt and baseball shirt from the tour 

The Band

Mick Box
Lee Kerslake
Bob Daisley
John Sinclair
Pete Goalby

01 Intro
02 Sell Your Soul
03 Running All Night
04 Stealin
05 Too Scared To Run
06 The Wizard (Dedicated to Randy Rhodes)
07 July Morning (Cuts out)
08 The Way That It Is
09 Son Of A bitch
10 Mick Box solo
11 Gypsy
12 Easy Livin

Part 1

Part 2

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Higher Livin' - A Tribute To The Music Of Uriah Heep

Have I got a treat for you today!!

I was passed these MP3's for inclusion on the "ultimate covers collection" CD'S, for which I was most grateful.But when I sat down to listen to them something became immediately apparent. To me these were far too good to be buried in a compilation album. The band "Higher Livin'" hail from Italy and from the opening note on "Bird of Prey" all the way through to the conclusion of "July Morning" it is obvious that this extremely talented group of musicians are doing something they love. They have to my unqualified ears managed to do something that so many others have tried to do but ultimately failed, they have successfully captured

So Thank you to Corrado for introducing me to the band and thank you to
Higher Livin' For the music

I only wish I lived closer so I could catch this band live

If you are reading these notes you already deserve a couple of thanks, first and foremost from Higher Livin', secondly from one of the greatest bands that Rock History has ever known, Uriah Heep!.

The collection that you hold in your hands was born from the immense admiration of Bassist and future Leader of Higher Livin', Daniele Rossi towards this Band. A band that sadly has not gotten his due as far as praise and its place in Rock Olympus is concerned.Daniele, had the idea of involving the House Band of famed Club "Vivere Su", i.e himself, Fabio Baruzzo on Guitar, Pierga Dettori on Drums and charming Vocalist Claudia Dani in his project, but in order to recreate the original sound of Heep consisting of a solid Rhythm base sustained by a deep Hammond organ and a nimble guitar switching swiftly from lead to back to support the Vocal harmonics of the Group, he needed his Ken Hensley. After countless efforts , Daniele finally found his man in Stefano Toni that in his old Band Butterfly's Tail proposed several pieces of Uriah Heep, mainly due to the love of said band's Vocalist Thor Bertolucci for David Byron. Obviously Daniele did not miss the opportunity to bring on board Thor adding further spices to the powerful vocal mix.All of them finally together , they proceded to organize the first "Heep Night"( and that's where due to mere chance I got involved), that was held at "Vivere Su" on January 27 2011. Being among the public to celebrate my 49th birthday, I had the honour to be called on stage to aid in the presentation of this band that right from the word Go, showed to everybody that they had all it takes to be a real powerhouse. Several other concerts followed until they realized that they needed to leave to posterity something from this wonderful experience.From this primal need stems the cd that you are now holding in your hands, a cd that on top of the pieces performed by the "Core Group", can call on the superb interpretation of Vocalist Extraordinaire Jon Binder on Corridors of Madness, the only song that cannot count on the help that comes from being on the classic and better known albums from the Byron and Lawton periods.Please try to appreciate the effort from the band to record everything Live without overdubs, in order to try to recreate the magic of those concerts.


Steve The Rock , 04/25/12 (I don't know why April 11th was put on Original Italian issue)

P.S. Higher Livin' look forward to welcoming you back on their next work which will consist mainly of self penned compositions, clearly still inspired by that Classic Rock that we all love and cherish. Please follow www.inrockwetrust.it in order to get latest updates on Higher Livin' most recent projects and their releases.

The band

Claudia Dani (Lead Vocals)
Tor Bertolucci (Lead Vocals)
Fabio Baruzzo (Guitars)
Stefano Toni (Keyboards)
Daniele Rossi (Bass & Vocals)
Pierga Dettori (Drums & Vocals)

The Tracks

1 Bird of Prey
2 Sweet Lorraine
3 Corridors of Madness
4 Sunrise
5 Wise Man
6 Free 'n Easy
7 Gypsy
8 Rain
9 July Morning

for more information on the band visit their Facebook page

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Gods - "Come On Down To My Boat Baby / Garage Man" 1967

Extremely rare single from 1967 this was the first single released by the band which according to wikipedia had both Brian Glascock and Lee Kerslake in the line-up

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 The Gods

Years active 1965–1969
Labels EMI
Associated acts Jethro Tull
Bee Gees
The Rolling Stones
King Crimson
Uriah Heep

The Gods were an English group founded in 1965. The original bandmembers included Mick Taylor (later with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers and the Rolling Stones), Brian Glascock, and his brother John (later with Jethro Tull)


They were schoolmates from Hatfield and had been playing together as The Juniors (or The Strangers), a band they formed in 1962. Also part of this band were Malcolm Collins and Alan Shacklock. They eventually signed with EMI / Columbia Records. Their first 7" single (Columbia DB7339) appeared in 1964 ("There's a Pretty Girl"/"Pocket Size"). In 1965, the line-up changed. Mick Taylor continued to play guitar and teamed up with Ken Hensley (organ/vocals) (later guitarist with Uriah Heep). They also added Joe Konas (guitar/vocals) and changed their name to "The Gods".

In 1966, The Gods opened for Cream at the Starlite Ballroom in Wembley, London. A single (Come On Down To My Boat Baby/Garage Man) was recorded in early 1967 on Polydor Records. At this point the line-up included Mick Taylor, Ken Hensley, John Glascock, Brian Glascock and Lee Kerslake.

In May 1967, Mick Taylor got a call from John Mayall who was looking for a new guitarist to replace Peter Green. When Taylor joined the Bluesbreakers, he left behind a faltering bluesband. The band sought to revive their fortunes on the club/college circuit. They relocated to London and secured a residency at The Marquee. John Glascock (bass) was replaced by Paul Newton in June 1967 and then by Greg Lake. Greg Lake left in the Summer of 1968 to join King Crimson. The band had to re-group again and John Glascock was asked to return.

With John Glascock back in the fold they recorded a couple of progressive rock albums and a few singles. Of their singles, "Hey! Bulldog", The Beatles track, is their best known, and both sides have been included on the compilation album, The Great British Psychedelic Trip Vol. 3. The band played an amalgam of psychedelia and progressivism. Tracks like "Towards The Skies" and "Time And Eternity" from their 1968 album Genesis are full of heavy ploughing Hammond organ and distorted guitar riffs and Ken Hensley's unique and rather dramatic vocals add a further dimension.

Most of The Gods' material is fairly typical late 1960s pop/rock, epitomised by songs like "Radio Show" and "Yes I Cry". There are shades of Vanilla Fudge on their cover of West Side Story extract "Maria". On a few tracks like "Candlelight" and "Real Love Guaranteed" there is an inkling of the heavier sound Hensley and Kerslake would propagate in their next venture, Uriah Heep.

The Gods were the successors of The Rolling Stones at the Marquee Club in London.

After recording two albums, Genesis (1968) and To Samuel a Son (1969), they signed with a new record company, recruited Rebel Rousers singer Cliff Bennett and changed their name to Toe Fat, which also lasted two years and two albums.

The following have been members of The Gods-
John Glascock (bass) (later with Toe Fat, Chicken Shack, Carmen, Jethro Tull)
Brian Glascock (drums) (later with The Motels and with the Bee Gees)
Mick Taylor (guitar) (later with John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers and the Rolling Stones)
Ken Hensley (organ and vocals, occasional guitar) (later with Uriah Heep)
Joe Konas (guitar/vocals)
Lee Kerslake (drums) (later with Uriah Heep and Ozzy Osbourne)
Paul Newton (bass) (later with Uriah Heep)
Greg Lake (bass) (later with King Crimson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer)
Cliff Bennett (vocals) (of Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers)
Alan Shacklock (guitar) (later with Babe Ruth)


"Come On Down To My Boat Baby / Garage Man" (Polydor 56168)
"Baby's Rich" / "Somewhere In The Street" (Columbia DB 8486)
"Hey Bulldog" / "Real Love Guaranteed" (Columbia DB 8544)
"Maria" (from "West Side Story") / "Long Time Sad Time Bad Time" (Columbia DB 8572)

Genesis (L.P. Columbia SCX 6286) 1968, re-issued 1994 Repertoire Records
To Samuel a Son (L.P. Columbia SCX 6372) 1969, re-issued 1995 Repertoire Records
Best of The Gods (compilation CD)

Mick Taylor Guitar
Ken Hensley Organ,Vocals & Guitar
John Glascock Bass
Brian Glascock Drums
Lee Kerslake Drums

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Ultimate Heep Covers Collection - Various artists Volume 8

Disc 1
01 Blind Guardian - The wizard
02 Sweetheart - Easy livin'
03 Dreamer - I wanna be free
04 Finland - It ain't easy
05 Firefly - Circle of hands
06 Wild Angel - I hear voices
07 Steerforth - Dreamer
08 John Lawton's Gunhill - Sympathy
09 Ken Hensley - The name of the game
10 Kimera - Sunrise
11 Firefly - Easy livin´
12 Sleepy Sleepers - Pihipoika (July morning)
13 Sons of Noise - Gipsy - version 1
14 Steerforth - Look at yourself
15 Uriah Heep Tribute - Stealin'

Disc 2
01 Iverija - July morning
02 Kosmos - Viisi varmaa (Easy livin')
03 Dreamer feat. Ken Hensley- Circle of hands
04 Virgin Steele - Stay on top
05 John Lawton & Steve Dunning - Firefly/Come back to me
06 Uriah Heep Tribute - Time to live
07 Le 4ème - Easy Livin' ('82)
08 Circle of hands - July morning
09 Narnia - Sunrise
10 Native Son - Stealin'
11 Norway - The wizard
12 The Madmen - Suicidal man
13 The Spell - Wake up set your sights
14 Music Factory - Easy Livin'
15 Echoes in the dark - Circle of Hands


Thursday, April 26, 2012

ITALIAN PROG MASTERWORKS 2 - Museo Rosenbach- 1972-1973- Zarathustra & Bonus (Repost)

Hard prog this time for the second post in this serie. This group was formed in 1972 in Rome.
This is a concept album, dedicated to the superman's theory of Nistzche. In the seventies this album was not considered but, year after year, it was going to become a cult in the italian prog discography. The entire side a of old lp was covered by the long suite that gives the name to album. But this sound, even if for me is quite original, can make remember in someone echoes of other artists: see you, please, the bonus cd tracklist to know where Museo Rosenbach found his inspiration....

The members are:

Giancarlo Golzi- Drums, Vocals
Alberto Moreno- Bass, Pianoforte
Enzo Merogno- Guitar, Vocals
Pit Corradi- Mellotron, Hammond
Stefano "Lupo" Galifi- Lead Vocals


1- Zarathustra
a)L'ultimo uomo
b)Il re di ieri
c)Al di là del bene e del male
e)Il tempio delle clessidre
2- Degli uomini
3- Della natura
4- Dell'eterno ritorno


Museo Rosenbach- 1972- Rare & Unrealised

This is a live album (the sound quality is like a quite good bootleg). It contains proto versions of Zarathustra's songs and some covers, and if you search in the list you'll have two or three little surprises (maybe material for your UH connections 3, Colin?)

The members of the band are the same as in Zarathustra album, with the special guest of Leonardo Lagorio, of prog band Celeste, at the sax


01- Zarathustra
02- Degli uomini
03- Della natura
04- Dell'eterno Ritorno (instumental)
05- Dopo
06- Look at yourself
07- With a little help from my friends
08- Shadows of grief
09- Valentyne suite (excerpt)
10- Dopo (english version)
11- Dell'eterno ritorno (encore)

I know, Mister "Lupo"(in english Wolf) Galifi doesn't know some of the Shadows of grief lyrics and he sings in one strange language italo english spanish and i don't know from, but this is a testimoniance of how Uriah Heep was loved in Italy too.

Thanks to all and to the next

PS: for the anonymous reader who posts a comment to the Osanna's post,
The Balletto di bronzo album YS, that i promised as second in this serie, will be the third. Inserisci link

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Ultimate Heep Covers Collection - Various artists Volume 7

Disc 1
01 Van Beukenstein - Easy Livin` Live
02 Dreamer - Sunrise
03 Fast Finger - Time of revelation
04 Kalmar Union -Sadetta vain (Rain)
05 Horrible Hannah - Wizard
06 Nash - Weep in silence
07 Steerforth - Gypsy
08 Synkopy 61 - Bílý vrány (Easy livin')
09 The Spell - Sweet lorraine
10 VanillaHeep - Salisbury
11 Circle of hands - Rainbow demon
12 Vilperin Perikunta - Piirimyyjä (Easy livin')
13 Wild Angel - Look at yourself
14 Alwari Tuohitorvi - Sweet Lorraine
15 Dreamer feat. Ken Hensley - Rain

Disc 2
01 ...a meloun - kouzelnik -the wizard
02 Sad Juicies & the Fair Aussies - Godly Livin
03 Featherwheel - July morning
04 Easy Livin' - Return to fantasy
05 D.C.Cooper- Easy livin'
06 Heep Heads - Pilgrim
07 James Last - Easy Living
08 Ken Hensley - If I had the time
09 Liegelord - Too scared to run
10 Circle of hands - Sunrise
11 Shirley Zwerus - Easy livin'
12 The Madmen - Sunrise
13 Tonix - Frihet (Free me)
14 Easy Livin' -Circle of Hands


Friday, April 20, 2012

The Ultimate Heep Covers Collection - Various artists Volume 6

Disc 1

01 Century - The wizard
02 Circle of hands - Look at yourself
03 Easy Livin' - Easy livin'
04 Unknown - July morning
05 'Eavier than 'umble - Question
06 Freebase - Suicidal man
07 John Lawton & Steve Dunning - One more night
08 LawtonHulme - Return to fantasy-Magician's birthday-Wonderworld
09 Les Humphries - Look at Yourself
10 Outcast - Easy living
11 PLT - Rainbow demon
12 Sonic Perception ft. Antonio Carvalho - July Morning
13 Sons of Noise - Gipsy-version 2
14 Tesla - Stealin'
15 James Last - Live - Easy livin'
16 The Heavy's - Slow Down Mix

Disc 2
01 Unknown - Easy Livin'
02 Apphiliated - Gypsy version 1
03 Circle of hands - The wizard
04 Cosmic Banditos & John Lawton - Easy livin'
05 Danny - Itsesi näät vain, et enempää (Look at yourself)
06 Finland - Too scared to run
07 Fratres - Gypsy
08 Horrible Hannah - July morning
09 Sinister Purpose - Easy livin' - elektrisch
10 John Lawton & Steve Dunning - Tonight
11 Duett Komplett - The wizard
12 Knight Crawler - Stealin'
13 Native Son - That's how I am
14 The Byron Band - July morning
15 The Madmen - The hanging tree
16 Steerforth - Easy livin'

Monday, April 16, 2012

David Byron - Take No Prisoners Repost

Take No Prisoners

Recorded February 1975
Morgan and Roundhouse Studios
London, England
Mixed at the Roundhouse Studios
Initial release March, 1975

This 1975 album was the first solo outing for David Byron, the lead singer for Uriah Heep. It isn't a big surprise that a good portion of the album sounds a lot like the group that gave him his day job: sturdy organ-driven hard-rockers like "Silver White Man" and "Hit Me With a White One" would not be out of place on a typical Uriah Heep album from this period. The fact that every then-current member of Uriah Heep makes at least one appearance on this record further aids this déjà vu feeling. What is surprising about Take No Prisoners is how solid and consistent it is for a between-albums solo venture. The album begins powerfully with "Man Full of Yesterdays," a mid-tempo rocker with a moody, dramatic arrangement that blends an emotional Mellotron-driven sound with autobiographical lyrics. From there, Byron deftly blends his Heep-styled rockers with a variety of roots rock and soul experiments that blend in well with the other, more traditional material: "Steamin' Along" tackles funk with surprising deftness while "Saturday Night" adds a likable country-rock element to its amped-up rock & roll attack. "Love Song" proves that Byron could do a straight ballad with surprising sensitivity and further benefits from a lovely arrangement built on a gentle harpsichord sound. Plenty of sharp rockers are interspersed between these experimental tracks, the best being "Midnight Flyer," a cleverly arranged rocker that alternates spooky, mid-tempo verses with a scorching chorus to create an exciting burst of hard rock. Overall, Take No Prisoners lacks a breakout single or the kind of genre-expanding elements that will win over the casual listener, but it is a well-crafted album that will definitely find favor with Uriah Heep fans. ~ Donald A. Guarisco, All Music Guide

Original album credits:
David Byron: Voice
Mick Box: Guitars
Lou Stonebridge: Keyboards
Denny Ball: Bass
Lee Kerslake: Drums

Other Credits:
Drums: Pete Thompson
Backing vocals: Chanter Sisters, Martha Smith, Neil Lanchaster, Chas Mills and Russ Stone.
Acoustic Guitar: Ken Hensley
Mellotron: John Wetton

Produced by: Peter Gallen and David Byron
Engineer: Ashley Howe
Assistant Engineers: Dave Harris (at Morgan), Trevor Hallesy & John Gallen (at Roundhouse)
Equipment: Dell Roll, Pete Gibbs
Refreshment: Marcus Rose, Moet & Chandon, Remy Martin & Newcastle Brown
©1975 Bronze Records Ltd.

Track Listing:
Side A:
1. Man Full Of Yesterdays (Byron / Box / Stonebridge) 5:36
2. Sweet Rock N' Roll (Stonebridge / McGuinness) 2:49
3. Steamin' Along (Byron / Box / Ball / Thompson / Stonebridge) 5:09
4. Silver White Man (Byron) 3:29
5. Love Song (Byron / Box / Kerslake / Stonebridge) 2:56

Side B:
1. Midnight Flyer (Stonebridge / McGuinness) 5:55
2. Saturday Night (Stonebridge) 2:16
3. Roller Coaster (Byron / Box / Ball / Kerslake / Stonebridge) 3:58
4. Stop (Think What You're Doing) (Byron / Stonebridge / McGuinness) 4:16
5. Hit Me With A White One (Byron / Box / Stonebridge) 3:53

US Cover


Saturday, April 14, 2012

John Lawton- The Big Rarities Collection Vol 1 (1971-2011) repost


01- Just a little bit (1971) 2:14
02- Children of the world (1971) 3:13
03- Jesu Jesu (1972) 3:56
04- One man band (1972) 3:55
05- Little chalk blue (1975) 3:45
06- Eloise (1980) 4:40
07- Dirty Tricks (1990) 4:14
08- All band togheter- Save this world (1990) 3:27
09- Set the world on fire (1993) 8:20
10- Back to the highlands (1993) 5:16
11- Ride ride ride (1994) 3:01
12- Me and my Harley (1994) 3:27
13- More than just a bike (1994) 2:53
14- Someone sings (1995) 4:24
15- Talking ain't cheap (1995) 5:01
16- Zar- Eagle's flight (1995) 4:13
17- It's a long way to go (2003) 5:08
18- Strangers song (2011) 4:11

- Songs from 1 to 4 are from two singles from 1971 and 72
- Song 5 is from "Roger Glover's Butterfly Ball" and is the only repost of this compilation
- Song 6 is the A side of another single
- Songs 7 and 8 are from "The Lenny Mac Dowell Project- Lost Paradise"
- Songs 9 and 10 are from "The Fast Forward Music Project- Excalibur"
- Songs from 11 to 13 are promotional for Harley Davidson motorcycles
- Songs 14 and 15 are from "Eddie Hardin Wizard's convention 2"
- Song 16 is from the Zar's third album and is the only sung by John on this album
- Song 17 come from Chris Catena's 2003 album "Freak Out"
- Song 18 is from the very fresh Pushking's album "The world as we love it"

I'm not modest this time... This is the best compilation that i ever made, full of rarities that you can find only here, on the old Abominogjnr Blog. So i expect your comments, people, because i think that this time i've made really a good work... Inside the file, you'll find the cover collage and, in a separate folder, all covers of albums and singles. The only trouble is that some songs are only 128 kbs (the first 4 songs, song 6 and songs from 11 to 13), but the possibility to listen to those rarities make this not a big problem. The rest is in the same insane 320 kbs.

Good listen to all and make some comments please...

PS: I'm still looking for three albums from Jon Petersen & Skyliner of 1976/77 who contains some songs with John Lawton at lead vocals. If some Blog reader knows where i can find them, maybe next times we'll make the number 2 of this compilation... And some other rarities are not present here because i have not them!! At this link, you can find some rarities that i find only here (covers and descriptions, not files, for them is another question). You can see that a volume 2 of this collection is possible, in the future, we'll see... If some readers has some of them, please make me know... Thank you to all....


Friday, April 13, 2012

The Ultimate Heep Covers Collection - Various artists Volume 5

Disc 1
01 Apphiliated - Gypsy version 3
02 James Last - Easy Living
03 Easy Livin'Band -Bird of prey
04 Circle of hands - Rain
05 The Spell - Easy livin
06 Gamma Ray - Look at yourself
07 John Lawton & Steve Dunning - Wise man
08 Museo Rosenbach - Shadows Of Grief
09 Serpentcult - Rainbow Demon
10 Coverboy - Easy livin'
11 Steerforth - Tears in my eyes
12 Tad Morose - Rainbow demon
13 The Hensley-Lawton Band - I'm alive
14 The Madmen - Sweet lorraine
15 Circle of hands - Easy livin'
16 Emperor - Stealin'

Disc 2
01 Angel Dust - Easy livin'
02 Circle of hands - Circle of hands
03 Easy Livin' - Look at yourself
04 In The Adventures of Sir Vent @ KingArthur.com - Easy livin'
05 John Lawton & Steve Dunning - Feelings
06 Music factory - Return to Fantasy
07 Peter Pajic - Svetjo Tako Lep (Wonderworld)
08 PurpleHeep - Stealin
09 Red Baron - Gypsy
10 Steerforth - A Year or a day
11 Sweet Lorraine - Rain
12 Trifase - July Morning
13 Circle of hands - I'm alive
14 Uriah Heep Tribute - I'll keep on trying
15 Woodstosck - gypsy

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Uriah Heep - The London Classic Rock Festival 2002 Acoustic Set (repost)

When I first received this bootleg there was some confusion, on my part anyway, It was tagged as 'Heep live acoustic set at the Magicians' Birthday party 2003' Which I immediately questioned as I was at that show and the acoustic part was only four songs long and performed in the middle of the set, so that meant it had to be from 2002 when Heep played two different sets over two nights as part of the Classic Rock Productions Classic Rock Festival in London (I was at both shows) or was it from the US shows?. Well the big give away for me is obviously Bernie saying goodbye to London at the end of the show. I also did a search on the Internet for heep bootleg artwork and came up with this

Now far for me to contradict someone else's hard work but I cannot see how Heep could possibly have played this venue, on this night, as they were several miles up the road at the Shepherds Bush Empire I may have had a few drinks that evening but I think I should know which venue I was at(also some one somewhere has written that the mean fiddler is just another name for the Astoria, again not true although they are part of the same building they are different venues)

This was a truly memorable weekend for me with not only Heep on the bill (Twice) but also John Lawton, Focus and Asia amongst others The whole weekend was centred around the Heep Festival Club see below

Day 1
As well as purchasing my copy of Dave Ling's excellent book Wizards and Demons I also managed to get it signed by Dave himself and both Mick and Trevor who were present at the festival club and also by Phil who I quite literally bumped into an hour or so before the show on Shepards Bush Green. Focus were on before Heep this evening and bloody brilliant they were too

Day 2

Now this day turned out to be really memorable having failed miserably at the 'Ultimate Heep Fan Quiz' the previous day I was determined to enjoy myself and what better way to do that than by splashing out at the auction

I wasn't particularly bothered which lot I won, I was just determined to win one, and so with a lot of conservative bidding going on at the start, I picked up the signed John lawton gig shirt for the princely sum of twenty quid (This shirt has since been framed and is hanging on my wall as I Wright this). I was happy with my purchase and as I went to collect it I was offered several different ways of paying for it (I had just assumed it would be cash only and I didn't have too much on me) Well when I saw a credit card option my eyes just lit up and I went running back to the auction to see what else I could pick up and i had my sights set on lot 11 which after some fierce bidding that consisted of me just standing there with my hand up until everyone else had given up I won and that too is hanging on my wall right next to Lawtons shirt. I had about an hour or so to kill between the Heep club and the gig so it was of back to the hotel to store my purchases and then back to the venue for the gig

Uriah Heep opened this evening with the acoustic set which I am not going to review as you can hear it for yourself and make you own judgements.

Asia were the main act of the evening and unfortunately I only managed to catch the first 2 or 3 songs as i had been made aware of the fact Lee Kerslake was in the bar (I was upstairs in the seated area) so I took that opportunity to meet him and spent the best part of Asia's set drinking with one of my boyhood hero's.
He also signed the back of the credit card stub with which I had purchased the platinum disc with

It just doesn't get better than that

The acoustic set from The Shepherds Bush Empire Sat 30th Nov 2002

01 The Easy Road
.02 Question
03 Tales
04 Rainbow Demon
05 Circus
06 Why Did You Go
07 The Wizard
08 Heartless Land
09 Blind Eye
10 The Other Side Of Midnight
11 The Way That It Is
12 Rain
13 Dream On
14 Lady In Black


Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Ultimate Heep Covers Collection - Various artists Volume 4


Disc 1

01 Apphilliated - Gypsy version 4
02 Steerforth - Rainbow demon
03 Firefly - Between two worlds
04 Circle of Hands - Tales
05 Easy Livin' Band - Sweet lorraine
06 Medizine - Your turn to remember
07 Ken Hensley - Take care (Footprints in the snow)
08 Blackfoot - Easy livin'
09 Sweet Lorraine - Stealin
10 Uriah Heep Tribute - The Easy Road/Rain
11 Woodstock - Look at Yourself
12 Ken Hensley- Circle Of Hands
13 Yves Couture - I'll keep on tryin'
14 PurpleHeep - Easy Livin
15 The Lawton Dunning Project - Feelings

Disc 2

01 Backup(?) - Rain
02 Bronz - The other side of midnight
03 Circle of hands - Stealin'
04 Clive Rogers and Cobra - The wizard
05 Easy Livin' - Love machine
06 Gilles Snowcat - The easy road
07 Ken Hensley & John Wetton - July morning
08 Lana Lane - Weep in silence
09 Mindbender - Stealin'
10 John Lawton & Steve Dunning - Rain
11 Nightingale - Return to fantasy
12 Party Blues In Bb - Easy Livin
13 Alwari T - Sweet lorraine
14 Echoes in the dark - Stealin'
15 Circle of hands - One way or another
16 The Hensley-Lawton Band - Wise man


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lion - Running All Night - 1980 Vinyl Rip

 Another repost

This is My 'Teaser'
A hugely underrated album from 1980 which features the collective talents of

Steve Webb on lead and rhythm guitars
Robin Le Mesurier on lead and rhythm guitars
Steve Humphreys on bass
Gary Farr on lead Vocals
John Sinclair on Keyboards and Vocals
and Eric Dillon on Drums

Do not confuse this band with the hair metal band of the same name that appeared in the late eighties

This band only hung around for this one album but it has quality all the way through it. probably its biggest problem was how to categorize it as there are numerous different styles on offer here with the bulk of the writing being done by Farr and Sinclair who quite blatantly steals a guitar riff here and there for later use on the 'Abominog' album

  This following review is by Godwaffle and is taken from the rate your music site. I had started to write one myself when I came across this and quite frankly I couldn't have put it any better Interesting to note that this apparently has had a CD release but I couldn't find it anywhere so I have had to settle for  a vinyl copy

This is truly a forgotten little gem from 1980. Like the other reviewer of this album I discovered this band because of another band member. In my case it was keyboardist John Sinclair who went on to play with Uriah Heep soon after this album. Being interested in all things Heep and the numerous bands that all the various members of Heep have played in, I came across this album in a cut-out bin back in 1982. Gary Farr, the singer here, was a veteran already, having fronted the T-Bones in the mid 60s and also had recorded a few excellent solo albums and here he brings a confidence and assurance that is nicely matched and complemented by the rest of the band. That's the thing here--this seems like a release from a band who had been around for several years and the album, carrying all the collective experience of its various members, helps create an assured and highly polished album that veritably shines. "Summer Ghosts", "Cold Sheets (Winters in New York), "Running All Night (With the Lion)".......hell EVERY single song on here is a beautifully constructed and produced piece with lots of interesting group interplay and solos. Some of the material sounds a bit like the Michael McDonald era Doobie Brothers, with Gary Farr's white soulful vocals adding a nice center for the mature and sensitively drawn vignettes the songs reveal. It's a real departure hearing Farr transformed into a rock front man, instead of the introspective singer/songwriter but a close scrutiny of the songs here shows his trademark wit still solidly intact. The context has simply altered. Uriah Heep covered the track, "Running All Night (With the Lion)" and quite frankly, this version is superior. Delivered in a slower tempo, it comes across a touch more urbane and stylish. I also noticed that Sinclair stole a repeated guitar motif from the song "Sweet Fire" for "Sell Your Soul" also from the Heep album "Abominog". Seems like he got a lot of mileage out of this forgotten release!
The absolute highlight of this already great album is the utterly magnificent mini-epic "Diana". This song has a sweeping kind of majesty to it and the lyrics, using the passing of time as a central conceit, to describe how little things change sometimes from an individual perspective, is simply beautiful. Kind of brings to mind the literary song style of Al Stewart. The band are all playing there asses off here too and it's completely inspired. It really is a song you should hear if you haven't (and most people probably haven't). This is the time to hear it too--a small label out of Las Vegas (Retrospect Records) has given this a long overdue CD release and it sounds nearly as good as the vinyl did. I would recommend this to anyone who likes melodic, stylish music a wee bit on the mature side. Like the other reviewer, I suppose this could be called AOR but it's actually in a special category all it's own. That's probably why it didn't find a larger audience on its initial release. Become one of the few, in the know people who can now be privy to a well kept little secret--Running All Night!

There is another Heep connection here in that Eric Dillon played alongside Gary Thain on Miller Anderson's album Bright City

The Following is an extract from Steve Webb's Autobiography

I headed back to Southampton to share a flat with John Cartwright, the extraordinary talented song writer and multi-instrumentalist (He wrote most of the songs in the JRB) and we tried to figure out what to do. The phone rang and it was one Gary Farr who had heard I was free and wanted me to try out for his new band Lion and I needed some bread so John said ‘Do it.’ Gary was one of the greats from the early sixties R&B boom and with his band The T Bones was a big influence on the London scene. He had then gone on to the States and was signed to Atlantic and made a wonderfully poetic album “Addressed to the censors of love” which is changing hands for a lot of loot these days. His new outfit had John Sinclair on keyboards, Eric Dillon on drums and Steve Humphries on bass. Various guitarists had been considered, Snowy White was in for a time, but after a fitful start I was asked to join. The other players had all been in successful bands, John in The Heavy Metal Kids, Eric in Fat Mattress (Noel Redding’s band that toured with Hendrix) and Steve with Mahatma Kane a popular London mob. Gary's brother Rikki was the manager, he had put on the Isle of Wight festivals and ran a huge sound company in the U.S. When we first met he said “Webby, you remind me of Eric Santana especially when you scale up to the treble E.” Now you cant top that I thought but he did. “Lads, we’re gonna go to Los Angeles, build a studio and in six months you'll have a record deal.” And that's exactly what happened give or take a few months. We added another guitarist, the wonderful Robin Le Mesurier (now playing with French star Johnnie Halliday), signed to A&M in 1978 for a monstrous amount of money and had a great time auditioning producers at our demo studio out in Topanga Canyon. We saw Roy Thomas Baker (of Queen fame) who came out in a Rolls and a fur coat, the temperature was 30c, he listened and said, “You want stringy-poohs do you?” Gary wasn't having that. Todd Rundgren, who sat on the floor and trashed the lyrics, said if he took the job it would end up a Todd album, Gary wasn't having that. Glyn Johns (Stones etc.) who after a listen said he'd take the synth outside and chop it up first thing. Well you guessed it! Finally Ron Nevison came out, said nothing, just told us to play and recorded us using our 8 track and ropey old mixer. The result was stunning compared to our own efforts up to then and we wanted him on the case immediately. Nevison had engineered some of the Zep stuff and had huge hits in the States with The Babys and other hard rock acts. His assistant was Mike Clink and we all know Mike went on to produce Guns & Roses, I guess he learned a lot of that sound working with Ron. We worked at the Record Plant and the recording went well and the album was delivered but then the plot began to unwind and Rikki and Ron fell out for God knows what reason, who had the biggest Rolls Royce is my guess. We re-recorded the whole album again with Pete Henderson who had just won a Grammy for Supertramps “Breakfast in America” and I guess we spent A&M’s profit. What a great pile of money. The band were on a weekly advance, $200 bucks or so, so we weren’t rolling in it ourselves but the studio costs and the equipment and all the rest, about four hundred grand, no wonder at the end of it all A&M decided to drop us. We did tour with the Tubes and that was fun, but the band had lost its way and at the end of 1980 we fell apart


01 - Summer Ghosts
02 - Cold Sheets (Winters In New York)
03 - Running all Night With the Lion
04 - Get Here Woman
05 - Helpless
06 - How Does It Feel
07 - Sweet Fire
08 - Diana
09 - Blind Dog (The Nevison Tapes)
10 - Sweet Fire (The Nevison Tapes)

Tracks 1-8 Vinyl Rip
Produced by
Peter Henderson And Lion

Tracks  9&10
From The Ron Nevison Recordings

Finally it would appear that the band carried on without Farr, if only briefly, changing their name to The Difference a name suggested by John Sinclair and still used by Steve Webb
This early version of the band didn't leave us any studio recordings all that would seem to exist is this extremely poor video from 1980

Cheers Abominogjnr 

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Ultimate Heep Covers Collection - Various artists Volume 3

Volume 3 of the ever expanding covers collection Enjoy

Disc 1
01 Alex Gitlin & Curt Cornell - Pilgrim
02 Circle of hands - Return to fantasy
03 Bad Wizard - Love Machine
04 Easy Livin' - So tired
05 Cosmic Banditos - Gypsy
06 PurpleHeep - Sunrise
07 Music factory - Wonderworld
08 John Lawton's Gunhill - Live in germany '99 - Free me
09 The Blackflowers - Circle of Hands
10 Steerforth- Your turn to remember
11 Unknown - Easy livin'
12 The Spell - Gypsy
13 Sacred Steel - Return to fantasy
14 Woodstock - The Wizard
15 VanillaHeep - July morning

Disc 2
01 Bernd Clüver - Frieden (braucht auch ein rebel)- Free Me
02 Denny Ball - Firefly
03 Sinister Purpose - Easy livin' ( semi-acoustic)
04 Iverija - Sunrise
05 Kimera - July morning
06 The Blackflowers - What can I do
07 Easy Livin' Band - Look at yourself
08 Wild Angel - Bird of prey
09 Alex Masi - Easy Livin'
10 Muff & the Lady in Black Gang - Lady In Black
11 Onward - A return to fantasy - Bird of prey
12 Pulsar - No Return
13 Harri Lahti - Easy livin'
14 Steerforth - July morning
15 John Lawton - Free me

Fable - Fable 1973 - Vinyl Rip

I am going to repost some of my earlier blogs with new links starting with this vinyl rip of Pete Goalby's first band "Fable"

Liner Notes


Two or three months before this Album was made, a friend of mine rang to say that he had seen a group he thought I might be interested in. A tape of their songs was sent to me and immediately I was impressed not only with the bands writing talent , but also with their arrangements and musicianship. The group was 'of course' Fable. I was even more impressed when I saw them live; their sound separation was excellent and communication with the audience was immediate, all due to their superb stage presentation.
Having suffered for so long the era of the "35 minute riff groups" It was refreshing for me to hear a band with such a professional approach. The variety in their music makes this Album, in my opinion, a very listen able one indeed and for a band who have only recently formed there is little doubt their best is yet to come.
Every member of Fable has the ability to be a "Star" musician in their own right but because of each ones awareness to contribute to the overall sound,the music never becomes cluttered or colourless

Peter Shelley 1973

The Band
Peter Goalby - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin, Continental Violin
Paul Robbins - Organ, Piano, Guitar, Slide Guitar, Vocals, Mandolin, Recorder
Peter Mackie - Bass, Vocals
Keith Tully - Drums, L.A. percussion
Mac Bailey - Lead Guitar

01: See My Face(2.53) Goalby
02: She Knows How To Love Me(3.40) Goalby/Robbins
03: Same Key(3.28) Goalby/Robbins
04: Four Horsemen(3.17) Tully/Robbins
05: Speak Your Mind(4.05) Goalby
06: Hard Life(3.20) Robbins
07: Madolin(2.48) Goalby
08: Thick As A Plank(2.11) Goalby/Robbins
09: Google Eye Eye(2.27) Goalby
10: Old Queen (2.55) Goalby

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Ultimate Heep Covers Collection - Various artists Volume 2


It's breath and words and time you're wastin'
When you should be tryin' to have a good time
For a good few years it's been yours we've tasted
So here's a little piece of my mind

I'll blog and I'll blog and I'll blog and I'll blog
Till I run out of reason to try
If it happens you don't approve
It don't matter I won't ask why

You can't keep a good Blog down
You'll never find the solution
You won't stop us runnin' around
You're dealin' with an institution

I'll fill my cup with wine while you
Fill your head with high ideals
You know so much but you still can't touch
Till you find out how it feels

And now to our second instalment of the Uriah Heep covers collection. Another two CD's worth

Disc 3

01 Ken Hensley - Does anything matter (Woman of the world)
02 Overload -Traveller in time
03 Kristina Dyck - Wise Man
04 The Dickies - Easy livin'
05 Vassili Dimitrov - Sunrise
06 Steerforth -Stealin'
07 Made in Japan - Easy livin
08 Museo Rosenbach - Look At Yourself
09 James Last - Easy Livin'
10 MSFunk - July morning
11 Easy Livin' - Sunrise
12 Fratres - Rainbow demon
13 Circle of hands - Bird of prey
14 C and K vocal - Pilgrim
15 Circle of hands - Tales
16 Apphiliated - Gypsy version 2
17 Blinside Blues band - I Wanna Be Free

Disc 4

01 Yellow Circle - Easy Livin'
02 Dreamer - So tired
03 Firefly - Sunrise
04 Grzegorz Kupczyk & Kruk - July Morning
05 Easy Livin' -Bird of prey
06 Fratres - Rain
07 John Lawton - Let it ride
08 Double Trouble - Real turned on
09 Uriah Heep Tribute - Look at yourself
10 James Last - Easy Livin'
11 Samurai & Hardbartle - Lady in black
12 Period - Stealin
13 Spiritual Beggars - Time to Live
14 Stella and Trevor Hensley - Tales
15 Ken Hensley - Rain
16 Mojo Blues Band - Love machine
17 The Hookers - Look At Yourself
18 Wild Angel - Easy livin'

Monday, March 26, 2012

Abominogjnr's Rant

I came so close to finishing this blog about a year ago because I was running out of things to post. Then through the collective love of Heep I came across people who were willing to either help directly with the blog or donate to the blog. So I kept it going. I now find myself in a place where I have enough posts to keep the blog going for a while yet, Then my server suspends my account. I know the file which was posted that was ultimately responsible (and I have removed it), although I am sure there are others. I am currently looking at other options for storing and sharing the files, and I will start with re uploading the last ten blogs and concentrate on the bootlegs. But as I am sure you are all aware this can be time consuming and I am not altogether sure at this moment whether or not I still have all the files on my pc (I suspect not). But with a bit of patience and time I will do my best to get this blog back up and running