Friday, April 29, 2011

Channel 5 - 1986 - Painted nights

I post this pop rock- Aor album here because Mr. John Lawton is featured on it, at backing vocals, in almost all songs. The band is from Germany, but i haven't other informations about this Lawton's collaboration and about this band: if someone knows something about is very wellcome (the line-up too is probably incorrect)

Band members:

Jan Kreuger - Keyboards, lead vocals
Markus Krochmann - Guitars, vocals
Frank Winneberger - Bass guitar
Christian Blau - Drums
Christian Wilckens - Saxophone, vocals

John Lawton - Backing vocals

Friday, April 15, 2011

Uriah Heep - Into the Wild

Not quite sure where to start with this. 

I have been a Heep fan since 1980 (yes I was the one who bought Conquest), and the title of the blog should give you some indication of what I thought of the next album. 

I have eagerly waited for each new release like a child who is only allowed into a sweet shop every birthday, and over the years this feeling has never diminished. Ten years ago I really thought Heep had seen their day as recording artists, and we would never again see another studio album, as they seemed content just releasing live dvd's and touring. Then came Wake the Sleeper which I really thought was a great album, perhaps a bit repetitive in style but it was new Heep and all Heep is good Heep isn't it?.Well yes it is but is it good enough to stand the test of time, personally I don't think so, It was a great "comeback album" and there were a couple of tracks that I still play "What kind of God" and " Book of Lies" being a my favorites,but most of the album just leaves me cold now. so what of this new album? coming so close on the heels of Wake the Sleeper( in Heep terms anyway. 4 years is not bad)

will this album  
warm me 
freeze me.

I  have had the album  now for 6 hours and am on the seventh or eighth play through and it just keeps getting better and better I don't believe there is one weak track on this . Sure some tracks are better than others but even the weakest track is far far superior to anything on the last album. This Sounds like modern Heep but they manage to capture their entire history on this. there are nods to the classic 70s line up as well as moments that could have quite easily have come off of Abominog or even Equator (listen to T- bird Angel and picture Goalby singing that one). In short this is a masterpiece and I only hope that the peers that be give them the recognition this album so deserves

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

John Lawton Band- 2000- Sympathy- Live On German TV 2000

Originally issued as "The UH live archive number 5", this is a very good audio version of a special for the German Tv with the early John Lawton Band (only one year before, they were Gunhill). The Band is very good and thr John's voice is at the top. The Highlight of this concert, in my opinion, si their version of Free Me, over fourteen minutes long, with a Santana's Jingo citation in the middle and a very beautiful bass solo by Steve Dunning. If you have not this live album, download it and enjoy yourself...


01 - Sympathy
02 - Big Fat Money
03 - Can't get you out of my mind
04 - Tomorrow
05- Firefly
06 - Tonight
07 - Starlight Angel
08 - Still Payin' My Dues To The Blues
09 - Free Me
10 - Ride the sky


John Lawton - Lead vocals, guitar
Steve Dunning - Bass, vocals
Reuben Kane - Guitar, vocals
Justin Shefford - Drums
Roger Wilson - Keyboards

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Uriah heep - Nail on the Head

First full listen to one of the new tracks off the album "Into The Wild"

What do you think???

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lucifer's friend- 1973- I'm Just a Rock'N'Roll Singer


01- Groovin stone
02- Closed curtains
03- Born on the run
04- Blind freedom
05- Rock'n'roll singer
06- Lonely city days
07- Mary's breakdown
08- Song for Louie


Peter Hecht- Keyboards
Dieter Horns- Bass, backing vocals
Peter Hesslein- Guitar, backing vocals
Joachim Reitenbach- Drums
Herbert Bornhold- Percussion
John Lawton- Lead vocals

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Uriah Heep Appreciation Society Magazine Collection

There was a time, when the internet was still too young and not so widespread as today, where a fan, to inquire about his heart's band, had to turn to publications like this, fanzines that were sent by air mail from the Fans Club to fans that are mambers of the same Club. For UH fandìs there was the "Uriah Heep Appreciation Society", created by hisortical UH fans David Owen and Alan Hartley (wich is my great gratitude for the work done and, of course, for this post). I was also member for, at least, one couple of years of the UHAS, and i possess the original issues from number 19 to 26. This fanzine came out from 1991 to 1999, when it was rendered useless by the arrival of an internet access in all our homes. Each issue is packed with reviews, informations about the band, reviews of concerts, pictures vintage and new, interviews with the various present and past members of Uriah Heep.

Taken togheter, these 33 issues of the Uriah Heep Appreciation Society Magazine are a real fanzine encyclopedia of Heep (EncyclHEEPedia?).

This LINK contains the complete collection of the Magazine in PDF format.

If tou are intersted in only some numbers, you can go HERE, in the beautiful site "Travellers in Time", where you can find PDF versions of each number.

This time, a good reading to all