Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Balletto di Bronzo - 1971 - YS (English version)


01 - Introduction (Introduzione) (11:34")
02 - Second Encounter (Secondo Incontro) (03:41")

Although for the past nine months I have my own blog dedicated to the Italian progressive rock, the good old Abominogjnr blog remains in my heart. This post is for all fans of the Balletto di Bronzo and especially for Mr. Abominogjnr, which, I remember, really liked the album original YS. A new friend of my blog, Myst, has kindly made ​​the upload of this album, released in 1992, which has an English version of two songs of the YS (the only surviving or perhaps the only recorded). Compared to the same songs on the original, these two versions in English are a bit more hard rock than the same songs in original.


Gianni Leone - Keyboards and vocals
Lino Ajello - Guitars
Gianchi Stringa - Drums
Vito Manzari - Bass guitar