Friday, August 14, 2009

Rough Diamond - Live '77

Recorded live in 1977 this is an audio rip of the rough diamond portion that was presented on the collectors dvd "Classic Heep Live From The Byron Era" The sound quality is a bit ropey but it still captures the sound of a band in excellent form. Rough Diamond really were un underrated band with each and every member proving what great musicians they really were

The Band

Clem Clempson - Guitar
Geoff Briton - Drums
Damon Butcher - Keyboards
Willie Bath - Bass
David Byron - Vocals

The Songs

1 Rock 'N' Roll
2 Looking For You
3 Seasong
4 Scared
5 Lock 'N' Key

The Link

Saturday, August 8, 2009

blog direction

Well its taken me about 8 months or so to come to the conclusion that this blog has a theme. whilst I have posted music not related to the group in question it has become apparent that the vast majority does!. It was not my intention at the start. but hey what the hell if you have a passion in life no point in hiding it
SO GUESS WHAT'S THE BIGGEST PASSION IN MY LIFE (apart from my kids,sex and the occasional drink of course)
I Would love to make this blog everything about
but unfortunately I'm running out of music to post. so if anyone out there has anything and i mean anything by Heep or related artists and would be willing to share it, I would dearly love to hear from you (I know there is plenty out there)
PS Just in case the wife reads this, you come a close second !!!

Blogger Rant

No posts for a while basically because I've loaded windows 7 onto my PC (legally) and its been giving me major headaches mainly with incompatible programmes. I am not knocking the system as I have been reasonably impressed so far but finding compatible drivers for my printer etc is sending me insane. then there's the programme issue for example I have Nero 7 bought and paid for with my own hard earned cash it will load OK (eventually) but then it just doesn't want to know (I refuse to pay for a newer edition when 7 does exactly what I need). But then there are some older programs that were written in the days of windows 95, possibly earlier, like wave repair that I use virtually daily that loaded and work superbly
Anyway enough of the ranting
I will persevere