Sunday, January 30, 2011

Electric Food- 1970-1971- "Same" and "Flash"

Another fondamental Lucifer's Friends related Band, Electric Food made those two albums in 1970 and 71. As in the Pink Mice albums, Peter Hesslein, Peter Hecht and Dieter Horns of Lucifer's Friend are involved in this couple of rock albums, compiled in one cd with 19 originals (all compositions of Peter Hesslein) and 5 covers of Led Zep, Free, Beatles and others.
This is a very enjoiable couple of albums, a must for all Lucifer's Friend-Uriah Heep lovers.
This is a two albums on a cd edition, and this is the tracklist:

01- Whole lotta love (Page-Plant-Bonham-Jones) 3:24
02- The reason why (Hesslein-Monro) 3:18
03- Hey down (Hesslein-Monro) 4:30
04- Tavern (Hesslein-Monro) 4:03
05- Going to see my mother (Hesslein-Monro) 1:59
06- House of the rising sun (Trad. Hesslein) 3:54
07- Let's work togheter (Harrison) 2:41
08- Sule skerry (Hesslein-Monro) 4:40
09- Nosferatu (Hesslein-Monro) 4:52
10- Twelve months and a day (Hesslein-Monro) 2:38
11- Icerose (Hesslein-Monro) 2:53
12- I'll try (Hesslein-Monro) 3:13

13- All right now (Fraser-Rodgers) 3:46
14-Sam's walk (Hesslein) 2:03
15- Love me (Hesslein) 3:31
16- People (Hesslein) 2:56
17- Working on the railroad (Hesslein) 3:25
18- Randall (Hesslein) 3:12
19- Love like a man (Lee) 3:27
20- Sam's talk (Hesslein) 1:39
21- I can see somebody (Hesslein) 5:51
22- Andy's breakdown (Hesslein) 2:25
23- Give me love (Hesslein) 2:12
24- Plantation (Hesslein) 2:58

Essential informations about Lucifer's friend and related bands are inside the cover of cd, with the family tree of LF and all their members (Here a larger image)

Italian Prog Masterworks 7- Maxophone- 1975- Same (English Version)

01- Life can be like music
02- Six against one
03- When we were young
04- Fase
05- I heard a butterfly
06- Live toghether or die
07- Il fischio del vapore (Bonus)
08- Cono di gelato (Bonus)
Maurizio Bianchini- Horn, Trumpet, Percussion, Vibraphone, Backing Vocals.
Roberto Giuliani- Electric Guitars, Piano, Backing Vocals.
Sergio Lattuada- Keyboards, Backing Vocals.
Sandro Lorenzetti- Drums.
Alberto Ravasini- Lead Vocals, Bass, Acoustic Guitar.
Leonardo Schiavone- Clarinet, Flute, Alto and Tenor Sax

Maxophone, who made only one wonderful album, a cult disc for the Italian Prog maniacs, was one of the few Italian groups of the 1970s that managed to record an English version of their album, altough honestly the English- language recording wasn't a great success.
"Maxophone had a twin-fold soul: half of the members had classical music background while the other half had a solid rock background. This weird combination appears clarly in some songs were very non-rock instruments, such a horn, clarinet, trumpet and vibraphone are used in very balanced way together with Fripp-esque guitars and electrical piano. In 1975 Maxophone issued their only lp record wich aged very well, sounding fresh today as 30 years ago."
(This text is from Prog archives- here)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Uriah Heep- 1972- "The San Francisco Puzzle" aka "Demons in America" (Bootleg)

Bootleg from Berkeley Community Theatre, San Francisco, USA - 24. October 1972
(Bootleg is in circulation wrongly labeled as "Demons In America",
Whiskey A Go-Go, Los Angeles, July 1972)

01- Bird of prey
02- Traveller in time
03- Easy livin
04- July morning
05- Tears in my eyes
06- Gypsy (Including keyboard's solo)
07- Look at yourself
08- Love machine
09- Rock'n'roll medley

Second bootleg from the Japanese Blog (the same of Beast Party Bootleg recently posted).
I convert this too from flac to mp3 320 kbs for Abominogjnr blog. This, issued on Reel Master label, is a registration of the Heep exhibition at "Whiskey a go-go", Los Angeles America, in 1972 Demons and wizard's tour.
To be an audience registration of 38 years ago, the quality is good, very listenable and enjoiable for every Heepster. If you like this piece of history, please, leave a comment for these bloggers.
PS: For an error, in the file that you download, i tag this bootleg as 2 cd and i dated it on 17-6-74.
This is'n't, this bootleg is only 1 cd, and it's captured in July 1972, even if i don't know the day of month. So if you want you can rename for me your copy of this bootleg. My apologies to all for the error, and a big thank you to Colin Abomonogjnr for re uploading files


Megaton- 1971- Megaton

From original notes of this work, uploaded by someone that i forget, as the provenience of my download (apologies to him):

"1971 hard psych with swinging London exploitation moves, loud, acidy leads, echoing vocals and catchy tunes, originally released on the Decca label.

A thrilling, no holds barred, heavy rock treatment of a clutch of riff-based but fairly commercial pop tunes, Megaton's sole album has plenty of admirers these days.

Megaton was the creative inspiration of Les Humpries (of the Les Humpries Singers, big hit makers in early 70's Germany) and his writing partner/right hand LHS man, Jimmy Bilsbury.

Perhaps having the likes of future Uriah Heep vocalist John Lawton in the misdt of the LHS was an inspiration, but whatever, Humpries nose for a commercial opportunity sniffed out The Free, Led Zep hard rock/blues rock market and he duly delivered. There's some pretty shameless riffs on Zep and other hard rockers of the era, and that actually kind of adds the seedy charm"


01- Out of your own little world
02- Niagara
03- Wanna be a hero
04- Fairy tale song
05- Coo cooki choo
06- Carry it on to the end
07- Woman i'm gonna make you mine
08- Man in an areoplane
09- Life was easy yesterday
10- Tomorrow never comes my way


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Uriah Heep- 1985 Beast Party (Bootleg)

Line up:

Mick Box- Guitar

Peter Goalby- Lead Vocals

Trevor Bolder- Bass guitar

Lee Kerslake- Drums

John Sinclair- Keyboards


This is the first of a poker of bootlegs that i found on a Japanise blog in flac format (here is the list, with a good number of others bootlegs). I have renamed files from Japanise and converted from flac format to mp3 320kbs.

The first is too the only from Goalby era (Equator tour, i think), because the other three are from Byron era and i will post them on the blog in the next times. This is too the better of the four as sound quality, even if is an audience record


Enjoy, and if you find one moment to comment, this blogger will be more and more happy and, maybe, next three bootlegs of this "Japanise" serie will be posted more soon...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Pink Mice- 1971-72- "In Action" and "In Synthesizer sound"

Pink Mice are a Lucifer's Friend collateral project (in that years were numerous albums recorded by LF's musicians, some time with pseudonyms: Flash, Pink Mice, Children of Quechua, Electric Food and probably some others more).

Those two albums features Peter Hecht, Dieter Horns and Peter Hesslein of Lucifer's Friend and are a collection of pop- rock versions of classical compositions from the best authors of the world.
 New Links
here is "In Action"
and here is "In Synthesizer Sound"

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Virus - Remember live

Picked this up a few years back as part of a torrent file entitled 

"A Few of ChrisGoes(Rocks)´s Favourite Rock Albums 1965-76"
presumably originally posted on the wonderfull,but sadly now defunct blog Chris Goes Rocks 
The info here is what came with the file and i would assume it was as it was originally posted on that blog enjoy 

 Size: 92.9 MB
Bitrade: 256
Ripped By: ChrisGoes

Early 70's German progressive acid band which had 2 albums 'Revelation' and 'Thoughts' on the Pilz label. These live recordings were made for WDR radio in1973. With lots of wild guitar, keyboard, and even sax solos over loose improvisations.

To avoid any confusion, this is the short-lived German band that released just two other LP's during their brief existence: 'Revelation' (early '71)and 'Thoughts' (late '71). Though they've been often tagged as a krautrock band, Virus is actually a hard rock/psych '70's ensemble that's from the Bielefeld/Westphalia area. 'Remember' was recorded at a live shindig in Koln on April 28, 1973 for WDR Radio show. The sound quality is like a 9.5, really nice. It appears that all but one of the nine tracks here are exclusive to this CD. Personally, I like it when bands like this play unreleased songs, that is if they're good. In the case of 'Remember', I doubt any fan of this genre would be disappointed. The first several tunes, "Everybody Knows That I've Got That Feeling", "This Is No Anarchy", the title cut "Remember" and "In Any Way", are basically high energy, very well played rock&roll. Some of the vocals sort of remind of, say maybe early Traffic, and the guitar of perhaps Ten Years After. "Rock 'N' Roll" is a very good bluesy rock number. I had listened to this release several times in a two day period as I noticed that the remainder of the disc "Settle Down", "Living In The Country", "King Heroin" and the ten minute instrumental "Woods Fun", had fully managed to keep up the pace. Great guitar and sax playing through most of the CD, with a total running time of 49:53. This disc would've made a great soundtrack for one of the 'Fritz The Cat' movies; you know, during the scene(s) where he's all flopped out in a garbage can after he gets like totally trashed. I believe the group had gone through a couple of personnel changes.

The line-up on this CD is
Jorg-Dieter Krahe-keyboards, 
Jurgen Schafer&Werner Vogt-bass and vocals, 
Reinhard Ifflander-guitar, 
Jurgen Dose-saxophone,
Wolfgang Rieke-drums and
Axel Nieling on percussion. 

Just might appeal to fans of Frumpy, Gomorrha, Uriah Heep and 2066 And Then.

01 - Everybody Knows That I've Got That Feeling
02 - This Is No Anarchy
03 - Remember
04 - Rock´n´ Roll
05 - In Any Way
06 - Settle Down
07 - Living In The Country
08 - King Heroin
09 - Woods Fun