Monday, February 28, 2011

Uriah Heep- 1974- Wonderdream (Bootleg- 2 cd)

Line up:
The classic Byron- Box- Hensley- Thain- Kerslake

1- Opening (Tuning) 2- Stealin 3- Suicidial Man
4- So Tired 5- Wonderworld 6- Easy Livin'
7- The Easy Road 8- I Won't Mind 9- July Morning
1- Something Or Nothingh 2- Sweet Lorraine 3- Look At Yourself
4- Gipsy 5- Love Machine 6- Rock'n'Roll Medley
Japan Contribution number 3
Recorded at Stadthalle, Wien, the 17th June 1974
Audience record with rough sound, but interessant because very representative of Uriah Heep in the 1974 Wonderworld tour (with 6 tracks from this classical album).

Monday, February 7, 2011

Gary Moore- 1983- Hurricane- The first live in Japan

Bootleg taped at Shibuna Kokaido, Tokyo the 22th january of 1983- "Corridors of power" tour.

With a big thank you to vivalesbootlegs, i post this double bootleg as hommage to Mister Gary Moore, who sadly has died last sunday. Even if i wasn't a big fan of him, i know that he was a big musician, with a big dose of chemistry and personality, who made him one of the best guitar player of the world. Definitively, a monster in blues rock.

R.I.P. Gary, and thank you for your work... As when dies Ronnie James Dio, the world is more sad without you.



Gary Moore- Guitar, Vocals
John Sloman- Vocals, Keys
Don Airey- Keyboards
Neil Murray- Bass
Ian Paice- Drums

PS: This is an hommage to Gary Moore but also, with the presence of Mr. John Sloman as lead vocalist of part of songs, an UH related and this is the second reason of this post...

Cheers to all and enjoy, remembering Gary Moore

Friday, February 4, 2011

Ken Hensley & Live Fire with KORK (The Norwegian Radio Orchestra) 18-1-2011 Store Studio, Oslo, Norway

01- Interview by Finn Bjelke and Yan Friis (1:33)
02- Circle of hands (7:09)
03- The last dance (El gitano viejo) (8:48)
04- July morning (10:43)
From D & P's Bootleg Tunez World blog ( comes this very fresh Bootleg (only 22 days ago!!), that is the registration of a live exhibition in the Store studio of Oslo with Ken and his actual support band, Live Fire, with the KORK (Norwegian Radio Orchestra). The show was broadcoasted by the channel NRK P1 of Norwegian Radio.

Line up:
Ken Hensley- Keyboards, Vocals
Eirikur Hauksson- Vocals
Ken Ingwersen- Guitar
Sid Ringsby- Bass
Tom Arne Fossheim- Drums
KORK (The Norwegian Radio Orchestra) conducted by Nick Davies
Here is the original post (A very big thank you to original uploader Tunz Master).

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Uriah Heep - Demons in Japan 2010


Recorded last year (2010) at the Club Citta  Tokyo this was the first of two nights that showcased their Classic 1972 album "Demons and Wizards". As was the case when they first played the album in it's entirety at the High Voltage festival  the great Micky Moody once again became a temporary member of the band playing all the slide guitar parts 

SET LIST (October 23, 2010)

1. Wake the Sleeper (Wake the Sleeper)
2. Return to Fantasy (Return to Fantasy)
3. Book of Lies (Wake the Sleeper)
4. Stealin’ (Sweet Freedom)
5. Wizard (Demons and Wizards)
6. Traveller in Time (Demons and Wizards)
7. Poet’s Justice (Demons and Wizards)
8. Circle of Hands (Demons and Wizards)
9. Rainbow Demon (Demons and Wizards)
10. All My Life (Demons and Wizards)
11. Paradise / Spell (Demons and Wizards)
12. Rain (The Magician’s Birthday)
13. Free Me (Innocent Victim)
14. Gypsy (Very ‘Eavy, Very ‘Umble on the UK release; Uriah Heep on the US release)
15. Look at Yourself (Look at Yourself)
16. July Morning (Look at Yourself)
17. Sunrise (The Magician’s Birthday)


Lady in Black (Salisbury)

Mick Box(Guitar,Vocals) 
 Trevor Bolder(Bass,Vocals) 
Bernie Shaw(Vocals)
Phil Lanzon(Keyboards.Vocals) 
Russell Gilbrook(Drums)
Mickey Moody(Slide Guitar)

SET LIST (October 24, 2010)

1. Wake the Sleeper (Wake the Sleeper)
2. Overload (Wake the Sleeper)
3. Bird of Prey (Salisbury on the UK release; Uriah Heep on the US release)
4. Stealin’ (Sweet Freedom)
5. Love in Silence (Sea of Light)
6. Wizard (Demons and Wizards)
7. Traveller in Time (Demons and Wizards)
8. Easy Livin’ (Demons and Wizards)
9. Poet’s Justice (Demons and Wizards)
10. Circle of Hands (Demons and Wizards)
11. Rainbow Demon (Demons and Wizards)
12. All My Life (Demons and Wizards)
13. Paradise / Spell (Demons and Wizards)
14. Rain (The Magician’s Birthday)
15. Free and Easy (Innocent Victim)
16. Gypsy (Very ‘Eavy Very ‘Umble on the UK release; Uriah Heep on the US release)
17. Look at Yourself (Look at Yourself)
18. Angels Walk with You (Wake the Sleeper)
19. Shadow (Wake the Sleeper)
20. July Morning (Look at Yourself)


Lady in Black (Salisbury)

If anyone out there has a recording of the 
second night i would love to hear it