Friday, March 12, 2010

ITALIAN PROG MASTERWORKS 2 - Museo Rosenbach- 1972-1973- Zarathustra & Bonus

Hard prog this time for the second post in this serie. This group was formed in 1972 in Rome.
This is a concept album, dedicated to the superman's theory of Nistzche. In the seventies this album was not considered but, year after year, it was going to become a cult in the italian prog discography. The entire side a of old lp was covered by the long suite that gives the name to album. But this sound, even if for me is quite original, can make remember in someone echoes of other artists: see you, please, the bonus cd tracklist to know where Museo Rosenbach found his inspiration....

The members are:

Giancarlo Golzi- Drums, Vocals
Alberto Moreno- Bass, Pianoforte
Enzo Merogno- Guitar, Vocals
Pit Corradi- Mellotron, Hammond
Stefano "Lupo" Galifi- Lead Vocals


1- Zarathustra
a)L'ultimo uomo
b)Il re di ieri
c)Al di là del bene e del male
e)Il tempio delle clessidre
2- Degli uomini
3- Della natura
4- Dell'eterno ritorno


Museo Rosenbach- 1972- Rare & Unrealised

This is a live album (the sound quality is like a quite good bootleg). It contains proto versions of Zarathustra's songs and some covers, and if you search in the list you'll have two or three little surprises (maybe material for your UH connections 3, Colin?)

The members of the band are the same as in Zarathustra album, with the special guest of Leonardo Lagorio, of prog band Celeste, at the sax


01- Zarathustra
02- Degli uomini
03- Della natura
04- Dell'eterno Ritorno (instumental)
05- Dopo
06- Look at yourself
07- With a little help from my friends
08- Shadows of grief
09- Valentyne suite (excerpt)
10- Dopo (english version)
11- Dell'eterno ritorno (encore)

I know, Mister "Lupo"(in english Wolf) Galifi doesn't know some of the Shadows of grief lyrics and he sings in one strange language italo english spanish and i don't know from, but this is a testimoniance of how Uriah Heep was loved in Italy too.

Thanks to all and to the next

PS: for the anonymous reader who posts a comment to the Osanna's post,
The Balletto di bronzo album YS, that i promised as second in this serie, will be the third.


  1. Thank's for this Roby. I was aware of this release (Rare & Unrealised) but had never heard it till now, I must say i really enjoyed it especially their version of Shadows of grief, I have been working really strange hours lately so havn't had much time for the blog .It's actually quite nice to come home and listen to some good music I probably would never hear in my liftime without your contribution. I am now going to give the Zarathustra album my full attention

  2. Thank you for the comment, Colin. About listen good music that you would never hear, it's the same for me. Without your blog i never listen so much of music that before now i only dream to listen. And so, this is one of the motivations for that i love so much this blog.



  3. Thank you!

    I bought my "Rare and Unreleased" from a Russian @ eBay. A Japanese edition. But in the journey to UK tracks became damaged from "With a Little Help From My Friends" - that I use to listen on K-7 in early 90s.

    Mauro Balbino

  4. Beatifull!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Can you re-upload Rare and unreleased, please? The Mediafire link doesn't work anymore and I've been searching for months for this album! Thanks in advance.


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