Monday, May 31, 2010

Uriah Heep - Summerland Isle of Man 8/6/92

With a VERY VERY  big thank you to Eduardo I am posting this Bootleg from Heep recorded during the annual TT festival on the Isle of Man. This one is from 1992 and is exactly 10 years to the day, after my first Heep gig in Edinburgh. and ten years and 2 days since I first heard the band live

1. BLOOD ON STONE (Bolder)
(1991) Different World

2. STEALIN' (Hensley)
(1973) Sweet Freedom

(1991) Different World

4. BAD BAD MAN (Lanzon)
(1989) Raging Silence

5. ONE ON ONE (Box/Lanzon)
(1991) Different World

6. THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT (Box/Daisley/Goalby/Sinclair)
(1983) Head First

7. MR. MAJESTIC (Lanzon)
(1990) Still 'Eavy Still Proud

8. THE WIZARD (Hensley/Clarke)
(1972) Demons And Wizards

(1991) Different World

10. JULY MORNING (Byron/Hensley)
(1971) Look At Yourself

11. GYPSY (Box/Byron)
(1970) Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble

12. EASY LIVIN' (Hensley)
(1972) Demons And Wizards

(1982) Abominog

14. LADY IN BLACK (Hensley)
(1971) Salisbury

PS I am still looking for the 6/6/82 bootleg 

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Italian prog masterworks 4- New Trolls "Searching for a land"



Vittorio De Scalzi- Guitars, flute, keyboards (Arp 2600) and vocals

Nico Di Palo- Guitars and lead vocals

Frank Laugelli- Bass guitar

Maurizio Salvi- Keyboards (Hammond), piano, synt

Gianni Belleno- Drums and percussions

This is a little "guinness record" album: it is the first italian double album, with first disc in studio and the second live (for much time people knows that this is the first live album of an italian band, but in reality the public rumors are not real but it's a studio effect, so this second disc is not really a live record). Even if this upload is from a cd version that encludes two albums, i prefer restore the original form of two discs, because they are very different: the first is one of better exemples of italian prog rock (Songs from 1 to 7) and the second is a great hard rock album, with hard Purple influences (Songs from 8 to 11).
This album was realised by label Fonit Cetra for the international market, so it is completely sung in English. So, this time, prog italian with lyrics that all can understand...

Even if all the album is very good, for me the best song is "A land to live, a land to die", with great keyboards and vocals work.

PS: As the other times, i have all discography of New Trolls and related (Ibis, NTAS, Tritons and others). If you like this and you would like to listen some other works by New Trolls, the only thing to make is to go to comments and write something about...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Virus- 1971- Revelation & Thoughts

Virus were a psychedelic band from Biefeld in northern Germany.
They released only twhose two albums: "Revelation" at beginning of 1971 and "Thoughts" later in same year. The first is more oriented to space rock and is quite inventive; the second presents a different approach, because is more oriented to hard rock- blues rock.
The only members present in all and two albums are Jorg-Dieter Krahe on keyboards and Wolfgang Rieke on drums

VIRUS- Revelation
01- Revelation
02- Endless game
03- Burning candle
04- Hungry looser
05- Nur noch zwei lichtjahre
06- Confession (Bonus track from first Virus 7")
07- Facts of death (Bonus track from first Virus 7")

VIRUS- Thoughts
01- King heroin
02- Manking, where do you go
04- Old time movie
05- Butterflies
06- Take your thoughts
07- Sittin and smoking
08- Going on
09- Deeds of the past
10- My strand-eyed girl
Some kraut rock, with a little Heep connection: those two albums are the other 1971 works of band "Virus", whose members were involved, with Ken Hensley, in the Hamburg sessions that end in the album "Weed".
PS: i have also the 1973 live album of Virus, Remember live, issued in 2004. If someone is interested in it, comment please...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Uriah Heep - Live In Turin 1980 (With John Sloman)

This bootleg comes from the Conquest Tour recorded live at Palasport,Turin, Italy
23. May 1980 with John Sloman on vocals

A decent enough audience recording I have also included two bonus tracks Namely Easy Livin' and Suicidal Man that were also recorded in 1980 at an unknown venue(unknown to me anyway perhaps someone out there in blog-land knows). These two tracks are of a much superior quality, I believe a live album was recorded by Heep with Sloman so perhaps  they have come from those recordings 

The Band

Mick Box - Guitars
John Sloman - Vocals
Ken Hensley - Keyboards
Chris Slade - Drums
Trever Bolder - Bass

The Tracks 

STEALIN' (Hensley)
(1973) Sweet Freedom

(1971) Look At Yourself

FREE'N'EASY (Lawton/Box)
(1977) Innocent Victim

NO RETURN (Box/Bolder/Hensley)
(1980) Conquest

THE WIZARD (Hensley/Clarke)
(1972) Demons And Wizards

JULY MORNING (Hensley/Byron)
(1971) Look At Yourself

SUICIDAL MAN (Box/Byron/Hensley/Kerslake/Thain)
(1974) Wonderworld

GYPSY (Box/Byron)
(1970) Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble

WON'T HAVE TO WAIT TOO LONG (Bolder/Box/Hensley)
(1980) Conquest

CARRY ON (Bolder/Box/Hensley)
(1980) Conquest

FEELINGS (Hensley)
(1980) Conquest

SWEET LORRAINE (Box/Byron/Thain)
(1972) The Magician's Birthday

Bonus Tracks

Easy Livin'

Suicidal Man

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bruce Dickenson's Friday Rock Show - Mick Box Interview

Broadcast on 6 Music, a digital service from the BBC here in the UK, on Friday 21st May . Bruce Dickenson interviews Mick Box


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hensley/Lawton - Salisbury

Ok this is the Salisbury Video from the Hensley Lawton band recorded
on 12th May 2001 in the Markthalle in Hamburg although all I am offering here is the one track ie Salisbury

performed by Ken Hensley & John Lawton
with the
Easy Livin' Band + Orchestra
(conducted by. Renate Publig)
I have been after this particular video for some time as it features Mr John Lawton wearing a shirt that I now proudly own which he has signed and is now framed and hanging on my wall next to a Uriah Heep Legend Continues platinum disk

This is an excellent version of Salisbury (even if, in my opinion, the orchestra sound a bit dodgy at times)

If anyone is interested I will get round to posting the full VHS at some point
The concert was in 3 parts. Whilst Easy Livin' gave their all to (amongst others) "Time to Live", "Look at Yourself", "Sunrise" and "Easy Livin'", it's the orchestral second section, featuring "Salisbury" and "Circle of Hands" (featuring Helloween's Markus Grosskopf on bass) which impresses more. The video concludes with a set by the near-legendary Hensley-Lawton Band, celebrating such songs as "Easy Livin'", "The Hanging Tree", "I'm Alive" as well as "July Morning", "Wise Man", "Gypsy" and "Lady in Black".

On a personal note I believe I have mentioned in a past post that the Salisbury album was the first Heep album I listened to, and the title track in particular was my personal gateway into Heep music. I didn't think anyone could sing this song except for David Byron. How wrong was I. It is a testament to the vocal ability of John Lawton that he not only pulls it off but it was on my third listen that it dawned on me it wasn't Byron singing

Monday, May 17, 2010

Praying Mantis - Live at Reading 1982

This an excellent quality boot from the 1982 Reading Festival Friday afternoon featuring  Praying Mantis with  "Our Bernie" on vocals freshly out of Grand Prix who incidentally played on the Saturday afternoon with "Our Phil" on keyboards 
It was originally broadcast, and recorded from,Tommy Vance's  Friday Rock Show on Radio One here in the UK

The Tracks

02.I Know It
03.Tell Me The Nightmare's Wrong
04.Enough Is Enough
05.Turn The Tables
06.Flirtin' With Suicide

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weed- 1971- Weed

1971 was one year very full of work for Mr. Hensley... Not only two unforgettable masterworks with Uriah Heep, but also, after "Salisbury" and before "Look at Yourself", he was member of this strange band, Weed, that involved Ken and guys from German Band Virus. They made one album with the same name, registered during some sessions in the Windrose Studios in Hamburg. Even if all six tracks were officially composed by the concert promoter Bobo Albes, for me the Hensley's hand is present in the songs writing, and every Heep maniac here can judge it listening to this heavy progressive lost gem. Ken Hensley is also the lead singer in this work, and his caratteristic voice give one irresistible early Heep touch to this album. Enjoy

WEED (probably) are:

Ken Hensley - Lead vocals, guitars and keyboards
Peet Becker - Drums
Reinhold Spiegefeld - Bass guitar
Bernd Hohmann - Guitar
Rainer Schnelle - Keyboards

Weed Tracklist:

1- Sweet morning light
2- Lonely ship
3- My dream
4- Slowin' down
5- Before i die
6- Weed

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Uriah Heep "Pizza" Connections

As the title of this post suggest, this is a compilation of UH songs covered by Italian bands and singers. It covers a time that goes from 1971 (Caterina Caselli's version of Lady in black, with words very different by the original and sang in Italian- the Italian title sounds in English as "the man of paradise"... In Italy this version was a big hit) to 2007 (The Domine's version of "Too scared to run").

Hard work, for me, to find some of the songs: The C. Caselli song is very rare, i found it with emule from only one user; the Spagna's version of Lady in black come from a huge download of 1,02 gigabyte of the whole discography of this singer, because i don't find the lone song or the album, that contains it, without all other material that i don't care; The Steve Sylvester Ep is another rarity, that i found with a little help from my friend Phon, that loves Death SS (The S. Sylvester's band) and has all their discography, with related; Too scared to run of Domine is a bonus track present only in the Jap edition of Ancient spirit rising album.

I complete the compilation with some repost (Museo Rosenbach and Wicked minds) and some tracks of two UH Tribute bands (UHTribute from Trento and TNT Alpha)

List of tracks & Bands

01- TNT Alpha- Wonderworld

02- Caterina Caselli- L'uomo del Paradiso (Lady in black) (From "Caterina Caselli" album- 1972)

03- UHTribute- Gipsy

04- Museo Rosenbach- Look at yourself (From "Rare and unrealised" album- 1972)

05- TNT Alpha- The easy road

06- Steve Sylvester- Time to live (From "Broken soul" ep- 1995)

07- Domine- Too scared to run (Bonus in the Jap edition of "Ancient spirit rising"album- 2007)

08- UHTribute- Bird of prey

09- Abiogenesi- Di nero vestita (Lady in black) (From "Io sono il vampiro" album- 2005)

10- Museo Rosenbach- Shadows of grief (From "Rare and unrealised" album- 1972)

11- TNT Alpha- Stealin

12- Wicked minds- Gipsy (From "From the purple skies" album- 2004)

13- TNT Alpha- Rain

14- Ivana Spagna- Lady in black (From "Woman" album- 2002)

The Gods featuring Ken Hensley

 This album offers nothing new to the blog, at least not now, although when it was released it did have tracks on it that were not available on their two official releases. This is a vinyl rip and does offer a good compilation of Gods songs for you to enjoy

Liner Notes

"The Gods were at London University. Ron White, EMI Records Director of Pop Repertoire, had asked me to investigate the band's potential.

The atmosphere was electric, the audience having already discovered the excitement generated by the band at two previuos engagements.
From the very first chord, the Hatfield-based band exploded, leaving no dought in anyone's mind that success for them would only be a matter of time.

Ken Hensley the bands spokesman, main writer and lead vocalist, thrashed out heavey chords on his C3, occasionally rocking the organ, distorting the inbuilt re-verb through his Leslie speaker.
Greg Lake slapped at his bass guitar, motionless, engulfed in a wall of sound.
Joe Konas, lead guitarist added heavy rhythm interspersed with fine counterpoint melody.
On drum, Lee Kerslake, Solid, Heavy and driving.

The formality of the 'studio test' was waived , and the band prepared to record an albm immediatley.
Before the actual recordings, Greg Lake left to form his own unit, later to become Emerson, Lake and Palmer.
He was replaced by a fine young bass player, John Glascock, who is now with Jethro Tull.The resultant album 'Genesis', was completed inside ten, three hour sessions at Studio 3, Abbey Road, at that time only recently converted from stereo to four track.A concept album," To Samuel A Son", was the next project to be completed.

Shortly after the release of this second album, Joe Kona emigrated with his family to Canada. John Glascock also crossed the Atlantic, to take up residence in California.
Ken Hensley formed a new heavy band called Uriah Heep, in which he was joined by drummer Lee Kerslake.

Uriah Heep's success speaks fo itself. Gold and Platinum albums on both ides of the Atlantic. It was only a question of time."

Side 1
Real Love Guaranteed (Konas/Hensley) 2.29*
Farthing Man (Konas) 3.30
Penny Dear (Konas) 2.35
Lovely Anita (Kerslake) 3.29
Momma I Need (Hensley/Konas) 3.35
Candlelight (Hensley) 2.31
Radio Show (Sugarman/Robertson) 3.12
Hey Bulldog (Lennon/Mccartney) 3.01*

Side 2
Maria (Bernstein/Sondheim) 3.58*
Yes I Cry (Konas) 2.40
Candle's Getting Shorter (Hensley/Konas) 4.28
Looking Glass (Konas/Hensley) 4.14
Somewhere In The Streeet (Hensley) 2.47*
Towards The Skies (Konas) 3.24
Misleading Colours (Konas/Kerslake) 3.38

*Mono Recordings

The Gods biography(taken from Prog Archives)

The GODS are most famous for introducing the world to Ken Hensley, the multi talented, main songwriter of URIAH HEEP's most famous period and an excellent solo career in his own right, but also housing Greg Lake and Mick Taylor in their ranks at some point in their relatively short lived history. However, they were arguably, alongside DEEP PURPLE's earliest work, the closest the UK came to VANILLA FUDGE.

Indeed, the FUDGE influenced The GODS hugely, but where The GODS scored was that they wrote more original material than VANILLA FUDGE did, the bulk of it coming from the pen of the already formidable Hensley, but also the guitarist Joe Konas.

The GODS' first release was a single for Polydor, with the line-up that would remain constant thereafter - Ken Hensley on keyboards and vocals, Lee Kerslake (who later joined URIAH HEEP) on drums and vocals, Joe Konas on guitar and vocals and John Glascock (who later joined JETHRO TULL) on bass and vocals. However, this made little impact. Nonetheless, they'd gained enough impact to be signed by Columbia, for whom The GODS made two albums- 'Genesis' in 1968 and 'To Samuel A Son' in 1970. Both were innovative affairs, with superb musicianship, with heavy guitar work, crunching organ and early mellotron use to the fore, plus bombastic harmonies and a pop sensibility in the mix. However, both albums made next to no impact. The closest they came to success was ironically a cover version of a lesser BEATLES song, 'Hey Bulldog'. However, arguably their finest work was another cover of the West Side Story nugget 'Maria', which was a tastefully elaborate yet melodic reworking of a standard with superb harmonies.

The band were more or less all present on an album released under the pseudonym 'Head Machine' which was called, subtly enough, 'Orgasm', but this sold nothing yet again, and the band's identity was masked under various pseudonyms in any case.

The GODS then dissolved, as Hensley, Kerslake and Glascock moved on to the heavy rock outfit Toe Fat led by 60s soul exponent Cliff Bennett, but Hensley soon had moved on to bigger and better things in one of the world's most loved prog/ heavy rock acts, URIAH HEEP, which at last allowed him full rein to showcase his talents. Kerslake joined him a few years later, and Glascock moved on to the prog act Carmen then JETHRO TULL, before sadly dying in 1979. Ken Hensley left HEEP in 1980 and has worked on albums on a session basis alongside his formidable solo career, and Kerslake remaind in HEEP untill ill health forced his retirement

Monday, May 3, 2010

Uriah Heep - live in Budapest 1982

Recorded during the Abominog tour in 1982 this is of particular interest as it is one of only a few recordings to feature Bob Daisley on Bass. This was also the tour that I got to see my hero's for the first time. I still have very vivid memories of that day leading up to the show, but strangely I remember very little about the gig itself

Track List:

01 Sell Your Soul
02 Running All Night (With The Lion)
03 Stealin'
04 Too Scarred To Run
05 The Wizard
06 July Morning
07 Thats The Way That It Is
08 Son Of A Btch
09 Mick Box Solo / Gypsy (Inc Keyboard Solo)
10 Easy Livin'
11 Look At yourself
12 Children Of The Night

Line Up:

Peter Goalby - Vocals
Mick Box - Guitar
Lee Kerslake - Drums
Bob Daisley - Bass
John Sinclair - Keyboards