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Tempest - Tempest


After the split of Colosseum in October 1971 Jon Hiseman formed Tempest in the summer of 1972. Tempest lasted for two years until June 1974.

Tempest Mark 1 (June 1972 to June 1973) consisted of

Jon Hiseman: drums

Mark Clarke: bass

Paul Williams: vocals

Allan Holdsworth: guitar

Hiseman and Clarke had, of course, played together in Colosseum.

Paul Williams had played bass with Zoot Money's Big Roll Band (on two Columbia - that's EMI's Columbia - LPs It Should've Been Me and Zoot! Live At Klooks Kleek) and John Mayall's Bluesbreakers (on parts of the live A Diary Of A Band and the single Suspicions). He came more to the attention of the record buying public as the singer of Juicy Lucy on their second LP Lie Back And Enjoy It (Vertigo) and the next two Get A Whiff Of This and Pieces.

Allan Holdsworth played on Nucleus' album Belladonna before his time with Tempest, but other than that I have no more information; maybe later...

The band made one album Tempest (Bronze ILPS 9220). It was recorded at Air London Recording Studios in November 1972 and produced by Jon Hiseman. The album was released in January 1973.

Track listing:

Gorgon (Hiseman/Clarke/Holdsworth)   5:44
Foyers Of Fun (Hiseman/Clarke/Holdsworth)   3:39
Dark House (Hiseman/Clarke/Holdsworth)   5:02
Brothers (Hiseman/Holdsworth)  3:36
Up And On (Edwards/Holdsworth)   4:20
Grey And Black (Clarke/Bottomley)  2:28
Strangeher (Hiseman/Clarke)  4:08
Upon Tomorrow (Clempson/Hiseman)  6:42


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