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Uriah Heep Live Acoustic Set 2002

When I first received this bootleg there was some confusion, on my part anyway, It was tagged as 'Heep live acoustic set at the Magicians' Birthday party 2003' Which I immediatly questioned as I was at that show and the acoustic part was only four songs long and performed in the middle of the set, so that meant it had to be from 2002 when Heep played two different sets over two nights as part of the Classic Rock Productions Classic Rock Festival in London (I was at both shows) or was it from the US shows?. Well the big give away for me is obviously Bernie saying goodbye to London at the end of the show. I also did a search on the internet for heep bootleg artwork and came up with this

Now far for me to contradict someone else's hard work but I cannot see how Heep could possibly have played this venue, on this night, as they were several miles up the road at the Shepherds Bush Empire I may have had a few drinks that evening but I think I should  know which venue I was at(also some one somewhere has written that the mean fiddler is just another name for the Astoria, again not true although they are part of the same building they are different venues)

This was a trully memorable weekend for me with not only Heep on the bill (Twice) but also John Lawton, Focus and Asia amongst others The whole weekend was centered around the Heep Festival Club see below

Day 1
As well as purchasing my copy of Dave Ling's excellent book Wizards and Demons I also managed to get it signed by Dave himself and both Mick and Trevor who were present at the festival club but also by Phil who I quite literally bumped into an hour or so before the show on Shepards Bush Green. Focus were on before Heep this evening and bloody brilliant they were too

Day 2

Now this day turned out to be really memorable having failed miserably at the 'Ultimate Heep Fan Quiz' the previous day I was determined to enjoy myself and what better way to do that than by splashing out at the auction

I wasn't particulary bothered which lot I won, I was just determined to win one, and so with a lot of conservative bidding going on at the start, I picked up the signed John lawton gig shirt for the princly sum of twenty quid (This shirt has since been framed and is hanging on my wall as I wright this). I was happy with my purchase and as I went to collect it I was offered severall different ways of paying for it (I had just assumed it would be cash only and  I didn't have too much on me) Well when I saw a credit card option my eyes just lit up and I went running back to the auction to see what else I could pick up and i had my sights set on lot 11 which after some fierce bidding that consisted of me just standing there with my hand up untill everyone else had given up I won and that too is hanging on my wall right next to Lawtons shirt. I had about an hour or so to kill between the Heep club and the gig so it was of back to the hotel to store my purchases and then back to the venue for the gig

Uriah Heep opened this evening with the acoustic set wich i am not going to review as you can hear it for yourself and make you own judgments.

Asia were the main act of the evening and unfortunatly I only managed to catch the first 2 or 3 songs as i had been made aware of the fact Lee Kerslake was in the bar (I was upstairs in the seated area) so I took that opportunity to meet him and spent the best part of asia's set drinking with one of my boyhood hero's
It just doesn't get better than that

The acoustic set from The Shepherds Bush Empire Sat 30th Nov 2002

01 The Easy Road
.02 Question
03 Tales
04 Rainbow Demon
05 Circus
06 Why Did You Go
07 The Wizard
08 Heartless Land
09 Blind Eye
10 The Other Side Of Midnight
11 The Way That It Is
12 Rain
13 Dream On
14 Lady In Black



  1. Thank you very much for this fine and beautiful bootleg...




  4. Eduardo

    I dont have any pre Heep live recordings (to the best of my knowledge there isn't any). as far as studio recordings are concerned the spice stuff has already been posted as part of the lansdowne tapes and various other members are represented on the posts from Toe fat, Keef Hartley,The Gods etc


  6. Hi abomi,
    thanks very much for this excellent boot. But according to a very good heep site (echoes.dk), this is Trenton 2002 (?).

  7. Hello Mr Anonymous

    Firstly can I say, I wholeheartedly agree with you echoes.dk is an excellent Heep site and a must visit for any Heep fan

    Secondly as far as this boot goes I stand by what I have said in the post, Although I can never be 100% certain, I am 99% sure that this was from the London show on the 30th of Nov. I clearly remember Mick wishing everyone a `Heepy Xmas'(perhaps he did that in Trenton also, I don't know) But at the end of the show Bernie can be clearly heard saying "Thank you very very much LONDON enjoy the rest of the show". therefore as far as i am concerned this MUST be the London show

    As I probably should have made a bit clearer in the post I don't know who was originally responsible for this boot. When I received it there was no information on it at all except that it had been tagged as TMB 2003 acoustic set which it quite plainly is not. Nor did it have any artwork So I "Stole", "borrowed" the Mean Fiddler"(artwork from the echoes.dk site and changed it for this post)If i have offended anyone in doing that I duly apologize)

    I Don't know if this answers your question or not, but am as sure as I can be that this was the London show and not Trenton


  8. Thanks for the answer, Mr. Abominogjnr! I believe you when you say it's London, it's just that echoes.dk had me confused. And thanks once again for spreading so much joy, your blog is excellent!


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