Friday, June 4, 2010

Les Humpries Singers- Two collections of singles

For this post, i think to those two collections of rare singles from this group who consiste of many singers of diverse ethnic origin.

As you probably know, John Lawton is involved in this project and is present in all (or so) songs of those two collections.

Les Humpries Singers- 1971-1974- Mama Loo

01- All my searchin'
02- Amen
03- To my father's house
04- Oh, happy day
05- Nobody knows
06- Bridge over troubled water
07- Prepare ye, the way of the Lord
08- All good gifts
09- Mama loo
10- Carry on
11- Dixie
12- Something i saw
13- Ela Ela
14- Mama weer all crazee now
15- Do you wanna rock and roll
16- Do i kill you (Do you kill me)

LINK- Mama Loo

Les Humpries Singers- 1974-1992- Family show

01- Danny boy
02- Coconut
03- Kansas City
04- Back on tour again
05- Acapulco Bay
06 Dr Cooper
07- You don't have to hurry
08- Things are goin' to change
09 You ain't seen nothin' yet
10- Sing sang song
11- Long distance lady
12- Down by the river/Sailing/Dr Cooper
13- Sos/It's not easy/I'm on fire
14- Mama Loo (From Munich tales)

LINK- Family Show

PS: Les Humpries Singers were the subject of the 6 January 2010 post on this blog from my friend Abominog Jnr (Les Humpries Singers- Hit collection). Only three or four songs are the same in this and that post, so here there are a good number of tracks new for the Blog.

PS2: My post of David Byron's Lost songs Vol. 1 is now very near to 200 downloads. I'm very happy that so many people want to hear those rare pre Heep songs... But 200 downloads and only 3 comments? I think that the good thing in sharing music in this way is also enter in touch with people with the same passions of bloggers and to share opinions with them so, people, comment please...


  1. Thanks for this Roby

    I only had the best of compilation before and although i have tried to find more I have never found any, That is until the good old Abominogjnr blog came to my rescue and i didn't even have to do anything!!!!



  2. Thank you for your comment,Colin.
    I have downloaded those two compilations from the same strange pseudo blog in russian language where i have downloaded the Shaw's Picking locks compilation. There was another humpries singers compilation of singles, but badly the link was dead.
    Recently i've downloaded the "Complete blue horizon sessions 68-69" by Champion Jack Dupree. Gary Thain is invloved in a good number of tracks of this double cd. Badly this is a very recent production, so i think that is not good for blog. If you want and if you haven't it, i can upload in your folder on mediafire as you make with the very good Standarte album (I'm still searching others works by this band).



  3. Thanks Roby

    I already have that compilation and am looking to use it (or at least some of the tracks) in a future post

    I am glad you like the Standarte Album and hope you were not offended by my comment about holding out on the blog. It's just that when I first heard it I thought

    a. Its a bloody good album
    b. its a bloody good prog album
    c. They are Italian
    d. why hasn't Roby mentioned them!!!

    Thanks Again
    And Keep up the good work


  4. I'm absolutely not offended by your past comment, Colin, and i didn't mention the band Standarte only because i didn't know them (strange for a bloody good italian prog band like this!!!)

    Thank you for the good work, even if never good as yours on the old good Abominogjnr blog!!!



  5. Hi Roby,
    your comments make me feel sad, it's a pity that most people don't bother to leave a comment. It's also impolite, you get something so if you take the time to download something, you can also take the time to comment, to show the blogger you appreciate the efforts being made. Makes it more fun for the blogger.
    That's why I always thank you and Colin whenever I download something. To show you I appreciate the work that goes into it.
    Cheers Robi & Colin!
    Your 'Anonymous' follower

  6. Hi Mr Anonymous

    You are absolutely spot on with your observation about comments making it more fun for the blogger. I guess it,s like most things in life, a little positive reaction to whatever you happen to be doing makes it all worthwhile. And whilst I do this blog for mainly personal satisfaction its good to know others appreciate it as well.


    P.S. I too have been just as guilty in the past for not leaving comments on other people's blogs

  7. This is a good surprise ! The voice of Lawton fits well with this style of music and there are really good songs he sings on ("Carry on" for instance). Some other albums with prognotfrog :

  8. Hi Ray
    Thank you very much for your comment and for the links to others album by les humpries singers, that i don't have


  9. Thanks a lot for this. But Track 2 on Family Show is corrupt ...

  10. Abominogjnr can you upload track 2 from "Family Show"? It's corrupted.


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