Friday, September 9, 2011

Pete York Percussion Band - 1972 - Same (Incomplete album))


1. Keep On Running (Edwards) - 4:35
2. Nothing Yet (Munns) - 3:40
3. Cold Night In The City (Fearn) - 2:10
4. Sombrero Sam (Lloyd) - 10:40
5. Mel´s Blues (Thorpe) - Not included
6. Moleshawk (Coleman) - 4:05
7. Stroke (Coleman) - 4:00
8. The Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba (Händel) - Not included
9. Points (Munns) - Not included
10. It´s Over (Fearn) - 2:43

Pete York

I upload this album because is one of the most unknown album, with Gary Thain and his bass, before Heep. This is a very hard to find album, so i upload the only version that i can find: this is a good "youtube rip" version, with 3 songs not found: Mel´s Blues, The Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba, Points. If some friend has a better version of this album or, at last, some of missing songs, please do you knock at our door...

The Pete York Percussion Band :

Bill Coleman - Bass, piano
Steve Fearn - Guitar, vocals
Roger Munns - Keyboard, vocals
Mel Thorpe - Saxophone, flute, clarinet
Gordon Williams - Drums
Gary Thain - Bass
Pete York - Drums, percussions
Ian Paice - Drums Barry Sutton - Trumpet

Produced: by Pete York/Ian Paice/Derek Tompkins


P.S. - A big thank you to original uploaders AshaSounds (For most of the tracks) and SoulOnYourSide (For song 10)


  1. Saludos agregado a ENLACES

    pon un link gracias

  2. I can't hear Gary Thains distinctive style or tone there, so I guess it's Bill Coleman on the included songs, but he plays great too.

  3. Thanks Friend
    In my blog, a other Pete York album

  4. The link contains only 7 songs

    1. As the title suggests and it is also stated in the text this is not the complete album. So yes the link does only have 7 songs


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