Saturday, April 14, 2012

John Lawton- The Big Rarities Collection Vol 1 (1971-2011) repost


01- Just a little bit (1971) 2:14
02- Children of the world (1971) 3:13
03- Jesu Jesu (1972) 3:56
04- One man band (1972) 3:55
05- Little chalk blue (1975) 3:45
06- Eloise (1980) 4:40
07- Dirty Tricks (1990) 4:14
08- All band togheter- Save this world (1990) 3:27
09- Set the world on fire (1993) 8:20
10- Back to the highlands (1993) 5:16
11- Ride ride ride (1994) 3:01
12- Me and my Harley (1994) 3:27
13- More than just a bike (1994) 2:53
14- Someone sings (1995) 4:24
15- Talking ain't cheap (1995) 5:01
16- Zar- Eagle's flight (1995) 4:13
17- It's a long way to go (2003) 5:08
18- Strangers song (2011) 4:11

- Songs from 1 to 4 are from two singles from 1971 and 72
- Song 5 is from "Roger Glover's Butterfly Ball" and is the only repost of this compilation
- Song 6 is the A side of another single
- Songs 7 and 8 are from "The Lenny Mac Dowell Project- Lost Paradise"
- Songs 9 and 10 are from "The Fast Forward Music Project- Excalibur"
- Songs from 11 to 13 are promotional for Harley Davidson motorcycles
- Songs 14 and 15 are from "Eddie Hardin Wizard's convention 2"
- Song 16 is from the Zar's third album and is the only sung by John on this album
- Song 17 come from Chris Catena's 2003 album "Freak Out"
- Song 18 is from the very fresh Pushking's album "The world as we love it"

I'm not modest this time... This is the best compilation that i ever made, full of rarities that you can find only here, on the old Abominogjnr Blog. So i expect your comments, people, because i think that this time i've made really a good work... Inside the file, you'll find the cover collage and, in a separate folder, all covers of albums and singles. The only trouble is that some songs are only 128 kbs (the first 4 songs, song 6 and songs from 11 to 13), but the possibility to listen to those rarities make this not a big problem. The rest is in the same insane 320 kbs.

Good listen to all and make some comments please...

PS: I'm still looking for three albums from Jon Petersen & Skyliner of 1976/77 who contains some songs with John Lawton at lead vocals. If some Blog reader knows where i can find them, maybe next times we'll make the number 2 of this compilation... And some other rarities are not present here because i have not them!! At this link, you can find some rarities that i find only here (covers and descriptions, not files, for them is another question). You can see that a volume 2 of this collection is possible, in the future, we'll see... If some readers has some of them, please make me know... Thank you to all....




  2. many thanks for this ,i never heard the first 2 single of john lawton

  3. Wow, I thought I knew quite a lot
    about John Lawton, but half of the
    songs I have not heard about.
    Shall be very interesting to listen to them.
    Thanks a lot for this super post.

    /Per, Sweden

  4. Roby

    This is a superb post!!

    I echo the previous comment. I really thought i had most of johns stuff but this is the first time i have heard those early singles and the compilation as a whole is excellent. i have burnt this to a cd and have it playing in my car.

    Thanks once again


    ps i have been trying to get Eddie Hardin Wizard's convention 2 for some time now, do you have it? and if so could you upload it. Thanks

  5. Thank you very much to all for comments...

    For Colin: This compilation is playing in my car too, and is really good music to drive in the highways.
    Two days ago, when i found the three Lawton's singles and the Harley Davidson songs, i put them with some other Lawton's songs that i had in a folder but i didn't know how to post them.
    After i have tagged songs and put them chronologically, i have posted immediately the compilation to share with you and with others lovers of Uriah Heep.
    I have Eddie Hardin Wizards Convention 2 and soon i'll upload it to your folder...

    Thank you again

  6. Colin

    P.S. - With Lawton's rarities, i find finally a copy of Martha Velez and fiends with Gary Thain from cd, very good, and 256 kbs. If you want, tomorrow i'll upload it too to your folder, so finally you can post this very good blues rock album...

    Best regard

  7. I love these compilations, full of juicy rare stuff! Kudos to you for another scorcher :O)

  8. Shame on late March/April 2012 for erasing this file!! Shame on them!! This is the most awesomeest Lawton comp and we'd all love a repost! U rule Abom.

  9. Abominogjnr: You are absolutely the man on the scene! I have Lawton currently blasting through my ears. Songs I never heard or imagined I could. Made my week!! Made me year!! That's what I re-post can do!! Rose

    1. Glad you like it

      I will continue to either repost or provide new links on request. up-loading wonderdream as i write this

  10. PS: "F" the March and April internet machine!

  11. Top!
    Thank you very much.

  12. Hey man, thankxxxxxxxxxx, This post is awesome.A hug from Brazil.


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