Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Ultimate Heep Covers Collection - Various artists Volume 10

This is unfortunately the last in this series for the  foreseeable future as I have pretty much exhausted my collection of Heep covers, although the search continues so if anyone out there has tracks not already used and is willing to share them please get in touch. On that note I would once again like to thank Evert for supplying the vast majority of these(Check out his Website here) and also to Corrado and Higher Livin' for their contribution. And lets not forget all the other bands and artists out there who on a daily basis do there own bit to promote the music of Uriah Heep
Keep on Rockin'


01-Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Lady In Black
02-The Hensley-Lawton Band - July morning
03-Electric Blues Band - Easy Livin' 2
04-If I Had The Time - Jon Binder
05-Popeda - Kipsi (Gypsy)
06-Circle of hands - The park
07-Steerforth -July morning
08- W.A.S.P. - Easy livin'
09-John Lawton and Gunhill - Sympathy
10-The Hensley-Lawton Band - Gypsy
11-Easy Livin' - Sweet lorraine
12-Vintersorg - Rainbow demon


01 - Electric Blues Band - Easy Livin'
02-Sweet Lorraine - Circle Of Hands
03-Awaken - The dance
04-Easy Livin' - Stealin'
05-Ken Hensley & John Wetton - Confession
06-Smashing Pumpkins - Easy livin'
07-The Lawton Dunning Project - I've been hurt
08-Electric Blues Band-Circle Of Hands
09-Steve Krase & the In Crowd - Easy livin'
10-Horrible Hannah - Stealin'
11-Sweet Lorraine - Sweet Lorraine
12-The Past - Easy Living'
13-Yves Couture - Circle of hands
14-Wicked Minds - Gypsy
15-Period - Easy livin'


  1. Thanks,

    there are some songs I didn't have

  2. Thanks Colin,
    You have made a wonderful job. There are a lot of others covers that we can put together. I'll send you the ones not included in these 10 volumes :)

  3. .thanks for sharing

  4. Agree with the above posters. This is a GREAT collection. Appreciate all the work you put into compiling these CDs. Selfishly, I am looking forward to a Volume 11 if possible.

    HEEPs of thanks to you, friend!


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