Sunday, March 14, 2010

Uriah Heep- 1979- Ten Miles High (The lost Songs) Bootleg in Studio

This bootleg is a vey particular thing, it contains the famous "Five Miles" acetate, in other words the fourth unissued album of Uriah heep with John Lawton (after Fallen Angel). The sound quality is very good, the songs are demos in form very avanced, with good and quite definitive arrangements. After these sessions Lawton and Kerslake go for their ways. To complete this album, there are 6 out-takes from the firefly sessions. Three of songs of "Five Miles" acetate end in "Conquest" album, with the voice of John Sloman.


Mick Box- Guitars
Ken Hensley- Keyboards, guitars, vocals
John Lawton- Lead vocals
Lee Kerslake- Drums
Trevor Bolder- Bass guitar


From "Five miles" acetate

1- Let it ride
2- Life is a dream
3- Feelings
4- You and i
5- That's how i am
6- I'll never forget
7- Your love
8- Tonight
9- Fools
10- Been hurt
11- I won't change

From the "Firefly" sessions

12- Been away too long
13- I always knew
14- Dance dance dance
15- Put your music
16- A far better way

See you.


  1. Hi roby

    It's a small world

    Did you get this as a torrent? Only reason i ask is because of the title you gave it "Lost songs reseed" thats the name i gave the file a couple of years ago when i stuck it up on pirate bay(which i no longer use). My first attempt was corrupt hence the "reseed"

  2. i know this album, but , fantastic is your atitude...when divide your music.

    god bless you.

  3. yes, Colin, i downloaded it with bit torrent some years ago, and i don't change the name (strangely, because generally i rename all the downloaded files).
    It's a small small world, dear Colin.


  4. Thanks very much for this, Roby!

  5. I cleaned these songs up with Sound Forge and they sound a lot better. The volume levels and audio is much more consistent (still not perfect, but better). Over the next few weeks I'll post them on YouTube so you can hear the improved audio quality.

    Thanks for making this available!

  6. Great Heep boots here!
    Thank yu very much!


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