Monday, January 4, 2010

Uriah Heep - Connections

(I put this cover together fairly quickly using images I found on the net, there is one mistake I know of , can anyone see it?)

Here I present to you a compilation album I put together for my car of alternative versions of songs Uriah Heep have recorded over the years, whether it be the original artist or simply a different version by another artist

1. Come Away Melinda  -   Velvett Fogg(from the 1969 album Velvett Fogg )
2. Weep in Silence  -   Lana Lane  (from the 2003 album Covers Collection )
3. Across The Miles -    Survivor (from the1988 Album Too Hot To Sleep )
4. On The Rebound  -   Russ Ballard (from the1993 album Russ Ballard - Voices, The Best Of Russ Ballard )
5. Prisoner   -   Sue Saad and the Next (from the1980 album Sue Saad and the Next)
6. Hold Your Head Up  - Argent (from the 1993 album Russ Ballard - Voices, The Best Of Russ Ballard )
7. When The War Is Over  -   Little River Band (From the1986 album No Reins )
8. Easy Living  -   Wasp(from the 1986 album Inside The Electric Circus)
9. Firefly  -   Denny Ball (From the  2000 album Heepsteria! - A Tribute to Uriah Heep-2000)
10. Lonely Nights  -   Bryan Adams (from the 1981 album  You want it you got it)
11. That's The Way That It Is  -   Graham Bonnet (from the 1981 album Line Up )
12. Love is Blind    - Verity (from the 1983 album Interrupted Journey)
13. Tin Soldier  -   Small Faces (from the 1968 album Lazy Sunday)
14. When The War Is Over  -   Cold Chisel (from the 1991 album the best of Cold Chisel)
15. Come Away Melinda  -   UFO (from the 1970 album Ufo 1)
If anyone is interested in listening to any of the albums listed just let me know and I will post them later


  1. COOOL!!! Let me take a ride in your car :D

  2. It's a very good idea, you've had !


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