Thursday, January 28, 2010

Uriah Heep - Come away Melinda (CD Single with Video)


The Band
Mick Box - Guitars
Lee Kerslake - Drums
Trevor Bolder - Bass
Phil Lanzon - Keyboards
Bernie Shaw - Vocals

Tracks Listing

1. Come Away Melinda
2. Heartless Land
3. Time Of Revelation
4. Everything In Life
5. Come Away Melinda (special enhanced video track)

For mp3's and mpeg video Link is here


  1. Thank you for the single, but there's no video-track in the rar.

  2. Just checked the download myself and the video is there try downloading again


  3. do you know why this single was released in 2001?

    was it designed to raise money for something?

    come away melinda is a old song for heep to issue in 2001

  4. Hi jantchc

    Hears my


    as far as i remember the band had just signed a deal with classic rock records to release the live album "Future Echoes of the past".which really relaunched them back at the turn of the century. the single was recorded at one of their sound checks (i Think!) and released to coincide with their first UK tour for several years. I managed to see them in Glasgow on that tour, a good thirteen years after my last show (Reading Festival 198?)and my brother Who had come with me managed to snag one of the concert posters which were up on the walls at the venue. Not quite sure why they picked that particular track, but this heepster loved it. It was the fact Heep could play all those differing styles that attracted me to them in the first place

  5. Hi jantchc

    Here's my

    Short answer

    "do you know why this single was released in 2001?"

    Because thats when it was recorded

    "was it designed to raise money for something?"

    Yes Heep!!!!!!!!

    "come away melinda is a old song for heep to issue in 2001"

    Yes you are right. but it was a new version and at that time they were not writing or recording new material (it was a godsend they were releasing any material at all)


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