Monday, May 17, 2010

Praying Mantis - Live at Reading 1982

This an excellent quality boot from the 1982 Reading Festival Friday afternoon featuring  Praying Mantis with  "Our Bernie" on vocals freshly out of Grand Prix who incidentally played on the Saturday afternoon with "Our Phil" on keyboards 
It was originally broadcast, and recorded from,Tommy Vance's  Friday Rock Show on Radio One here in the UK

The Tracks

02.I Know It
03.Tell Me The Nightmare's Wrong
04.Enough Is Enough
05.Turn The Tables
06.Flirtin' With Suicide

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  1. I've being looking for other bands who played at the 82' Festival who weren't on the official Reading Rock 82 release.
    Great music by the way, especially the last track
    Thanks for the share


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