Friday, July 9, 2010

Colosseum- 1971- Live

1. "Rope Ladder to the Moon" (Pete Brown/Jack Bruce) – 9:43
2. "Walking in the Park" (Graham Bond) – 8:21
3. "Skelington" (Dave Clempson/Jon Hiseman) – 14:52
4. "I Can't Live Without You" (James Litherland) – 7:28
5. "Tanglewood '63" (Mike Gibbs) – 10:12
6. "Encore... "Stormy Monday Blues"" (T-Bone Walker) – 7:29
7. "Lost Angeles" (Dave Greenslade/Dick Heckstall-Smith/Chris Farlowe) – 15:43


* Mark Clarke: Bass, Vocals
* Dave "Clem" Clempson: Guitars, Vocals
* Chris Farlowe: Vocals
* Dave Greenslade: Organ, Vibes
* Dick Heckstall-Smith: Saxophones
* Jon Hiseman: Drums

From "Wikipedia", the free encyclopedia:

Live album by Colosseum
Released September 17, 1971
Recorded March 18 & 27, 1971
Genre Jazz fusion, blues-rock
Length 73:48
Label Bronze/Castle
Producer Gerry Bron, Jon Hiseman & Colosseum

Colosseum Live is a live album by Colosseum, released in 1971.

This album was recorded at Manchester University (March 18, 1971)[1] and the Big Apple, Brighton (March 27, 1971)[2], on the "Daughter of Time" tour. After "Colosseum Live", the band broke up for 23 years and reunited in 1994.


  1. Hey Roby nice blog you got here!
    Tks for the Bakerloo and the Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso.
    This Colosseum Live was one of my favorites in the 70's, I still have the double lp and on cd. Hope you don't mind if I make a link on my blog.
    By the way, I've been to a Heep concert at the Rainbow, on the 6th January 1973, I think, do you have it for downloading?
    I was on the first row and it was quite curious that there were five chairs by the side of the stage, for the girlfriends of the band, and all the girls were typical English looking ladies, with all the dresses and hairstyles, high heels and painted nails, in contrast to what the guys looked, longhaired in black leather...
    Other thing I recall well was when Mick Box trown his axe up, high, and caught it on the air when it came down, and continued playing, it was amazing. Well, cheers and all the best.

  2. Hey Roby nice blog you got here!
    Wish you all the best...

  3. Thank you for your comment, Carlinhos, and for the tale about Uriah Heep concert. In 1973 i was only 4 years old and i didn't know who are UH!!!
    I am only a little contributor of this blog and the creator of it is my friend Abominog jnr, so your thanks are for him too. I have not the bootleg of the 1973 concert at Rainbow that you mention, if my friend Abominog jnr has it i am sure that he will post.
    No problem for me if you make a link to this blog on yours, but i don't find your blog because your profile is not public...

  4. hi carlinhos

    Thanks for your comment on the blog. Unfortunately I don't have that particular gig. But if it was recorded I will do my best to locate it and make it available

    p.s. Good Blog

  5. Discussão digestiva neste blog, opiniôes assim dão valor ao indivíduo que ler neste sítio :/
    Faz muito mais deste sítio, aos teus cybernautas.


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