Saturday, May 29, 2010

Italian prog masterworks 4- New Trolls "Searching for a land"



Vittorio De Scalzi- Guitars, flute, keyboards (Arp 2600) and vocals

Nico Di Palo- Guitars and lead vocals

Frank Laugelli- Bass guitar

Maurizio Salvi- Keyboards (Hammond), piano, synt

Gianni Belleno- Drums and percussions

This is a little "guinness record" album: it is the first italian double album, with first disc in studio and the second live (for much time people knows that this is the first live album of an italian band, but in reality the public rumors are not real but it's a studio effect, so this second disc is not really a live record). Even if this upload is from a cd version that encludes two albums, i prefer restore the original form of two discs, because they are very different: the first is one of better exemples of italian prog rock (Songs from 1 to 7) and the second is a great hard rock album, with hard Purple influences (Songs from 8 to 11).
This album was realised by label Fonit Cetra for the international market, so it is completely sung in English. So, this time, prog italian with lyrics that all can understand...

Even if all the album is very good, for me the best song is "A land to live, a land to die", with great keyboards and vocals work.

PS: As the other times, i have all discography of New Trolls and related (Ibis, NTAS, Tritons and others). If you like this and you would like to listen some other works by New Trolls, the only thing to make is to go to comments and write something about...


  1. Hi Colin,
    listen please carefully to this album, especially disc 1 and especially "A land to live, a land to die"... I'm sure that you'll love it!


  2. Hi Roby

    Listening to disk 1 now so I will let you know what i think tomorrow if i get the time(very busy at work at this moment). Sorry to inform you but the last track on disc 2 (Lying Here) wont extract as its corrupt
    Cheers for now

  3. Hi Roby

    Ignore that last comment. I had a foul day yesterday and it didn't occur to me that the problem might be with me and not the file, in my haste I stopped the download before it had completed.

    I really enjoyed the first disc and am listening to disc 2 as write this

  4. Thank you for your comment, Colin... I'm very glad that you enjoy first disc, this is one of my preferred album of Italian prog. I will post another gem of New Trolls next weeks, Concerto grosso n° 1, and i suggest to all prog lovers to don't miss next Italian Prog masterworks post...


  5. Looking for a 1983 new trolls song by called America Ok. Got that?



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