Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Uriah Heep Aschaffenburg 26-04-2011

Set list

01 Intro
02 I'm Ready
03 I Can See You
04 Return To Fantasy 
05 Stealin'
06 Rainbow Demon
07 Money Talk
08 Drum Solo
09 Nail On The Head
10 The Wizard
11 Into The Wild
12 Gypsy
13 Look at Yourself
14 Kiss of Freedom
15 July Morning
16 Lady In Black
17 Encore Break
18 Free 'n' Easy
19 Bird of Prey
20 Easy Livin'
21 Outro 

The Band

Mick Box
Trevor Bolder
Phil Lanzon
Bernie Shaw
Russel Gilbrook 


  1. Dear Abominogjnr,
    Do You know if Gaby (David Byron's wife) is still live?

  2. I honestly don't know. But I believe she was living a quiet family life in Germany with her current family

  3. Thanks for this. I attended a Heep concert in Pratteln on April 27th (1 day later) and as far as I remember, they played the same set.
    A solid performance, but it was a bit strange to hear 6 songs from the new album and nothing else from the Shaw era.


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