Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Band Called Doris - Gypsy Lady - Vinyl Rip

I can find absolutely no info on this album whatsoever other than
It was released on the ABCD  label ( A Band Called Doris?) in 1982. presumably a private pressing as the only other release I can find was a single from the same band. A recent search on the net found a copy Of the Album on e bay selling for the princely sum of $180
I am not very good at Album reviews so I'll just say I like this album it's a sort of cross between early Marillion and Budgie, prog and nwobhm
The wife picked it up at our local tip while she was dropping some stuff off
the bag contained about twelve albums and half a dozen singles all in excellent condition and including a rare copy of a double groove 12" Kiss single (its amazing what people throw out),
ah well their loss is my gain

The Band

Bob Webb - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Harmonica, Lead Vocals
Peter Moss - Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals
Mike Gatley - Keyboards
Sean Collins - Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Brian Smith - Drums

Ambrose Partington - Keyboards on Living Dangers
Paul Helsby - Drums on Living Dangers & Hard Times (Hard Minds)
The Tracks
01 Gypsy Lady
02 Friends of Mine
03 Street Love
04 Singer in the Band
05 Cold ans Lonely Town
06 Travelling Train
07 Hard Times (Hard Minds)
08 She'll Always Be
09 Living Dangers
10 Superstars 'n' Rock 'n' Roll

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Footnote 2011

I have since found another copy of this on the net claiming to be a copy of a CD release. This is not true it is just a direct copy of the tracks That I RIPPED FROM MY OWN ALBUM granted they added the single release as a bonus but the album is a direct copy of my album even includes the tags that I created.Just goes to show what a good job i did cleaning the album up!! 


  1. You were very lucky to find this one

  2. @abominogjnr

    I have a favor to ask of you.

    It would be the most grateful if you can help me for
    re-uploading with A Band Called Doris / Gypsy Lady.

    I'm really looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks in advance!!

    1. Sorry for the delay in re-posting, hopefully you can now get your hands on this, any problems with this link let me know


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