Friday, March 4, 2011

Uriah Heep- 1972- Look back and live (Bootleg)

Uriah Heep Live in San Bernardino, California, 28 January 1972
This is the last post of this serie, that i rename "Japan Contribution", because i download those four bootlegs (Others are here, here and here) in flac files from a Japanise forum and i convert them (and renamed from Japanise) to mp3 320 kbs for our blog.
Line up: Mick Box- David Byron- Ken Hensley- Mark Clarke- Lee Kerslake

1-Bird of Prey 2-I Wanna Be Free 3-July Morning 4-Tears In My Eyes
5-Mick Box Solo/Guitar Jam 6-Look At Yourself 7-Gipsy

Sound rough, audience record, but a chance to listen the early 72 UH in concert (note that, in the set list, no one song is from demons and wizards, even if this album was in music shops only 3 months after). One more reason to listen to this bootleg: this is the only known UH bootleg with Mark Clarke on bass...

PS: Thank you very much to Martin for correction of mistakes and additional informations


  1. Sorry Heepsters, again I must tell you a mistake. There is a San Bernadino in Switzerland but it's SB in California, like it's said on the cover.
    By the way, it's the only known UH-Bootleg with Mark Clarke on bass!
    A jewel in my opinion...

    Cheers, Martin

  2. Thank you very much Martin, it's me that i'm sorry with you and others visitors of blog for the mistakes that you and other visitors find in my posts. Maybe the cause is my pathological disattention... Now i make the corrections to my post, and thank you very much.

    My best regard



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