Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lucifer's Friends - 1981 - Mean machine

This is the 1981 album of Lucifer's Friends with the return of John Lawton as lead singer.

After this alnum the band disbanded, even if this is a good hard rock album with some touch of heavy metal (Mean machine/Cool hand killer). Others very good songs are, in my opinion, Hey driver, Born to the city and Bye bye Sadie.


  1. Outstanding blog. Two questions first. Do you know if Uriah Heep ever played "Salisbury" the song, live. Second, Is there a good sounding bootleg of it. If indeed it does exist. Thanks mate!

  2. follow thw link for Salisbury

  3. You are the "GOD" of Uriah Heep !!

  4. Olá, tive a librdade de postar um de seus links em meu blog, feitas as devidas referências. Confira:
    Outra coisa: como fez essa avaliação do grau de satisfação dos leitores do seu blog no final de cada postagem?


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