Sunday, July 17, 2011

Uriah Heep - Covers

This is a compilation of covers that has been put together by Corrado which he describes as a "work in progress" The tracks on this compilation are of wildly differing quality but nevertheless they show just how influential Heeps music was to so many different bands and genres

 If anyone out there has any other covers that they can contribute to the "Ultimate Heep cover collection"
They would be most welcome



  1. Really a good work, thank you very much to Corrado and to Colin for this great post...
    The cover too is very nice, and i like the idea to make a work in progress of this compilation, opened to all visitors of the blog. I have 3 versions of Heep songs from prog italian band of first 70's, that were not part of my Uriah Heep pizza connections post, issued here some time ago. I would like to contribute to the Ultimate Heep Cover collection.

  2. To beginning in the contributions to the Ultimate Heep Covers Collection, i've upload three very rare Heep Covers from Italians bands of early 70's. The bands, with relative song covered and year of issue are:

    "Blue Sharks" - Gipsy - 1971
    "Ice & High Society" - Bird of Prey - 1971
    "Diego Beat and the Electric Blues Band" - Easy livin - 1973

    Badly, the third song is in bad quality for the poor registration. This is the link to the three songs:

  3. Thank you Very much Roby

    not been very active on the blog for a while basically because i have not much left to post!!!

    I still have a few which i will get round to eventually , but in the meantime this is just or you

  4. Thank you dear Colin, there are not too much Heep related albums to post on Abominog jnr blog, after all our posts. For me is the same.
    Probably is a mistake, but your link to mediafire is the same of mine, to the three old italian covers of UH, that are all from singles never reissued.

  5. The band norway has a very good heep cover THE WIZARD

  6. Hi Colin and Roby,
    Here is Corrado. Thanks for posting my compilation and thanks for compliments :) I hope this tracklist will become longer and longer and thanks for the new 3 tracks.


  8. HiCorrado thanks for the compilation.

    On your original files the track "lifeline" is in fact the heep version I have subsituted tis for the La Roux version on this download

    Many thanks once again and lets hope we can get as many cover versions together


  9. Hi my friends. Here is one other Italian Uriah Heep cover not included for now in the Heep Cover Collection:
    Alex Masi - Easy Livin (From "The watcher" album, 1997). You find it at link:

  10. Veľmi pekne ďakujem za tento post.
    Urobili ste mi veľkú radosť.
    Srdečne zdraví Ján.

  11. Cheers to all. In the meantime, i'm still searching Heep covers. Here, from a bootleg, a version of Gipsy of 1971, from the best prog rock act of Italy, the Premiata Forneria Marconi (P.F.M.), a band very well known internationally too.
    Here is the link:

  12. I'm very glad with this download, I was lookin'for some of these tracks. I have 100 cover versions of Lady in Black and more than 300 other Uriah Heep cover versions. I would like to share but don't know how.

  13. I like to get in contact with other collector's of Uriah Heep cover versions


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