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The Byron Band - On The Rocks

Best known as Uriah Heep's legendary frontman and vocalist with this album, and his newly formed friendship/song writing partnership with Robin George, On The Rocks saw David Byron come up with an absolute corker of an album. The original vinyl album was itself a classic, but now with the inclusion of a handful of bonus tracks this CD release is the must have format. On The Rocks is at least as strong as anything David Byron recorded with Uriah Heep - yes that is a powerful statement, and yes I am a huge Byron era Heep fan too - but it's true. The only probelm with this album is that it contained the only officially released material by the relatively short-lived Byron Band........until of course when Robin George dusted off some demos and live recordings a few years back for the Lost And Found 2CD release - which is also a very worthwhile collection of material, especially if you want to see just how some of the classic tracks from On The Rocks came to life.

On the Rocks is an album by The Byron Band, taking its name from their singer, British Rock vocalist, David Byron.

Despite featuring Byron and lauded guitarist Robin George the album didn't achieve commercial success.

The original UK vinyl release, on Creole Records, came with a poster of the sleeve's artwork.

Currently OOP, it was available on CD on the German specialist label Repertoire (Repertoire REP 431), with bonus tracks as detailed below. For completists, this release had a cream inlay tray.

Track listing

1. Rebecca (Byron / George) – 4:01
2. Bad Girl (Byron / George) – 4:52
3. How Do You Sleep (Byron / George) – 6:09
4. Little By Little (Byron / George) – 3:54
5. Start Believing (Byron / George) – 4:04
6. Never Say Die (Byron / George) – 4:25
7. King (Byron / George) – 3:40
8. Piece Of My Love (Byron / George) – 6:47

1993 CD release bonus tracks:

1. Every Inch Of The Way (Byron / Boone) – 3:25 / Single release
2. Routine (Byron / Boone) – 3:52 / b-side of 'Every Inch Of The Way'
3. Tired Eyes (Byron / George) – 2:39 / b-side of 'Rebecca' single.
4. Every Inch Of The Way (Byron / Boone) – 4:58 / Long version out-take, previously unreleased

Band members

* David Byron: Vocals
* Robin George: Guitars
* Mel Collins: Saxophones
* Bob Jackson: Keyboards
* Roger Flavelle: Bass
* John Shearer: Drums and Percussion

Other Credits

* Background Vocals: The Powder Puffs
* Bass Guitar on "Little By Little" by Robin George
* Engineered by: David Baker
* Mixed by: Robin George, David Baker & David Byron
* Produced and Arranged by: Robin George
* Executive Producer: David Byron
* Mastered by: Melvyn Abrahams (Strawberry Mastering Ltd.)
* Cover Design: Lon Goddard (Thanks Simon)



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