Monday, February 2, 2009

Roger Taylor - Fun In Space

Fun in Space

Produced by Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor : Instruments and Vocals
David Richards : Approx 50% of keyboards

Recorded at Mountain Studios

All influences conscious, subconscious and unconscious

P.S. Hello listeners. I hope you enjoy and have fun with this, my very own album.
I like it. If you don't, sod you.
P.P.S. 157 Synthesizers

Recommended Songs : Future Management, Let's Get Crazy

This was the first solo project by any member of Queen. The album itself is very much in the style of Rogers' songs on the Queen album The Game, such as Coming Soon. If you like Rogers songs on Queens albums then you will probably like this album.
The songs are nice, simple songs, not big Freddie Mercury-esque Epic songs. One of the most interesting points is that Roger plays nearly 100% of the instruments on this album and that there are 157 synths used on the album - compare this with the No synths messages of the early Queen albums.
Overall its a very enjoyable album but not a classic.

Queen drummer Roger Taylor's first solo album is a fairly strong set of up-tempo rockers and well-written ballads featuring Taylor's rough voice and effective croon. Much of the material is reminiscent of Taylor's work for Queen -- more guitar-based and less bombastic than the work of his cohorts in that band. That's not to say Taylor doesn't get over-dramatic. On "Future Management" and "Magic Is Loose," Taylor's vocals are quite over the top. However, "No violins" and "Let's Get Crazy" balance things out with some fairly straightforward rock numbers that show the influence of 1950s rock & roll. Surprisingly, Taylor, who rarely wrote a ballad with Queen, shows himself quite adept at writing slower pieces on the lovely "Laugh or Cry." The interesting sci-fi ballad "Fun Is Space" is a striking and beautiful mix of classic rock and futuristic keyboard backdrops. The true highlight of the album though is the marvelous "My Country Parts 1 & 2." A powerful anthem of disillusionment with politics and war, the middle of the song picks up in intensity with some fine drumming from Taylor. Not all the material here is as strong or as memorable, but the album is a fine addition to the collection of any fan of classic rock or Queen. ~ Geoff Orens, All Music Guide

1) No Violins Taylor
2) Laugh Or Cry Taylor
3) Future Management Taylor
4) Let's Get Crazy Taylor
5) My Country I & II Taylor
6) Good Times Are Now Taylor
7) Magic Is Loose Taylor
8) Interlude In Constantinople Taylor
9) Airheads T aylor
10) Fun In Space Taylor

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