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Head Machine - Orgasm

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Before playing with Cliff Bennet's band Toe Fat, Ken Hensley and Lee Kerslake (later together again in Uriah Heep) found time to record an album for a
specific project called Head Machine, although it was supposed to be released as The Gods' third album. The title of the album was "Orgasm"
(cover image displayed below). The producer of the album was David Paramor, who also produced The Gods' albums.

The music is good, but not outstanding, and the style is something between The Gods and Toe Fat. Ken describes this project as a "mercenary" one,
which means that they were involved only for the money, professionally speaking. He states that it wasn't really his band, and there are some doubts
about the songwriting credits, since on the album it's written that Paramor composed all the songs, but there's deffinitely a "Ken Hensley touch" on them.
It is one of the heaviest records that Hensley has ever been involved.

The French release is the one with the shell. The UK release has a black cover with white circles in the middle (like a shooting target). The UK release
also has some weird drawings on the back and unlike the French release lists the credits, but as pseudonyms.

As a curiosity, one song from this album, "You Tried To Take It All", was later recorded with a different name on Toe Fat's first album, and credited to
Cliff Bennet !!

KEN LESLIE (Ken Hensley) - Organ/Piano/Guitar
JOHN LEADHEN (John Glasscock) - Bass Guitar
BRIAN & LEE POOLE (Brian Glasscodk & Lee Kerslake) - Drums
MIKE ROAD (?) - Percussion


01. Climax
02. You Tried To Take It All
03. Make The Feeling Last
04. You Must Come With Me
05. The Girl Who Loved, The Girl Who Loved
06. Orgasm
07. The First Time
08. Scattering Seeds

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