Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Champion Jack Dupree - Scoobydoobydoo

Champion Jack Dupree:
Scooby Dooby Doo

- I Want To Be A Hippy
- Grandma
- Puff Puff
- Blues Before Sunrise
- I'll Try
- Going Back To Louisiana

- Ain't That A Shame
- Stumbling Block
- Old And Gray
- Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well
- Postman Blues
- Lawdy Lawdy

Champion Jack Dupree, Vocals,Piano Drums
Mick Taylor, Guitar
Richard Studt, Reg Cole, Barry Wilde, Peter Oxer, violins
Terry Noonan, Bud Parks, Trumpet, flugelhorn
Alan Skidmore, Les Wigfiels,Tenor
Jim Chester, Baritone
Wallace Tring [Gary Thain], Bass
Eduardo Givezano [Alex Dmochowski], Bass
Mike Vernon,Percussion
Harris Dundee [Aynsley Dunbar], Drums 
Big Chief Drumstick [Keef Hartley], Drums, Percussion

Produced. by Mike Vernon


  1. Roby
    see if you can predict my next post that's twice youv'e done it now!!

  2. Ah ah ah... It's incredible. When i see your today's post (five minutes ago) i don't believe to my eyes... I love UH from when i was a child, so i look on the web for all related from years. I think that is good to contribute, if i can, to your blog, but is very difficult find some album that you haven't...You have a very big collection!!
    PS: i am not an illusionist and i don't know how enter in someone's mind
    PPS: i don't know the subject of your next post..

  3. I think what i will do is compile a wish list of albums and post that

  4. champion jack dupree link has gone.... ....ummm anyone got this one?


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