Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bombers - Polydor Sampler - Vinyl Rip

1970's sampler from Polydor in the vein of Fill Your Head With Rock, You Can All Join In, Nice Enough To Eat, etc. etc.........
Quite a few diverse styles. Blues from Mayall ( A blistering live version of Room To Move from the " The Turning Point" LP), heavy blues from Taste. Whimsy from Elliot Randall. EC and Derek The Dominos both turn up. Plain weirdness from Web and Gass. There's even some Slade from between the bovver boy and glam incarnations. Well worth checking out if you find it lurking in a dusty corner of the record shop ( It'll probably be under Rock but it belongs, as do all these samplers, in a category of its own).


01 Ginger Baker's Air Force - Sweet Wine 3:34
02 Andy Pratt - Bella Bella 4:35
03 Derek & The Dominos - Bell Bottom Blues 5:06
04 Stone The Crows - Raining In Your Heart 5:10
05 Richie Havens - Here Comes The Sun 3:30
06 John Mayall - Room To Move 4:34
07 Elliott Randall - Life In Botanical Gardens 4:06
08 Taste  - Sugar Momma 8:00
09 Eric Clapton - After Midnight 3:15
10 Jack Bruce - Never Tell Your Mother She's Out Of Tune 3:37
11 John Mayall - Take My Car 4:05
12 Gass - Juju 3:36
13 Slade - The Shape Of Things To Come 2:51
14 Taste  - What's Going On 2:40
15 Stone The Crows - Sad Mary 6:50
16 Web, The - Love You 5:21
17 Lifetime, The - Big Nick 2:43

Interestingly the running times of the tracks as listed above and on the album itself, in some cases bear little resemblance to the actual track times, ie track 2 Bella Bella listed as 4: 35 actually comes in at around 2:40 . Wether this is simply a printing error or not I dont know

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  1. "Sad Mary" by STC doesn't seem to work. File reports a CRC error.


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