Thursday, November 4, 2010

Joshua- 1983- The Hand is Quicker Than the Eye


01. Falling Again
02. November is Going Away
03. Sweet ´Lil Hurricane
04. A Song for Lisa
05. Let´s Breakway
06. Broken Dream
07. Flying High
08. Portrait of a Woman

Steff Fontaine and Joshua Perahia


Joshua Perahia - Lead and Rythm Guitars,Vocals
Stephen Fontaine - Lead and Background Vocals
Donnie Gougeon - Keyboards, Background Vocals
Mahlon Hawk - Bass
Tony Zaccaglin - Drums, Percussion

Joshua Perahia (pronounced Pûr-i-yä) is pioneer in Christian rock. Before there was a Stryper, before Barren Cross appeared on the scene, there stood alone one band, and that was JOSHUA. Through his faith and desire to share his love of God, Joshua made it his life's mission to realize his musical vision and JOSHUA was born. The original line-up of JOSHUA, featuring vocalist Stephen Fontaine, was assembled in Los Angeles and in short time took the Sunset Strip by storm. Show-after-show were sell-outs at all the top venues in town. Bands like Great White, Ratt and other future successful metal bands were opening up for JOSHUA. The band's debut album "The Hand is Quicker Than the Eye" on Enigma Records was released in 1982 and spawned the Los Angeles Radio hit "November is Going Away". Metal radio stations across the country were adding the epic classic. To say the album caught on in Japan would be a understatement. "November is Going Away" went all the way to the top as a NUMBER 1 HIT! The band's exposure in Japan also caught the eye of the Japanese Music press. Burrn! Magazine, the 1 rock magazine in Japan, hailed the band's debut album and in BOLD PRINT declared Joshua "The World's Fastest Guitarist." Metal press around the globe followed suit, complimenting Joshua for his note-for-note perfect guitar virtuosity. Joshua was even voted Kerrang Magazine's "Guitarist of the Year" in 1982. radio stations across the country were adding the epic classic.

This is the only JOSHUA album to feature the outstanding vocals of Stephen ["Steff"] Fontaine! One of the few albums to feature Fontaine, as he would later go on to work with URIAH HEEP, Eddie St James, and in more recent years sang on the lone HEARTACHE CITY disc. Gems such as "Falling Again", "Sweet Lil' Hurricane" and "Broken Dream" are evidence that this was a killer debut, and a shame it was never followed up by this line-up.

Uriah Heep with Steff Fontaine (the first from right)

Steff fontaine was Singer in Heep for a very brief period of time early 1986. Between Pete Goalby who quitted after the Equator 1985 album and Bernie Shaw who joined the band autumn 1986, Steff did a USA tour with Heep. His early departure according to Mick Box had to do with Steff being not diciplined enough for a professional rockband as Heep. Mick Box :" And then came LA vocalist Stef Fontaine. "He was desperately bad," says Mick. "I couldn't believe anyone could be so unprofessional. He had a great voice but his discipline was something else.



  1. Man, on the Heep pic, Steff is far right; on the left is Phil Lanzon. Quite a mistake for a Heepster!


  2. i made the correction yesterday, before to see your comment. It's a mistake for a distraction because i know exactly the face of Mr. Lanzon.

    Thank you the same for the mistake report.



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