Friday, August 6, 2010

Uriah Heep - High Voltage Festival 2010

Ok this is a bit of a cheat, for a start the whole show is not represented here and the songs have all been taken from different sources and stapled together into the running order of the album. The notable absentees are Circle of Hands and Rainbow Demon which to this date have not surfaced anywhere. As these tracks have come from different sources the quality varies quite significantly from track to track but a definite highlight is Paradise/The Spell which was recorded from two seperate you tube posts(See below) and spliced together a great song and Mick Moody plays his part superbly


The Tracks

01 The Wizard
02 Traveller in Time
03 Easy Livin'
04 Poets Justice
05 All My Life
06 Paradise/The Spell

The Band

Mick Box
Phil Lanzon
Trevor Bolder
Bernie Shaw
Russel Gilbrook
Mick Moody

The Link

Click here for Circle Of Hands

But wait, what is this on the Prog stage? Ah, it’s Uriah Heep, playing the whole of their 1972 album Demons And Wizards, and doing it with such panache and style, it’s almost as if it’s only just been written. The introduction of Micky Moody on slide guitar is an inspiration, and the crowd is so vast, it’s overspilling into the Helter Skelter area.

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