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The Pork Dukes- Pink pork

Horrible!!! A dirty old punk demenzial offensive album on this blog!!!
But there are some reasons for this, the first is that they played a rude punk'n'roll in a perfect and very enjoying way.
For the second reason, and to understand why this album is here and if is connected with others posts on this blog, read the band history, also to know how strange is rock'n'roll world. The question is: from where came the identical twins named Vilos Styles, front man of the band, and Horendus Styles, lead guitar man of the same rotten band?

The true identities of the Pork Dukes were originally a closely-guarded secret, the band playing in pig masks during live performances. Various rumours circulated amongst fans and in the music press that the band was actually Led Zeppelin, Steeleye Span, The Rezillos, Fairport Convention or Tenpole Tudor in disguise. It was also suggested that either Keith Moon or Dudley Moore may have been lead singer.

In reality, the band was originally composed of twin brothers and former Gnidrolog members Colin Goldring (vocals / guitar) and Stewart Goldring (guitar / vocals) using the pseudonyms Vilos and Horrendus Styles, respectively – alongside Scabs (bass guitar), Germun LePig (drums) (later replaced by Bonk aka. Rocky Rhythm) and Mack E. Valley (keyboards. He was later replaced by Guardian Angel prior partway through the recording sessions for the second album.

Combining a Buzzcocks-style pop punk sound with bawdy subject matter, gross-out toilet humour and profanity in their songs, the band released their debut single "Bend and Flush" b/w "Throbbing Gristle" in 1977 on Wood Records, a subsidiary of Caroline Records UK created specifically for the band.

Due to the lyrical content of their recordings, the band struggled for airplay, though it was known that BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel was a fan.

The controversy surrounding the band and backlash from feminist groups led to them being unable to find a management company to represent them or perform at large venues (gigs were frequently played unannounced at small community centres to avoid protesters). Towards the end the band were reduced to playing gigs at mental institutions (Vilos Styles was training to become a psychiatric nurse at this point) to entertain the patients.

Following the release of the studio Pink Pork and three singles on Wood Records, the band broke up in 1979, with the album Pig Out of Hell being released posthumously by Wood in either between 1979-1981. Bonk (aka. Rocky Rhythm) later played for The Revillos, Tenpole Tudor and The Damned frontman Dave Vanian's Phantom Chords.

In 2001 the Pork Dukes reformed. Returning to the band on drums was Bonk (aka. Rocky Rhythm) and new member Vince Santini (ex-The Revillos) on bass guitar / vocals, who replaced Scabs. They continue to record and tour.

Legends of the Killed By Death scene for many years, The Pork Dukes were a blatant example of poor taste and gross humor. Formed in 1977, the band was a total mystery. Playing live in pig masks, the band was rumoured to be members of Led Zeppelin, Keith Moon, and even Dudley Moore. Even more mysteriously, is how the band managed to keep everything at a quite level and make it past bans and legal action. Now reformed, they continue to tour and record material.


Identical twins Vilos Styles, vocals/guitar and Horendus Styles, lead guitar have worked together since their youth. They appeared in the stage musical Oliver! in London’s west end in 1973, then formed the respected progressive rock band Gnidrolog, releasing two critically acclaimed albums on RCA. They recorded a single with Leiber & Stoller, the writing team who wrote some of Elvis Presley’s biggest hits. As actors they appeared in the classic 1970s TV show Hi-De-Hi, before forming The Pork Dukes as a mystery punk band in 1976, with drummer Bonk.

Bonk, drums: Bonk is the Pork Dukes’ original drummer. He quit the Dukes in 1979. Then under the stage name Rocky Rhythm, he helped form successful Scottish pop combo The Revillos, appearing a number of times on Top Of The Pops. More recently he played drums for Damned singer David Vanian’s band The Phantom Chords, Tenpole Tudor and many other name bands and singers. The low point of his career was headlining the London Palladium – with an Elvis impersonator…

Vince Santini, bass: Vince is an old cohort of Bonk since his days touring the world as bassist with The Revillos in the 1980s. Doubling as an actor and singer, he has appeared in Shakespeare plays, operas, musicals, church choirs - and now the Pork Dukes. Clearly a natural progression...

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  1. Thanks for this one Roby. I remember having one of their singles many years ago and its great to finally hear the album


  2. I have a different lp by these nuts, thanks for this one


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