Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Two Decades in Rock - Booklet

Ok no music on offer here just a copy of the 26 page booklet that accompanied the bands twentieth anniversary release . the 5 record box set  - Two Decades In Rock (Which was twenty two years ago) , and was basically just a compilation covering the bands career up to that point.Nothing new or unreleased was included

The booklet was a reasonable attempt at summing the bands career up until that point and was written by Kirk Blows of Music Week who also had this to say on the back of the box

"Since the opening bars of GYPSY, the first track on their 1970 début album '...Very 'Eavy...Very 'Umble, 'URIAH HEEP' have endeavoured to travel their own unique course. emerging along with the likes of LED ZEPPELIN and DEEP PURPLE.URIAH HEEP were never content to produce just plain heavy rock, choosing to embellish it with harmonies and melody in a quest to develop their own distinct character

Throughout the seventies,the early part of which saw tem record such classic albums as 'DEMONS AND WIZARDS' 'THE MAGICIANS BIRTHDAY', and 'SWEET FREEDOM,' the band pesonified sucess,with guitaristMick Box, vocalist David Byron and keyboards player Ken Hensley,in particular establishing their personalities through a style of music that put HEEP on a plane of their own

The eighties were no different in terms of accepting new challenges,with the band continuing to explore new territories musically-as the 'ABOMINOG'and'HEAD FIRST' albums proved- and geographically, with HEEP establishing themselves as global conquerors,having now played in some thirty eight different countries

The recent critically acclaimed 'RAGING SILENCE' album saw the HEEP fires burning brightly,and though the line-ups have changed,the spirit continues. These forty seven tracks take you on a graphic journey through the history of a band who have been instrumental in forging the story of hard rock

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