Monday, July 26, 2010

Tempest- Live in london 1974

This bootleg is from a little and unknown italian label, Microphone records, and is the only known live registration from Tempest. I don't know what is the original source, surely this is not a bootleg from an audience old tape because the sound quality is very good.


John Hiseman-- Drums
Allan Holdsworth - Guitar
Ollie Halsall - Guitar
Paul Williams - Lead Vocals
Mark Clarke - Bass, Keyboards, Vocals


01- Foyers of fun - 06:58
02- Gorgon - 08:41
03- Up and on - 07:40
04- Grey and black - 03:39
05 - Brothers - 15:25
06 - Strangeher (Including drums solo) - 13:26

Original inner sleeve notes of cd:

Tempest form the brief "rock parenthesis" in the career of mythical drummer John Hiseman, reached at the height of his popularity between 68 and 71with Colosseum, after a series of performances in the English blues most well known formations (Graham Bond and John Mayall to name the better known).

The band made two LP's (Tempest and Living in fear) cut between 73 - 74, during wich the group formation underwent several changes (immediately prior the second album, lost the vocalist Paul Wiulliams - ex Juicy Lucy - and the prestigious guitarist Allan Holdsworth, who was substituted by another English big name of the six cordes, Ollie Halsall - ex Patto). Bass player Mark Clarke who, togheter with Hiseman, came from the split Colosseum group, completes the rhythm section of the band and also takes the solo voice part in the second LP.

This recorded concert magically portrays the transition period between the two albums, and gives us a true sound "scoop": the simultaneous presence of all members mentioned: a real "jewel" for guitar lovers, who are able to listen to the mythicall Allan Holdsworth challenging the first rate Ollie Halsall to a "duel" in this unusual rock contest.

(Mark Clarke)



  1. The Tempest 'Live in in London 1974' album is, in fact a BBC radio 'In Concert' performance from the Golders Green Hippodrome, in the Spring of 1973.

    It's available legitimately on 'Under the Blossom
    - The Anthology' 2005


  2. Thank you for informations, Mooseontheloose


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