Monday, April 2, 2012

The Ultimate Heep Covers Collection - Various artists Volume 3

Volume 3 of the ever expanding covers collection Enjoy

Disc 1
01 Alex Gitlin & Curt Cornell - Pilgrim
02 Circle of hands - Return to fantasy
03 Bad Wizard - Love Machine
04 Easy Livin' - So tired
05 Cosmic Banditos - Gypsy
06 PurpleHeep - Sunrise
07 Music factory - Wonderworld
08 John Lawton's Gunhill - Live in germany '99 - Free me
09 The Blackflowers - Circle of Hands
10 Steerforth- Your turn to remember
11 Unknown - Easy livin'
12 The Spell - Gypsy
13 Sacred Steel - Return to fantasy
14 Woodstock - The Wizard
15 VanillaHeep - July morning

Disc 2
01 Bernd Clüver - Frieden (braucht auch ein rebel)- Free Me
02 Denny Ball - Firefly
03 Sinister Purpose - Easy livin' ( semi-acoustic)
04 Iverija - Sunrise
05 Kimera - July morning
06 The Blackflowers - What can I do
07 Easy Livin' Band - Look at yourself
08 Wild Angel - Bird of prey
09 Alex Masi - Easy Livin'
10 Muff & the Lady in Black Gang - Lady In Black
11 Onward - A return to fantasy - Bird of prey
12 Pulsar - No Return
13 Harri Lahti - Easy livin'
14 Steerforth - July morning
15 John Lawton - Free me


  1. Problem with the link, Abominogjnr

  2. hi, missing dl-link
    please post dl-link
    many thx

  3. Any chance you can give me a hint hwere I can buy thid CD ?

  4. Thanks for the mention and the inclusion! I'm flattered. The other guy's name is Curt Cornell, he sang the lead vocals, played guitar, bass and drums. I just tinkled the ivories...

  5. Forgot to mention, I was referring to Track 1 on Disc 1 of this compilation.

    Curt Cress is a hell of a drummer from Germany, who's played w/so many great bands in his illustrious career, I only WISH I knew him personally.

  6. Hi, great job.
    But there is a problem with the mediafire link for Volume 2. You get the CDs of Volume 1. Can you repair it ?
    Greetings from Hannover, Germany

  7. Hi Abominog Jr.! So could you please change "Curtis Cress" on Track 1 to "Curt Cornell"? I'll let Curt know he is now famous! :-)

    1. Sorted
      I've also changed the cover art and the tags on the files and will re-upload the album with the correct info

      as a footnote I would just like to say that this is one of my favourite "Cover Versions". An excellent version of this song


  8. Thanks!! It was such a blast to make it at the time...


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