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Baby Faced Killer - David Byron

Baby Faced Killer is the 2nd solo album of British rock singer David Byron. It was his first Solo Album since being sacked by Uriah Heep And Departing The Then "Super Group" Rough Diamond Who's Solitary Self Titled Album Is Well worth A Listen

This album is perhaps a bit on the light side especially when you consider it was released in the UK right in the middle of the Punk Revolution , but nonetheless It has some excellent songs on it if a bit diverse. Sadly this would be Byron's penultimate album before dying a lonely death His years of alcohol abuse finally catching up with him. Ironically he turned down the chance to re-join Uriah Heep a couple of years before his death.

David Byron will live on in the memories, and on the turntables (yes Turntables) of many rock fans out there, He was one of the original true rock front men where his only true home was on a stage with an audience eating out of his hand


Track Listing

  1. Baby Faced Killer (Byron / Boone) – 3:10
  2. Rich Man's Lady (Byron / Boone) – 3:51
  3. Sleepless Nights (Byron / Boone) – 3:48
  4. African Breeze (Byron / Boone) – 4:12
  5. Every body's Star (Byron / Boone) – 4:20
  6. Heaven Or Hell (Byron / Boone) – 4:42
  7. Only You Can Do It (Byron / Boone) – 4:04
  8. Don't Let Me Down (Byron / Boone) – 3:21
  9. Acetylene Jean (Byron / Boone) – 3:19
  10. I Remember (Byron / Boone) – 4:08
Additional tracks not included on release:
  1. Down On My Luck (Byron / Boone) – 2:51 / B-side of 'African Breeze' single
  2. All In Your Mind (Byron / Boone) – 2:52 / B-side of 'Rich Man's Lady' single

Original album credits:

Band members

  • David Byron: Lead Vocals
  • Stuart Elliot: Drums
  • Alan Jones: Bass
  • Daniel Boone: Guitars, Keyboards & Percussion

Other credits:

  • Barry Desouza: Drums
  • Lester Fry: Timpani and Chimes
  • A guest lead guitarist appears on 'I Remember'
  • Backing Vocals: Lelly Boone, Gabriele Byron, Alyson Mcinness, Muff Murfin and Brad Davies
  • Arranged & Produced by: David Byron and Daniel Boone (by Courtesy of Boone Productions Ltd.)
  • My very special thanks to Daniel Boone
  • Engineered by: Brad Davies (The Old Smithy) & David Baker (Lansdowne)
  • Mixed at Berwick Street Studios by Brad Davies, 'Sleepless Nights' remixed at Lansdowne by David Baker
  • Mastered by: George Marino (Sterling Sound, NY)
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  1. Worth it alone for 'Heaven Or Hell', which features some wonderful layered vocals from Byron.


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