Thursday, January 29, 2009

Half breed - Keef Hartley

Keef Hartley came to prominence as a member of the British R&B group The Artwoods before joining John Mayall'sBluesbreakers in 1967.

He contributed to the album Crusade before leaving in 1968 to form the first line-up of his own band. With Gary Thain (bass), Peter Dines (keyboards), Spit James (guitar) and horn section that was a whos who of British jazz (Henry Lowther, Chris Mercer, Lyn Dobson and Harry Beckett), Hartley recorded his first album for Decca'sDeram label in March 1969. Now regarded as a classic of the genre, Halfbreed is a fine example of the fusion of rock, jazz and blues.

1. Sacked Introducing Hearts and Flowers/Confusion Theme/The Halfbreed
2. Born to Die
3. Sinnin' for You
4. Leavin' Trunk
5. Just to Cry
6. Too Much Thinking
7. Think It Over/Too Much to Take
8. Leave It 'Til the Morning

* Miller Anderson - Vocals, Guitar
* Peter Dines - Organ, Harpsichord
* Spit James - Guitar
* Gary Thain - Bass Guitar
* Keef Hartley - Drums
* Henry Lowther - Trumpet, Violin, Brass arrangements
* Harry Beckett - Trumpet
* Lynn Dobson - Tenor Sax, Flute
* Chris Mercer - Tenor Sax
* John Mayall - voice, on "Sacked" and "Too Much to Take"
* Derek Varnals - Recording Engineer
* Adrian Martins - Assistant Engineer

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