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Spiders From Mars LP


In 1976 the Spiders From Mars album was released. In 1975 the Spiders From Mars had been reformed by Trevor Bolder and Woody Woodmansey but without
Mick Ronson and with no contribution or connection to David Bowie.

The new Spiders From Mars lineup was Trevor Bolder on bass, Woody Woodmansey on drums and newcomers Dave Black on guitar and Pete McDonald on vocals.
Mike Garson supplied keyboards for the album.

Pete McDonald-vocals
Woody Woodmansey-drums
Dave Black-guitar
Trevor Bolder-bass
Special thanks to Mike Garson - keyboards


Red Eyes (T.Bolder/P.McDonald)
Shine A light (D.Black/P/McDonald)
White Man - Black Man (P.McDonald)
Fallen Star (D.Black)
Prisoner (D.Black)
(I Don't Wanna Do No ) Limbo (T.Bolder/P.McDonald)
Stranger to my Door (T.Bolder/P.McDonald)
Good Day America (M.Woodmansey)
Rainbow (T.Bolder)
Can It Be Far( D.Black/P.McDonald)

Produced by: Dennis McKay and Spiders From Mars for Oak Records.
Engineered by: Pete Kelsey and Gerry Smith
Recorded and mixed at: Trident Studios, London.

From the albums back cover:

"Mars, fourth planet from the Sun, the Roman god of war. The very word has an emotive ring and just the kind of place that might be inhabited by eight-legged, web-spinning music.

The Spiders From Mars, here on earth, are not so much interested in entrapping insects,
as engaging attention. Born from the rib of the rock god Bowie, the Spiders have an honoured name on the tablets of rock.

Immortalised in the Ziggy Stardust saga, the band which backed David Bowie to stardom now have their sights set upon higher things for themselves. But a Martian mystery still prevails. Who are these men who bombarded our planet with an intergalactic rhythm? As their cosmic telephone rings, should we answer? It would be a shame if the world chose to ignore the Spiders, for they have immense power, a wide spectrum of ideas is at their command and we Earthlings could well benefit from their superior knowledge" - Chris Welch/Melody Maker.

I have ripped this album from an original vinyl copy. But i have had it for the best part of 25 years. You could say we have grown up together Been to the same parties,woken up in strange bedrooms , I'm sure we've even shared the odd drink together, Hence the quality of some of the tracks are not the best If you are looking for crystal clear audio files Avoid, If on the other hand you want a slice of good old 70's rock do yourself a favour and give this a listen too

So You Have Been Warned

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