Saturday, July 18, 2009

Peter Goalby - Demos

Peter Goalby is a singer and guitarist. He was the lead vocalist for Uriah Heep between 1982-1985, recording three albums with the band. He also wrote Blood Red Roses, recorded by the band for their 1989 album Raging Silence and released as the second single from the album.

Before singing for Uriah Heep, As far as i can make out his first recording was for the band Fable releasing a self titled album on magnet records in 1973 where he is credited as lead vocalist also playing guitar and mandolin. He was also lead singer and second guitarist in Trapeze on the studio recording Hold On (1978) and the live album Live in Texas: Dead Armadillos (1981). He also plays mandolin.

Not much info on these demos although I suspect that the majority of them are from his ill fated Perfect Stranger project. It is interesting to listen to these songs as it doesnt take much to imagine some of these songs being on Uriah Heeps raging silence album had pete still been in the band



1 Perfection
2 Take Another Look
3 They'll Never Find Us
4 Easy With The Heartaches
5 Waiting For An Angel
6 Hold The Dream
7 Another Paper Room
8 The Last Time
9 Somebody's Fool
10 Brand New Love
11 There All The Time
12 Place In My Heart
13 Chance Of A Lifetime
14 I Found Real Love
15 Mona Lisa Smile
16 Perfect Strangers
17 This House
18 Used To Be Your Lover


Part 1 
Part 2

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