Thursday, July 9, 2009

John Sloman - Disappearances Can Be Deceptive

Singer John Sloman, perhaps best known for one Uriah Heep album, has had a long, varied and often overlooked career

John was born in Cardiff and started singing and playing piano while still at primary school, forming his first band with a couple of classmates at the age of thirteen. After gigging with various bands on the Welsh music scene, at nineteen hejoined Lone Star as vocalist, recording the album Firing on all Six with Queen’s engineer Gary Lyons in the producer’s chair.

He went on to tour and record with various artists such as Uriah Heep and Gary Moore, before going into the studio with producer Todd Rundgren to record tracks for the album later to be released under the title: Disappearances can be deceptive… Other solo recordings include: 2003’s Dark Matter and 2006’s 13 Storeys.

John Sloman was born as John Anthony David Sloman in Cardiff (South Wales), 26 April 1957 as the eldest of six children. He is a former member of Trapper, Pulsar, Lone Star, and Uriah Heep. He was lead vocalist for Uriah Heep between 1979-1981, and during that time was on the album Conquest.

After Uriah Heep, he formed the band "John Sloman's Badlands" and showcased several songs at The Marquee Theatre, 'John Sloman's Badlands' featured former Trapper drummer John Munro and Whitesnake's John Sykes and Neil Murray . Badlands broke up upon Sykes joining the band Thin Lizzy. Sykes and Murray later played together in Whitesnake on the U.S. version of Slide It In and on the Whitesnake album.The band were ultimately passed over and John went on to record the first of his solo albums Disappearances Can Be Deceptive produced in part by Todd Rundgren.

Since Disappearances he has released two more solo albums: Dark Matter in 2003 and more recently 13 Storeys in 2006 on which John is credited with playing everything from cello to harpsichord. He is also credited in Highlander: The Source as the vocalist who sang Queen's hits Princes of the Universe and Who Wants to Live Forever.

He reportedly also recorded a solo album which hasn't ever been released.

Vocal: John Sloman
Guitars: Alan Murphy, Shaun Baxter,John Sloman
Bass: Pino Palladino
Keyboards: Rob Fisher , Adrian Lee ,Richard Cottle
Drums: John Munro
Backing Vocals: Gregg Dechert , Neil Lockwood , John Sloman

01. Foolin' Myself
02. Now You Say Goodbye
03. Parting Line
04. Breathless
05. Save us
06. In Too Deep
07. She Talks About You
08. Perfect Strangers
09. Jealous Eyes
10. Hooked on a Dream

Additionall Voice On "Hooked" John 'Caruso' Munro


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