Saturday, July 18, 2009

Uriah Heep - Live at the Glasgow Apollo 1985

I wouldn't normally post bootlegs but this one is very special to me because I was in the audience. Recorded at the same venue, Which is sadly no longer there, that Rush recorded the wonderful live version of Closer to the Heart (I was there also). This concert sticks in my memory more than others probably because it was literally the loudest concert I have ever been to in my life, I swear I was deaf for about a weak afterwards

While this is not the complete show (they played Poor Little Rich Girl among others) it still showcases a remarkable band live. Heep always give there all on stage (regardless of the size of the crowd) and this night was no exception. Listen to the intro to bad blood and I can tell you there was barely 1000 people there never mind 15000.

This show was recorded barely a couple of months after David Byron's death and its nice to hear Pete Goalby dedicating the wizard to one of the greatest front men rock had ever seen

Now if anyone has a copy of Heep playing during the TT festival on the Isle of Man during the Abominog tour in '82 I would love to hear from you


1 The Other Side Of Midnight
2 Too Scared To Run
3 Angel
4 The Wizard
5 July Morning
6 Bad Blood/Easy Livin'
7 That's The Way That It Is



  1. Hi,
    My name's Lou. Thank you for all that you do with posting music on your blog! I'm a fellow Uriah Heep fan and I was wondering if you have or have a way to get/post the only (that I know of) radio broadcast of David Byron's Rough Diamond band on WMMS FM in 1977 from the Cleveland Agora?

  2. Thanks indeed for posting these wonderful rare recordings! I've downloaded almost everything related to Uriah Heep, as well as some other interesting albums. Thank you!


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